The Forbidden Truth About Mono Hair Topper Revealed By An Old Pro

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Is finding a proper hair system for your needs confusing and overwhelming you?  What is better a mono hair topper or a silk base? Human or synthetic one? Undeniably, the industry has been around. A wide range of options is available. 

Most of the time, the right choice will be relative to the reason you get a hairpiece and how you wish to wear it. Monofilament toppers are one of the most favorites. It is partly because their look is realistic. Wearing them is comfortable as well.

What is monofilament lace?

By monofilament, we mean the material type people make the cap. Its textures can be different. Still, it is typical of the cap to be a mesh polyester or nylon which closely looks like your bio scalp. It also offers natural hair movement. The breathability of the cap will increase when the mesh is finer. 

What is a mono hair topper?

Before talking about this partial wig, let’s have a quick look at its construction first. It can be from synthetic or human hair fibers. The latter tends to appear more natural and be longer-lasting. The fibers are attachable to the cap. The suppliers often make this cap out of cloth, lace, polyester, or nylon. They may also combine a couple of materials. After that, the cover is adhesive to the scalp with clips, tape, or so.

The Forbidden Truth About Mono Hair Topper Revealed By An Old Pro
mono hair topper

What does mono base mean on the topper? People make these wigs by machine-sewing or hand-tying and knotting hair in sections in the cap’s top portion. The cap material is sheer, fine, and durable. It has another name of monofilament. As the fibers can have an independent movement in the topper, manually tied ones are favorable compared to the sewn cap counterpart. 

The hairs will fall realistically depending on the fiber’s length. With that way of tying, they will appear like growing naturally out of your head. As a result of the styling versatility, feel free to brush, style, or part your hair in just about any way you want. It will move in the same way as your real hair does.

It takes plenty of time to process this type. That is why the mono toppers are popular as one of the most quality wig products on the current market. Their price is often higher than a regular wefted cap. Still, the advantages of wearing them are definitely worth your investment.


Pros and cons of mono hair topper

Are you curious about their features? Below, we will be getting you covered.

Things you may like about mono hair topper

Easiness to use

There are three layers with the silk type. So, it will possibly be a little difficult to put it down when your hairline is truly thin. Meanwhile, the mono option has a genuinely thin layer. Applying it takes no effort. Those that find a bit lifting not to be a problem would favor a big base silk one. Still, for the monofilament one, it is capable of hugging the head excellently. 

The Forbidden Truth About Mono Hair Topper Revealed By An Old Pro
mono hair topper is easy to use


The fabric is weightless. It feels soft and is breathable on a sensitive scalp as well. There is impressive ventilation between the topper and your scalp. You will be most comfortable possible when wearing the product. Owing to these wigs’ great comfort, they are a fantastic option for those who have been going through hair loss as a consequence of alopecia or medical treatments such as chemotherapy. 

Not all, this item can flat on the head well. As people sew the hair in the rubber, it will stay on your body’s upper part. Thanks to its lightness, this choice is good for the pool, beach, fast errands, casual events, etc. All you need to do is put it on.


Are you looking for a realistic appearance and part in your hair? Then, the mono hair topper should be the one. The mesh cap with the flesh color provides an impressive blend into the scalp. It will be difficult to notice as a result. What is more, the construction enables the hairpiece to recede from view into the skin covering your head and along your hairline.

The Forbidden Truth About Mono Hair Topper Revealed By An Old Pro
there is a wide range of mono base construction

Considerable variety

These toppers have become increasingly popular these days thanks to their fantastic advantages. It also means their availability in a series of colors, styles as well as textures. There have been constant updates about the most trendy styles. Additionally, the natural part lets you versatilely try out different partings and styling. 


For another perk, the manual knotting makes the monofilament items last longer. They will also have a lower possibility of sliding out from the covering or breaking off. Of course, it will be the case if you give the product enough care and attention.

Things you may not like

A coin has two sides. The mono hair topper is not an exception. The sheer material is fine and looks realistic. That said, it is not amazingly sturdy. You should thus treat it with care. Also, if you are short, the nodding may bother you. Chances are, the less quality hair piece will be somehow noticeable. It will not be a problem if you are tall. 

The Forbidden Truth About Mono Hair Topper Revealed By An Old Pro
mono hair topper from Laylahair

The best place to buy mono hair topper

Are you in the market for short human hair topper mono top type or so? Do not hesitate to give Laylahair a try. We are one of the best wholesale suppliers of virgin hair in today’s market. We have a lot of varied experience and understanding of the industry. So you can rest assured that our hairpieces are completely comfortable and safe to wear.

Our products are from Vietnamese hair and Cambodian hair. The first is famous for being shiny, silky. For the latter, it is popular largely because of its strong and coarse qualities. Both have various colors and textures. At Laylahair, the hair collection is from those with unprocessed and traditional hair. You know, it is incredibly long-lasting. Not all, we give our mono hair topper at the most reasonable prices. The customer services will never disappoint you.

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