Cambodian Hair vs. Mongolian Hair: When Asian Hair Rules The Market

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The recent years have witnessed the growing trend of raw and virgin hair. These types of hair are considered premium in quality, so they are highly praised by the public. The terms are also preceded by an exotic location, such as Cambodian virgin hair, Indian virgin hair, Brazilian virgin and, Vietnamese virgin hair or Mongolian virgin hair.

Cambodian Hair vs Mongolian Hair: When Asian Hair Rules The Market

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What do these terms mean? How is the hair from different countries distinguished from one another? Is this just a marketing gimmick? Well, hair from different places does own their distinct features. In this article, let us help you out by going into details with Cambodian hair vs. Mongolian hair.

How are they different? Cambodian hair vs. Mongolian hair

First off, hair from country to country does vary in quality and texture. We are not born with the same type of hair. Some are blonde, while some are brunette. Some have thick, coarse hair while some have fine, thin hair. Our hair is formed based on heredity and the outside environment. Just like our skin and facial features, each has their unique hair.

With that being said, people from the same region or culture do share some specific hair characteristics. That is because genes are passed on from generation to generation when people mate in their geographical locations.

Cambodian hair

Cambodian people are naturally blessed with thick and coarse hair strands, which blend well with African-American women’s hair. This feature is mainly shared among Asian hair. With much respect to their natural traits, Khmer ladies do treat their hair with care to preserve the thickness, darkness and high luster qualities.

Cambodian Hair vs Mongolian Hair: When Asian Hair Rules The Market

Cambodian hair

Despite its thickness, Cambodian hair is very lightweight and easy to wear. If you are intimidated of high-maintenance and heavy types of wigs, worry no more because you have Cambodian hair to the rescue. Who doesn’t want something that gives volume but still weightless at the same time?

And you may think that it takes a fortune to afford raw or virgin hair? Well, let’s think twice. While real hair is more pricey than synthetic hair, the price is not skyrocketing high. A ten-inch bundle costs you $25 to $30. It’s worth an investment considering the tremendous benefits Cambodian hair can bring.

Mongolian hair

Mongolian hair has been less popular than other types of fake hair, but it remains a stable position in the market. The reason for its being around for so long is the super high density. Hair density refers to the number of hair strands per square inch of your scalp.

High-density hair gives you the thick, healthy and full of life image. Your scalp is not shown, and you won’t look like a weird, bald and old creature. The hair shaft is thick and robust, which allows you to treat or style it however you want.

Cambodian Hair vs Mongolian Hair: When Asian Hair Rules The Market

A Mongolian woman

Besides, thick hair doesn’t mean it feels rough and hard when you touch it. One interesting fact about Mongolian hair is that the texture is soft despite the high-density nature. Each hair strand is separated from each other so that it is not easily tangled. Challenge someone to touch your hair and ask if they detect if it’s not your real hair. It’s a hard guess!

All in all, it’s a tie. Cambodian hair vs. Mongolian hair: 1-1



Taking good care of your hair: Cambodian hair vs. Mongolian hair

The good thing about wearing real hair is the ease in treating it. Remember the golden rule? Treat it as you do with your hair, and it will do you right. If you are struggling to do that, we have a few useful tips for you.

Wash it gently

When we say “wash gently,” what we want is you not over-washing it. Over-washing is the worst thing you can do with your hair. The harsh chemicals that are used to scrub all the dirt out of your hair may hurt your natural protection barrier if you over-use them.

Don’t wash the hair every single day. It’s a big no-no. You don’t even have to clean it after every wear. Wash it after a few wears if you can. More importantly, try to find the most suitable shampoo for the hair, with no sulfates, no silicones, and no parabens. It may not foam up and gives you the squeaky clean feeling, but trust us, your hair will thank you later.

Give back the moisture

It’s undeniable that both Cambodian hair and Mongolian hair are ideal for all kinds of styling. But if you keep styling without nourishing it, the hair won’t last very long. The easiest way to take care of your hair is giving back the moisture derived from the process of heat styling. Your hair needs as much water as your body.

You can use hair conditioner, hair serum or hair oil for this purpose. Those with keratin and argan oil are good options. Don’t use something too thick or it will weigh your hair down. The best practice is to use something light with high absorption ability.

Cambodian Hair vs Mongolian Hair: When Asian Hair Rules The Market

Taking care of your hair is essential

No matter how busy you are, use a hair mask once in a while when you wash the hair. Just 3 to 5 minutes create so much difference. Hair masks provide and lock in deep moisture so that it will be soft, luster and look brand-new.


Fake hair needs protection, too. When you are obliged to use extreme heat from blow dryers or curling wands to style, protect the hair first. You can easily buy good quality protection spray online or in store. Some of the highly recommended products you can consider are Tresemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray ($9.55) or Alterna’s Caviar Repair Multi-Vitamin Heat Protectant Spray ($31.50).

Final result: Cambodian hair vs. Mongolian hair

The bottom line

In conclusion, we think Cambodian vs. Mongolian hair are neck-to-neck in quality. It’s all up to your preferences and needs to determine the best option for you. We hope that this article has shown you everything you need to know the differences between Cambodian hair vs. Mongolian hair.

Good luck with your journey.

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