Cambodian Hair Vs Brazilian Hair – What Are The Differences?

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This article is dedicated to helping wearers differentiate Cambodian hair vs Brazilian hair. 

With various types of hair extensions, etc. on the current market, you may have a real struggle choosing your perfect fit. If you are a complete newbie to the hair systems, higher chances are that you feel confused by the diverse choices. That said, it should not be the reasons stressing you out. Grasping their differences will help you narrow down the options. You can then determine the best one to your needs and liking with more ease.

You should think about your lifestyle, preferable lock styles, and the like when choosing which type to purchase. Also, it is essential to consider Cambodian hair vs Brazilian hair. They are some of the most favorites these days. Which one is better? 

What is Cambodian hair like?

Hair texture

Cambodian human hair is in high demand for many good reasons. Typically, its texture is pretty, soft as well as luxurious. The tresses are lightweight to the same level as your bio hair. At the same time, they have plenty of body and bounce. Altogether, they will be more likely to hold any of your preferable styles flawlessly.

Cambodian Hair Vs Brazilian Hair - What Are The Differences?
Cambodian hair is thick

Volumization and versatility 

Do you want to experience different hairstyles? If so, be sure you do not miss this hair kind. It gives you vast choices owing to its straight, loose waves, body waves, and more. It is difficult to find any big flaw in the Cambodian hair weave. Even your stylist find creating hairstyles with that level of perfection to be hard. The coarse texture allows this type to blend fantastically with a lot of hair, including African American.

Durability and longevity

It works excellently to withstand dyes and colors. These processes will not damage your hair seriously. What is more, you can wash as well as blow-drying it similarly to your natural hair. 

Cambodian Hair Vs Brazilian Hair - What Are The Differences?
virgin Cambodian hair can last for a long time

It is thick and lightweight at the same time. That is why wearing the hair should be a piece of cake. Its high durability allows you to live carefreely. Much maintenance is not necessary, indeed. You only some proper care, your weave, etc. will be able to last even longer. Its attractive appearance will not reduce over time.

Brazilian hair

Cambodian hair vs Brazilian hair? Which one should you choose? Before answering that question, you had better have some idea of the latter.

Hair texture

It is thick and coarse. The look is fabulous.

Cambodian Hair Vs Brazilian Hair - What Are The Differences?
Brazilian hair is coarse

Volumization and versatility 

Is your hair thinning? Then, this type can be one of your options. With the softness and thickness, it volumizes your real hair with ease. It also brings impressive diversity when styling choices entail in.  Getting a deep wave, body wave, straight wave, etc. is possible. The straight texture or those with more waves are often more available. This option has a possible blend with some ethnicities – for example, Caucasian and African American,

Durability and longevity

This type of hair has more resistance to frizz. It is capable of holding the curls finely. This choice is fantastic for those who desire to have a pretty hairstyle.

Your weave can be long-lasting with the right care as well as maintenance. Consider getting the top quality hair extensions, etc. which are free from the unfavorable chemicals.

Cambodian hair vs Brazilian hair: An in-depth comparison


Both of them blend excellently with many types of hair. African American is a typical example. In addition, their popularity is no joke.

For another thing they share in common, these types are usually obtainable for one donor. That is why they are not going through any processing or altering procedures. The raw virgin hair will definitely satisfy you. They are free of tangling and shedding as well.

Not all, the natural color of these hairs is just about the same. Having the locks being black or brown is possible.

Another plus is, they are both soft, smooth and strong. Feel free to style these types no matter how you wish. Do you want to make them straight? Or curly? Easy! They will hold your curls particularly well. 

Cambodian Hair Vs Brazilian Hair - What Are The Differences?
Cambodian hair vs Brazilian hair

You will love that they give an impressively high shine, moreover. That said, do not forget to take good care of them, particularly the Brazilian hair, if you desire to prolong their lifespan.


The Cambodian hair has a coarser texture than its counterpart. Additionally, it asks you for the low need of maintenance. The hair also has far more body bounce than the Brazilian hair. Despite that, it is more lightweight. 

Why should you choose the Cambodian hair?

Now that you understand better the comparison of Cambodian hair vs Brazilian hair, let’s consider what is better. A significant number of people nowadays have been preferring the look of the Cambodian hair. Why?

The voluminous hair

It is one of the most impressive features of this choice. With it, you will enjoy a fuller head of hair. For instance, you do not need to use many but only about one bundle or two if your hair is short. It is less than your normal use of three bundles or so.

Cambodian Hair Vs Brazilian Hair - What Are The Differences?
Cambodian hair offers voluminous hair look

The lightweight hair

Wearing it is a fun experience. The reason is, the weight is light. You will not even figure out you are putting the hair on, let alone other people who will not be also to tell whether you wear it or not/

Superior quality and durability

If you go with 100% human hair, it will not disappoint you. That is why the manufacturers take it only from human donors with excellent hair. Most of them come with the absolute best quality. Not all, their lifespan is longer.

Cambodian Hair Vs Brazilian Hair - What Are The Differences?
Cambodian hair is affordable


Buying quality hair at a favorable price is not easy. Still, the Cambodian hair at Layla Hair may be an exception. It gives you any fantastic values that are suitable for your needs and wants. Meanwhile, the cost is reasonable. 

In short, we hope that after reading through this post, you become more familiar with the differences between Cambodian hair vs Brazilian hair and can find your best fit.

Feel free to take a look at our Laylahair’s website to learn more about human hair and hair extensions. Or contact us directly for some pieces of advice in choosing the best one for your own.


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