Which Hair Extensions For Wedding Suit You The Best

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None of the brides want a simple look at her big day. Hair seems one of the essential preparations which comes before the make-up. Beautiful hair shows off how gorgeous you are and happiness of being married.

Which Hair Extensions For Wedding Suit You The Best

For all times, the long glowing hair seems the best choice for any event. It brings elegance and charming look to the brides or even bridesmaids. Long hair looks fresh and healthy, too.

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To improve your hair volume and length instantly, we recommend some hair extensions. We have got heat and non-heat application.

Let’s see which the best hair extensions for wedding.

Clip-in hair extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are one of the most wanted at the moment. It’s easy to understand because this product is super easy to install. You do not need to be an expert to apply it. Just by a clip, you can have your new hair with desirable length and volume instantly.

Which Hair Extensions For Wedding Suit You The Best

No heat or glue is required. Thus, your hair will stay strong without any damage.

Removing the hair is as easy as wearing it.

The clip has a backward that you might feel a bit unnatural. The wig is styled before, so you are going to wear perfect done hair on your big day. In return, you might have difficulties re-styling it.


  • Easy to use
  • Instant style and length
  • Easy to remove


  • Bulky

Tape hair extensions

Having hair extensions for wedding with tape can help your hair look more natural. It’s no clips clung your hair. Thus, it must be much more comfortable.

The tape will be connected the wig with a part of your hair, not your skin. As a result, you are free from scalps or itching due to allergies. Using no heat can save your hair from unwanted damage though.

Which Hair Extensions For Wedding Suit You The Best

After you apply for this tape hair extensions for wedding, you can style the hair as you wish. The wig now is no different from your natural hair. The tape holds on tight and durable to keep the hair in glossy look in 8 weeks.

To gain that effect, installation takes a long time. Only a skillful hairdresser can have it done flawlessly.

However, the time is well spent. It’s more lightweight than clip hairs. It’s complicated to wear but simple to take off.

This wig is supposed to be used in 4 times. You still need your elegant beauty on honeymoon, don’t you?


  •  Lightweight
  • More natural
  • Durable
  • Easy to style


  • Not easy to wear

Single bonds extensions

Single bonds extensions needed no braids. It’s a single line as a bond to keep the wig in place. As tape hair extensions, Single bonds does not require heat treatment to get your hair look longer and thicker. It brings a natural look to your hair with the flat and flawless connection.

Unlike tape, Single bonds stick to our hair by glue. The hair extension by adhesive can last for three months.

What push the brides to consider the single bonds twice maybe the time you have to spend on the application, you should be skillful.

Which Hair Extensions For Wedding Suit You The Best

Using glue can affect your hair more or less, besides. However, it might be just a physical unpleasant look.

The Single bonds appear with bonds around your head. Although they are easy to hide under hair layers when you style your bride look, they turn out to be a bit stringy.

It promises a gorgeous hair in wedding day with shiny waving hair and perfect volume. But it stays on your head in 3 months. Do you need that hair such a long time after the wedding?


  • Long lifespan: 3 months
  • Easy to style
  • Natural look


  • Stringy
  • Must be skillful to apply
  • Damage hair

Waves braid and sew

The waves braid a typical method to have hair extensions safely and soundly. There is no heat needed, but you have to do braiding job.

Which Hair Extensions For Wedding Suit You The Best

Except your hair tightly braiding, it could be no harm to the hair. Taking it off cost you a blink.

The wig will be sewed in the braid. This bonding helps the hair extension look natural and real. You can have this hair for a long time, also.


  • Fast and long-lasting
  • No heat or tape needed
  • No damage to hair


  • The braid can cause irritation

Which are the best human hair extensions for wedding?

Among four choices of hair extensions, clip hair extensions are the best choice for wedding days. I can find clip hair extensions for a wedding near me in local hair shops, so can you. It’s a famous wig and the price range from affordable to high-end.

Clip hair extensions perform better than tape or single bonds. It takes less time to apply. As a busy bride, you might not have enough time to spend hours in the spa for hair extensions. You are not trained to deal with wearing a complicated wig, either. These hair extensions for wedding ask you no skills to cope with. It’s easy to take off, besides, in case you do not look so great with new hair.

Which Hair Extensions For Wedding Suit You The Best

Even though clip hair extension is not easy to style with natural hair, you can try different curl or hair length, color before deciding the one suits you. It won’t take a long time.

A clip hair extension can last for eight weeks, not as long as a single bond extension. However, in my opinion, eight months are long enough to enjoy the most beautiful hair in both weeding and honeymoon.

The bottom line

The best of all, clip hair extensions for wedding are safe and sound to the real bride’s hair. No heat or glue or tape is needed. You do not need to be good at braiding as you should be in Waves braid hair extensions.

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