The A-Z of Cambodian Hair Bundles – All You Need to Know

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While other hair origins tend to have smooth, silky and shiny texture, Cambodian hair bundles stand out thanks to its special luster yet slightly coarse feature. It is exceptionally suitable for those seeking luster, thick, and versatile hairpieces to upgrade their hairdos.

Our Remy human hair weave is 100% natural, which means it does not undergo any chemical processing. If the wearer cares properly, Cambodian hair bundles will not tangle and last longer.

In the following article, Laylahair will provide readers the essential information about Cambodian hair bundles. To be specific, we will dig into its definition, texture, and the tips to get the best hair bundles for yourself.

What Are Cambodian Hair Bundles?

The A-Z of Cambodian hair bundles - All you need to know
Cambodian hair is thick and coarse

Simply speaking, the Cambodian hair bundle is the hair bundle that people collect from Cambodian women.

What is raw Cambodian hair like?

If you pay a visit to an Angkor market, you might be surprised by the way the locals trade hair as a normal good. It seems to be unreal, but yet it happens in Cambodia! This business flourishes so phenomenally that supplementary services like hair salons develop also.

The buyers of this product are mainly wholesale hairlines and hair factories worldwide. Up to the present, together with Vietnamese hair, Cambodian hair is regarded as high-end materials for women’s hairpieces.

Why can it even happen?

Cambodia hair is the favorite of dark-skinned women. If compared to Indian Hair, which is also in the same niche market, Cambodian one is more diverse in texture and pattern. There is a diverse in hair patterns, ranging from straight, wavy to curly, from smooth to coarse and thick. 

Is Cambodian Hair good?

Absolutely YES.


To have great hair, Cambodian ladies always take care of their hair with natural products such as shampoo and conditioner from coconut, lemon, and soapberry. Therefore, despite the naturally coarse texture, Angkor hair is shiny and bouncy, thus lasting longer than other processed hair. In other words, stylists can create many styles and colored with Cambodian hair bundles because they are 100% natural hair.

Cambodian hair bundles

By using the word “hair bundle”, we are referring to the bundles of hair that are cut from people’s heads. It might be the drawn hair that looks neat and tidy or just like raw virgin hair ponytails that haven’t been reorganized.

The most popular case of Cambodian hair bundles is drawn hair. It might be the single drawn Cambodian hair, double drawn Type I/II, or the super double drawn hair. These terms refer to the different levels of same-length hairs on each bundle.

Each Cambodian hair bundle weighs just from 3.0 to 3.5 ounces, ranges from 8” to 32” in length. If you need a specific length you can make contact with Layla Hair for a suitable length.

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Is Cambodian hair better than Brazilian?

The customers tend to compare the quality of Cambodian hair to Brazilian one – the most popular item in the market. Does Cambodian hair last longer than Brazilian hair?

Even when you are a professional hair wearer, you can not sure about this. Hence, we will provide some detail information for you to make sure that Cambodian hair is the best choice.

The A-Z of Cambodian hair bundles - All you need to know
Cambodian hair vs. Brazilian hair

Two types of hair are 100% virgin human hair, but Cambodian hair weave bundles have a lot of characteristics that make it become one of the most loved hair origins.

The natural texture of Cambodian hair is slightly wavy, shiny. People all over the world generally love it. Moreover, it is super suitable for colored people.

Because of its nature, Cambodian human hair bundles are smooth, healthy, thick and durable. If you take care of Cambodian hair carefully, you can keep it from 2 to 3 years. Women in Cambodia have effective hair care, mainly shampoo and conditioner their hair with natural products from lemon, coconut or soapberry for washing.

Sometimes people mistake Cambodian hair with Indian hair. In general, they don’t have any differences. However, you can distinguish them by touching them. Cambodia hair tends to be rough and coarse. And the strands would be thicker, also.

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Cambodian Hair Bundle Features

For wavy and Cambodian curly bundles, they would not have the same curls and waves, even they are 100% raw hair.

Since lots of clients don’t know clearly about Cambodian hair bundle features, they often compare it with other types. And this would cause misunderstandings, for example, if you compare it to Vietnamese hair, which is famous for its silky texture.

As we have mentioned about the overall feature of Cambo hair above, down below is the way to distinguish the different types of Cambodian hair bundles in Laylahair.

The single Cambodian drawn hair contains 50% full-length hairs while the double drawn hair type I and type II contains 60% and70% full-length hair respectively. The highest level is the super double drawn hair. It consists of 85% full-length hairs, even up to 100% if the customer requires.

The A-Z of Cambodian hair bundles - All you need to know
Cambodian hair from Laylahair

In the case of the double drawn hair or the supper double drawn, Laylahair would add more long hair strands into a bundle and move short hair strands outside in order to remain the thickness from top to the bottom.

Cambodian hair bundles are unprocessed human hair, so the hair is always glamorous and slick. They are free from dye, bleach and harsh chemicals. As a result, they are easier to care for and style. You can also color the hair if you want but you should get help from a professional stylist to have beautiful hair extensions.

If Vietnamese human hair is famous for silk, Cambodian virgin hair bundles are special because of thickness and smoothness. They are a new and hot commodity on the market. With their higher durability, they have the ability to last longer as well.

Where To Buy Cambodian Hair Bundles?

How do you buy the Cambodian hair bundle? In this digital world, every trade can be complete within some clicks. Google the keyword of the products you want to buy and look for the best hair vendors that sell them. 

That said though, there are different ways to buy things online. Some might feel preferable to shop on big e-markets like Amazon, AliExpress, etc, while some feel more secure to shop with the manufacturers. With such items as human hair bundles and bulks, it is always much better to shop directly with the suppliers, or the manufacturers.

So, how to realize if any Cambodian hair vendor is reliable or not? 

Here are some quick tips:

– Check their website: You can scan through their company information, story, and even mission that the company is working toward.

– Do they have a useful hair blog? While the e-commerce platforms concentrate on selling products, the hair vendor also tries to provide essential guides and inspo into their products, as well as hair care. Click into some of their articles to check if their words are trustworthy or not. For example, if any websites say Cambodian hair bundles are silky and smooth, then don’t waste any longer time on them. They don’t even understand the basic feature of this hair, so how can they offer you the right products?

– Read reviews. A reliable Cambodian hair vendor would have their business published on the internet, and there is always a review section where clients can leave feedback. Read the reviews carefully to see how their customers feel about their products and services.

LaylaHair – The Best Cambodian Hair Supplier Ever!

The A-Z of Cambodian hair bundles - All you need to know
Hair extensions made from Cambodian hair

It is exceptionally important to find a reliable Cambodian hair bundle supplier. Sad truth is, many vendors advertise their bulks come from Cambodian while it doesn’t. Just so you know, it takes years for a woman to grow waist-length hair, so where do kilograms of Cambodian hair they have harvested? A Cambodian hair vendor can never have huge productivity also due to this fact.

To fill up the sources, many suppliers have taken Indian or Brazillian hair, whose features are quite similar to Cambodian one, and promoted them as Angkor hair. This is such a misleading thing, and it will never happen if you shop at Laylahair.

Layla Hair takes pride in offering our customers the finest quality virgin human hair. We commit to offering the products and supporting customers to have the best possible experience.

Unlike the others who only sell processed hair, Layla Hair Wholesale and manufacturers hair vendor supplies bundles in which all cuticles are the same direction from the root to the bottom. These bundles are called “Remy hair” and are considered a top-notch hair quality. 

We are willing to deal with your demands of products and make you feel comfortable. With many years of experience in the field of hair extensions, we always stand by you to help you have a full understanding of the high quality, prices.

What Does Laylahair Offer?

A wide range of products 

Layla Hair produces many products made of Cambodian hair such as full lace wigs, lace frontal wigs, hair toppers and toupee, tape in hair extensions, clip in hair extensions and so on. Newly invented items like stitched tape-ins, halo hair extensions, invisible tapes, skin wefts are also available to shop at our store. 

Layla’s Cambodian hairpieces are haunted by dark-skinned women worldwide, especially African American, Nigerian, and people from other African countries.

Flexible shipping, payment, and after-sales policies

Aside from the top-notch products, the policies at Laylahair are also extraordinary. We offer wholesale prices for all items, no matter whether you are retailers or wholesalers. For frequent customers with large order quantity, Laylahair offers a VIP contract rate. Moreover, discounts are given out during holidays to make sure you get the best deals.

Regarding delivery, shipping is done via UPS, DHL, FedEx or any channels possible. We can ship your packages to any parts of the world within some days. Of course, please notice that if you are living in a remote area, your items will arrive a little bit later than if you are in urban areas. Sometimes, the help of a third-party shipping agent might be inevitable. 

More than that, Laylahair has an excellent after-sales service! If you feel unpleased with our products or have any struggles while using it, you can feel free to consult our staff. A product adjustment or refund is willing to be given out if you request it.

With all these amazing things, how can Laylahair not be a trust-worthy place to shop your Cambodian hair bundles? Don’t hesitate any longer, pick up your phone and contact us via our WhatsApp hotline to get instant support!

Final words

We hope that this article could somehow help you understand explicitly about Cambodian hair bundles, its features, and where to buy it. If you feel it helpful, feel free to share it with your friends. 

In case you are keen on learning more about our Cambodian hair products, contact us via (+84) 989 633 424 (Mobile/WhatsApp/Snapchat/Viber). We are always happy to be of service.

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