13 Hilarious And Epic Wig Fails Of The Century | Laugh Your Wigs Away

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Upset because of your hair problems? Feeling down because of hair fall?

Grab your popcorn and entertain yourself with the epic wig fails of the century! We will give you a good time so that you can laugh your worries away!

Take a look!

Top epic wig fails of the century


Have you ever done anything that makes you feel embarrassed for a lifetime? Make sure you don’t do it in front of the camera. Because chances are your failing moment will be captured and stored on the Internet.

The guy in the middle has learned his lesson. No matter how serious you are in front of the camera, an epic wig fail can always turn you into grudgingly famous figure nationwide.

With Swing

Swing is one of the best childhood memories for us, but it could turn out to be evil if you are an adult.

Flying with swing is no doubt the best feeling in the world; however, your wig may not agree with you!

Once you lose control over the swing, not only your body but also your hair fly with you too. The worst thing that could happen your swing in front of your friends and one of them is recording!

Now your epic wig fails are all over the Internet!

But let’s be positive here. Everybody will all have a good laugh, though you may cry over it.

On stage

There are moments when you dive so deep into our emotion and happy feeling; we lose control of what we do.

Just like this singer!

She completely lost on the stage, and completely forgot that she sang in front of thousands of people!

She’s like, “Screw the damn wig; I’m fabulous!”


What happens when you want to pose with your beloved pets and the only thing you want to humiliate you?

Sometimes, animal friendliness doesn’t work! Especially when your hair looks more delicious than the food you give them.

Moral of the story? Just never pose in front of hungry ostriches. You never know when your wig disappears.

The same goes for horses. Animals seem to have a strong gut feeling when they stay near a person who wears wigs. If they feel like you are trying to trick them with your wig, sure epic wig fails will likely to happen.

Hana Montana gets what we are trying to say.

Epic topper fails

We are convinced that everybody needs to know how to wear a topper even though they don’t suffer from hair balding.


If you ever accidentally touch your friend’s head and his topper falls over, at least you can secretly apply it again.

You just need to apply it carefully, so your friend doesn’t even notice.

How to apply a topper is indeed a life-saving skill.

Another topper fail

You wear a topper and think nobody notices? Think about it twice!

Probably in the next business meeting, you will meet epic wig fails like this.

In this case, we don’t recommend you using the best wig adhesive, because you will lose a patch of your scalp too!

Pink wig

Want to surprise anyone? Just wear a pink wig!

Samuel L. Jackson may be a tough S.H.I.E.L.D director, but with a pink wig, he looks as ridiculous as anyone.

Dog wig

Dog hotels and spa? That is so mainstream!

If you want your dog to look fabulous, buy him or her a wig.

Chances are you will laugh out loud whenever you look at your pet.

But yes, it is another the good side of wigs!

This lazy dog seems to love the wig even!

Wigs are compatible with cows as well. This Holstein looks like a professional hair model for L’oreal.

And who knows, if you ever want to adopt a bear buy him a wig.

Pink wigs work well with cats too.

Check how enjoyable they are with their blonde hair wigs.

Look at this cutie here

A bonus fails that has nothing to do with the epic wig fails. Hope you have a good laugh!


Sometimes, changing your hairstyle with wigs is the best idea, especially when you are famous and having an interview on NBC.

Or if you are Raven and everybody starts to wonder what happens to your hair. Show them that you are wearing a wig.

50 shades of hairstyles at the office

Want to change your hairstyles to surprise your coworkers? Learn from the guy!

From curly to a short bob, everything is possible!

Marilyn Monroe

Want to be Marilyn Monroe? Make sure that you wear the right wig!


Want to do something crazy in front of your friends? Just take off your wig unexpectedly.

Be careful if you want to look fabulous with a wig. Sometimes, it is the shortest way to encounter epic wig fails!

So excited, I take off my wig.

And don’t ever overplay with your wig.

But in the end, we are gorgeous with wigs anyway!


Never turn your back to your enemies. You never know if they have any tolerance for your poor wig.

Make sure that you face the haters so you can run if they dare to take your wig off without your consent.

But most of them don’t care…

The bottom line

We hope you have a good time with our epic wig fails. Stay tuned with our next posts for amazing hairstyle tips, hilarious wig posts, and perfect hair care tips!

And bonus information for those with baldness.

But don’t trust Egyptians too much.

Attend the biggest match of the year? Do not forget to wear a huge red wig to show off.

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