4 Questions Everybody Should Know About Affordable Human Hair Toppers 

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When it comes to good coverage for your thinning hair, affordable human hair toppers often come into mind. Before making any purchase, you should list down some questions to guide you through the most critical factors of these products.

4 Questions Everybody Should Know About Affordable Human Hair Toppers 

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Do you know what the questions are? Follow us for more insights!

What are affordable human hair toppers

Many people know human hair toppers under the name wiglets. The name isn’t necessarily correct; however, the construction of hair toppers and human hair wigs do resemble some extent.

Human hair wigs are divided into three different categories: full lace wigs, lace frontal and 360 lace wigs. Simply put, hair wigs use a whole-coverage base with lace or silk in which hair is attached. On the other hand, hair toppers don’t have support like that.

4 Questions Everybody Should Know About Affordable Human Hair Toppers 

A human hair topper

Hair is sewn into a small patch of lace or silk with or without monofilament.

Monofilament human hair toppers

So what is precisely monofilament? It refers to how to base human hair toppers are made. The monofilament is a fine layer of material that wraps around the base. Skillful workers will then knot the hair strand by hair strand into the layer.

Monofilament is very comfortable to wear. It offers a realistic look that blends endlessly to your scalp. You can style with this base how you want with the freedom to part freely. The only drawback is that this base is quite pricey.

That being said, you can’t find any affordable human hair toppers with monofilament.


How to maintain affordable human hair toppers?

To make sure that human hair toppers will stay durable, you need to give them some attention.

Follow five tips below to keep your wiglets in the best shape.

Choose the right hair

The rule of thumb when choosing a durable wiglet is to stick with human hair. Synthetic fibres are cheap, that is undeniable. However, after a few uses, the fibres will start to shed. They will be likely to twist and tangle as well!

Detangling synthetic wiglets will only make the case worse since you pull hair out of its base. After all, you only pay $20 for a cheap wig; you can’t expect to use it for a year!

In case you want to make the best out of your investment, make sure that you choose a human hair topper. Many hair vendors offer discount rate during essential events in the year, which seems to be an excellent opportunity for you to buy an affordable item.

Also, don’t fall prey to vendors that sell comb waste hair. Also known as non-Remy hair, this hair type is chemically treated to restore its silky texture. However, after a few uses, you will experience excessive hair shedding.

Buy the right hair care products

There are specialized products to take care of wigs and hair extensions. The formula is often natural base with little to no chemicals. However, you can also use drug store hair shampoos and conditioners as well.

The key is to stay away from those with harsh chemicals or chemical-based formula. Try to seek products with natural oils and ingredients.

Learn to wash your topper right

There is one thing we should make it clear here: never wash your hair topper the way you do with your hair. You need to learn to wash your hair products right!

Here is the deal.

Mix shampoo with water and foam it up a bit. Then you soak your wiglet into the mixture and start to wash it gently. Don’t pull or else the hair will fall. After that, rinse and put some hair conditioner on.

Remember to let your wiglet dry on its own. If you have more than one item, consider using a wig stand.

4 Questions Everybody Should Know About Affordable Human Hair Toppers 

If you have more than one topper, consider using a wig stand.

Minimize heat styling

We don’t say that you can’t style your human hair toppers at all. What you shouldn’t do is to style your product with heat too frequent. Human hair toppers, though similar share textures and characters with your existing hair, they no longer receive natural sebum from the scalp.

That is why when you use heat processing; your human hair toppers are more likely to get damaged than your natural hair. Of course, you can apply hair mask and oil treatments from time to time to prevent split ends and other hair problems.

On the long run, frequent heat treatments are not welcome.

Don’t shower with your toppers

It seems inconvenient to remove the topper for a short while and reapply it again. However, we strongly recommend you not to wear a topper while showering.

When should I use human hair toppers

Human hair toppers are unique products. Unlike hair extensions or wigs, people don’t use toppers for fashion purpose. Human hair toppers are utilized as a mean for appearance and confidence enhancer.

That means you don’t wear toppers for a change. Only women with hair problems such as hair thinning or excessive hair loss chose to use toppers. As for men, people use toupee to refer to the same type.

4 Questions Everybody Should Know About Affordable Human Hair Toppers 

These products are more suitable for women with telogen effluvium and other types of permanent or temporary hair loss.

Toppers are more suitable for women with telogen effluvium and other types of permanent or temporary hair loss. Those who suffer from female pattern baldness should consider buying a full wig if the area of hair loss is too significant.

Where to buy affordable human hair toppers

Depending on the source of hair, you can pretty much decide the price of human hair toppers before even asking. Hair comes from Europe, and South America is often pricier than that from Asia. Virgin hair is the purest form of material so that it is the most expensive type.

Monofilament base brings some premium features. Hair toppers with monofilament base are naturally not purse-friendly.

You need to factor in all these components and seek out the best hair vendor for durable and affordable products.

Layla Hair uses hair from Vietnam and Cambodia. We customise our products to make sure it suits every customer’s need and preferences. What’s more, we offer a reduced price for frequent customers and those who order in large quantity.

We believe that our products will help you lighten up your outfit and enhance your lost confidence.

The bottom line

You can easily find affordable human hair toppers online and offline. The rule of thumb before any purchase is to ask yourself essential questions and make sure you buy the most suitable product for personal use.

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