What Is Female Pattern Baldness: Definition, Cause, And Solution

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Do you know that women suffer from hair loss as men? There are about one-third of women are experiencing female alopecia and it appears in different ages. Whether you are young or at med-age, you can suffer female pattern baldness in your life. Men with baldness sometimes are acceptable but women experience hair loss will affect negatively them. As we all know, ladies always concerns their appearance. Hence, baldness makes them feel ashamed and unconfident. 

So, what is female pattern baldness? What causes female pattern baldness? How can I treat this hair problem? Let’s scan through this article to check it out!

Basics About Female Pattern Baldness

It is a type of androgenetic alopecia that affects mainly on women. It is the same as male pattern baldness, but the pattern of hair loss in women is different from men. Hair loss is a normal phenomenon in ladies when they are age or after menopause.  

What does female pattern baldness look like? It tends to develop bald spots and receding hairline. It occurs from all over the head, starting from the parting line. And this pattern baldness affects the volume of hair strands. 

Hair loss in women is less frequent, but it is not rare. Often, the female alopecia will increase with age. 

What Is Female Pattern Baldness: Definition, Cause, And Solution
what is female pattern baldness

Female pattern baldness symptoms

– Receding hairline: This is the same sign for both women and men. It often comes in the early stage of hair loss. If you see the hair volume at the temples and hairline is thinner, you may experience this hair problem. Visit your doctor or dermatologist to get the proper treatment. 

– Too much hair falling is a common sign. If your hair falls out more than normal, over 100 strands per day, it is abnormal. If you are at early female pattern baldness, see your doctor right now before too late. However, it can be improved if you find the main reason.  

– If you see hair breakage in the middle of the strand or near your scalp, you may experience hair loss. Still, it is not a common sign of hair loss in women. It appears when you over-style your tresses that make hair protein and keratin being weakened and damaged. Give your hair break time to breathe. 

Female Pattern Baldness Causes

Here we have listed out some underlying reasons for female alopecia that you might encounter. 

– Your genetics: It is the main reason. Why young women experience hair loss? The hair problem happens at any age, during your teen years. Look at female baldness pictures, it is worse. If your family members have this hair problem, there is a high risk that you are too. Female pattern baldness genetics is hard to improve. 

– Hormonal changes: The endocrine disorder in mid-age women is the next criminal. For instance, the decreases in estrogen hormone lasting for a long time can lead to baldness. Never be subjective. 

What Is Female Pattern Baldness: Definition, Cause, And Solution
there are several causes leading to female pattern baldness

– Stress: You are constantly stressed, it causes female alopecia as it inhibits hair growth. In addition, prolonged stress can affect your eating and living habits. Women with stress often suffer from symptoms such as hair loss for years and it is not improved. If you are at female pattern baldness in the 20s, visit your doctor to get the best advice and treatments. 

– Lack of nutrients: Many young girls follow a poor diet to lose weight, but it is the main cause of hair loss. The diet can not provide enough nutrients for all parts of your body, leading to a lack of nutrition (vitamins, protein, etc.). An unhealthy diet impacts negatively on the thyroid, causing coarse and brittle hair. 

Additionally, age, medications, scalp problems, and environmental factors also cause female alopecia. Be careful!


Female Pattern Baldness Treatments

Don’t freak out if you are experiencing hair loss. Follow some tips below to improve your hair condition:

Select a wig or topper

The first female pattern baldness treatment is simple and offers the best result. These hair systems are created for women with hair loss or thinning hair. Numerous customers choose this method as the hairpiece can blend well with their natural locks. It does not cause any comfort, itching or damage to their hair strands. The application process is so effortless. Only out the hair on your head with clips or adhesive, install it properly, and you are more confident to go out with a fuller hair. 

What Is Female Pattern Baldness: Definition, Cause, And Solution
use a wig or topper to cover your baldness

Hair extensions and wigs from Layla Hair are high-quality and worth investing in. No need to worry about hair quality and price. The hair is collected from strong donors and styled by steaming method. No chemicals, unprocessed treat. Wearing our hair is the fastest way to deal with your pattern baldness as it does not take your time and effort. But you should keep the hair from harmful elements, such as sunlight, chlorine, and so on. Layla’s hair products are available in different options, so opt for the hairstyle you like most.

Limit using heating tools

In many male or female pattern baldness treatments, this cure is easy to follow, Don’t over-style the hair with heat or chemicals as it causes hair breakage and makes the female alopecia more severe. Limit using flat irons, curling irons, and other tools. Let your hair air dry after washing. 

Say no with hair dyes and bleaches

Remember, the chemical-treated process damages your natural hair. Hair dyes and bleaches contain harsh chemicals that make your natural locks dry and frizzy. These coloring products will reduce moisture from your natural locks, causing hair loss. 

What Is Female Pattern Baldness: Definition, Cause, And Solution
take good care of your real hair

Invest in hair growth products

You feel unconfident with your baldness and thinning hair. Understanding clients’ psychology, many manufacturers design tons of products aimed at stimulating hair growth. They contain minerals and oils that are good for the hair. 

Use female pattern baldness home remedies is not a bad solution for women. For example, the natural ingredients in herbal shampoos can penetrate into hair follicles and stop female alopecia. Besides, it helps moisturize the scalp and the scent is comfortable. 

Follow a healthy diet

This female pattern baldness treatment natural works best for all. Bear in mind that the hair strands need nutrition to grow and stay healthy. You should eat nutrient-rich foods that contain iron, protein, vitamins, Omega-3, and more. 

What Is Female Pattern Baldness: Definition, Cause, And Solution
have a healthy diet

Last But Not Least

We hope that after this post, you have a deeper understanding of female pattern baldness. If you know other causes or female pattern baldness cure, don’t hesitate to share with us by leaving your comments.

If you are looking for hairstyles female pattern baldness, visit Layla to get the best hair wig or topper. We commit to give you good hair at cheap prices. Our hair is made from raw human hair. We love to hear your voice.

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