Is Coloring Weave Hair Feasible? How To Dye Your Weave At Home

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Hairstyles can often serve as beauty treatments and fashion items because there is such a wide selection to pick from. Individuals invest endless hours and large amounts of money each year in order to acquire the desired look. If long hair is what you desire, hair weave is the best option for you. However, after a long time of using it,  you feel bored with the color of the weave and want to change it differently. The questions are: Is it possible to color your weave hair at home and How to do a weave hair coloring?

Is it possible to colour your hair weave?

The answer is Yes. You can dye your human hair weave in any color you want because the weave is made from 100% human Remy hair, so you can process it similarly to your bio hair. The practical experiments prove that people can dye their human hair weave without damaging natural hair weave. By dying, you can easily create a new appearance for your hair weaves in any color you want it to be.

To dye your hair successfully, you need to keep in mind something following: remember to mix your dye before applying it directly to your hair weaves. After dyeing it, you need to wash it with clean and warm water. 

Is Coloring Weave Hair Feasible? How To Dye Your Weave At Home
how to color human hair weave

How do you dye your human hair weave?

Step 1: Preparation

Of course, it is the first step before you want to do anything. To color your hair, you need the dye ready to apply to your hair weave. It depends on the kind of dye and sort of hair weave, however, the most popular ratio mixing is 1:1 between hair color and alcohol. You should pour all the hair color into a bottle or a bowl, mix with water in a ratio of 1:1 and then shake them well.

It depends on the length of your hair, the amount of ink can be more or less. If you want a dark color, the ratio should be 1:1. You will get a lighter color if the ratio is 1:2 between ink and water. People also ask should I use semi-permanent hair coloring before I wash the weave hair? It is not compulsory, the plus point of semi-permanent hair coloring is less harsh than other traditional dyes. However, the color is easy to be washed out over time.

One thing you need to note in your mind is that you should not use a metal bowl or metal spoon to mix your dye. Because the dyer may be oxidized and cause color changes. 

In addition, for protection, you need to put the gloves on when mixing the dyer and dying your hair if you don’t want your skin to suffer from irritation and staining left.  Moreover, you had better wear a set of old clothes to eliminate the fin dye case on your clothes.  

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Step 2: Dying your hair weave

There are a lot of weave hair coloring techniques. However, to make the process simple, you can take our way as a reference. Firstly, you need to divide your hair into smaller parts, take out some hair strands and apply dyer first to check if it is the color you want or not. After making sure the color on the weave is the color you want, you should use a brush to apply the dye on the whole hair weave. The color of each hair section is not necessarily the same. You can be creative by adding some like pure color, some like ombre, and some can be mixing color. 

After applying all the dye to the hair weave, you need to cover the wave with a plastic cap and leave it for about 25 minutes or more, depending on the hair’s volume and length. While your hair is processing, remember to keep tracking it every five minutes until your hair transfers into the color you want.    

Step 3: Washing the hair weave

When the process of dying finishes, it is time for you to wash your hair. You should rinse the dye out of the hair weave in a sink or bathtub, remember to use warm water. Use your finger to run through the length of the hair and give it a massage to excess all left color out.

Step 4: Drying and taking care the hair weave after wash

Is Coloring Weave Hair Feasible? How To Dye Your Weave At Home
take good care of your weave after coloring

It is very important to replenish the moisture of your hair weave after dying. Therefore, after washing out all the dye, you should soak your hair in a deep conditioner diluted with water. Let this treatment sit for 15 minutes. Then, rinse away the conditioner and dry your hair with a towel.  The excess water should be gently squeezed, lay the extensions out to fully air-dry. It is better when you let your weave dry naturally but it takes time. If you do not have time, you can try a hairdryer, remember to run the hairdryer up and down through your hair. 

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Notes when dying your hair weave

After dying, your hair weave needs special treatment to maintain shininess and vibrancy. There are some important things you need to keep in mind:

– After coloring your hair, wait until the next 72 hours before using shampoo and other hair care products.

– Reduce the frequency you wash your hair weave.

– On your off days of not washing your hair, you should flip the hair weave over, spray dry shampoo at the roots to keep the new color look new and fresh.

– Whenever washing your hair weave, remember to use warm water.

Is Coloring Weave Hair Feasible? How To Dye Your Weave At Home
colored weave hair at Laylahair

The bottom lines

To make a long story short, it is totally possible to color your hair weave at home. Please strictly follow these steps listed above to get the most effective hair color for your hair weave. 

After reading this article, LaylaHair hopes our information is useful for you. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about dying hair weave. Or if you are searching for a human hair weave, please come and visit our blog at Your satisfaction is our happiness.

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