6 Unrevealed Facts About Bonded Hair Topper – Read Or Miss It Out?

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Hair thinning or hair loss somehow impacts your overall beauty. It usually begins on top of your head. People can detect baldness when there is plenty of lost hair.

Some would rely on hair items and other DIY remedies to deal with this condition. Others find using the bonded hair topper to be effective in tackling their baldness or so.

Are you wondering what it is. Below we specify its definition, lifespan, as well as perks & drawbacks. Also, we will be guiding you about how to install the hair topper. Ways of taking care of it are inclusive as well. They all together help you decide whether glue on hair toppers are suitable for your hair thinning needs.

What is a hair topper?

Before going into details, let’s have a quick look at the topper in general. People also call it ‘top piece’. Some name it as ‘half wig’. These toppers indeed locate on your head’s top. It is a good match with your bio hair. 

6 Unrevealed Facts About Bonded Hair Topper - Read Or Miss It Out?
hair topper for thinning hair

Various styles and sizes of toppers are readily available in the current market. In general, it is most known as the top piece covering your hair’s part and laying on the top.

One of the benefits of this topper is, it is pretty comfortable to put on daily. You can use some ways to install it. They are either clips-in or bonded hair topper.

What is bonded topper hair?

You can wear them for long. To do so, you would rely on a meticulous bonding process. It has to do with adhesive glue,  micro links, etc. You can have it done at the hair salon.

6 Unrevealed Facts About Bonded Hair Topper - Read Or Miss It Out?
bonded hair topper

Pros and cons of bonded hair topper

These toppers give freedom. Additionally, they are hard to notice. They may be some of this topper’s plus points.

The things you may like

Some girls suffer thinning spots. Either, their scalps are sensitive. That is why putting on clips is not truly comfortable. Not to mention, some may go for the clips that are less expensive and less quality. They can do harm to their natural hair. Are you among those whose hair is in that condition? Then, you may want to use the bonded topper hair.

Another advantage of bonding the topper is that you can treat it the same as with your bio hair. For example, do exercise, and go swimming. You will not have to worry about the hairpiece. It will not fall out. These toppers do not bring total comfort with extreme exercise. Still, they do not make you sweat too much.

6 Unrevealed Facts About Bonded Hair Topper - Read Or Miss It Out?
bonded hair topper offers the best secure

Any other benefits? We would love to tell you about the tightness. You do not have to bother about this sensation. Most of the time, it disappears after about an hour.

Ultimately, you will become much more self-confident. With the amazing coverage of the topper, you will be happy with your look. Honestly, you may think others do not know that you put on hair. Awesome!

The things you may not like

Ever wonder what is the drawback of being bonded? You see, removing it is not possible. Thus, you should wash and style the hair whenever you shower. 

6 Unrevealed Facts About Bonded Hair Topper - Read Or Miss It Out?
removing bonded hair topper takes lots of time

For another downside, have your piece maintained about every five weeks is necessary. The frequency has to do with how quickly your natural hair grows. 

Lastly, this topper asks for more work. When you put on the topper, you should style your bio hair as well. So, it can take your time.


How long will it last? 

Notice when your natural hair begins to grow a bit under your bonded hair topper? It is time the topper felt a little looser. 

Wearers usually say they need two each year. Yet, we have heard of someone using it longer.

Overall, similar to clip-on toppers, its lifespan is various depending on your care and attention. Also, think about your bio hair type and growth as other considerations.

How to attach bonded hair topper?

For the best result, get hair professionals to do it. Simply put, pour a proper amount of the glue into a small cup. Allow it to set. It will thicken after twenty minutes or so. 

6 Unrevealed Facts About Bonded Hair Topper - Read Or Miss It Out?
attach bonded hair topper

After that, use a paintbrush (with the small size). Apply it to the scalp. Some people do not apply the entire top of their scalp. Instead, they do in a half-inch track over their head’s perimeter. Next, allow it to dry on the head. Wait until there remains a slightly sticky feel. It is when you put on your topper.

How to take care of these toppers?

You know, people tend to treat synthetic hair with a high level of alkaline ammonia, They do so to avoid the growth of bacteria and mold. However, it can be the cause of allergies in some people. The itching normally takes a few days to start. To stay away from unexpected allergic reactions, you had better use the human hair topper glue in type.

Moreover, you can treat these toppers in a similar way as your own hair. It is possible to rely on the same hair products you often use. Still, you would rather have the topper re-positioned every three months or so. It is because the bio hair grows.

6 Unrevealed Facts About Bonded Hair Topper - Read Or Miss It Out?
it’s better to use human hair

The bottom line

Are you in shock at how much your natural hair is falling out? Did you use to have abundantly thick hair? Now is it thinning? Make sure you are specific about the root cause. Also, consider a bonded hair topper as a fantastic solution you can depend on immediately.

With this treatment, you can get back the charming hair look. Hair toppers help you regain your confidence. Instead of having your head down, you will pull off an irresistible attraction. 

We hope we have presented all the necessary information to you. Thus, you can decide whether this type will be right for your needs and preferences. 

Do not hesitate to share your experiences with it. What other tips and tricks do you have to maintain your topper? Feel free to leave Layla Hair a note in the below comments.

We are also reachable via hotline: (+84) 98 96 33 424 (Mobile/WhatsApp).

Hope to hear from you!

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