Wig Tape – One Thing Everyone Must Understand About

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Wig adhesive tape is popular for both men and women as it is used to apply the hair system. It has many benefits. This item allows you to attach the wig easily in seconds. Hence, you can get thick and long hair with effortlessness. How long does the wig tape hold the hairpiece? Don’t worry about its durability. It is designed to keep the hair in place for days or up to weeks. Additionally, lace wig tape is great for people who are active and enjoy water activities. 

Amazing lace wig adhesive will provide you new and natural hair look. If you want to apply the hair with this comfortable item, let’s check it out in the following post.

What Is Tape For Wig?

Do you know that wig wearers use clips, glue or tape to attach the hair on their head? They work behind the scenes to provide users a natural hair. Tape and other items will hold the hair system in the right place, so people are not afraid of exposing their baldness anymore.   

Tape for lace wig is available in the market, and it is available in different shapes and sizes. It is single-sided adhesive, double-sided wig tape or wig tape strips. However, all of them are working to brings you comfort. You are worried that the tape is not good for your sensitive skin. Today, many manufacturers create and produce the best wig accessory for those with sensitive skin, it does not cause irritation.

Regarding the length of the attachment, how long does wig tape last? It is depending on the product you choose. You buy a normal tape or extra-strong one. The normal tape secures your hairpieces for days, while others for weeks. It is also safe if you apply and remove it properly. Bear in mind that you have to use a remover, alcohol or water to take it off. The removal process will be easier.

As I stated above, the tape is widely used to wear a hair system. Still, you have to clean your scalp and bio hair before applying tape to reach the best result. It would better if wig wearers consider some necessary things like what works for their wigs. Choose the right accessory to get thick hair and no one can detect your secret. 

Wig Tape - One Thing Everyone Must Understand About
wig tape roll vs tape strip

Some popular types of wig tape

The wig tape now is popular in 2 shapes: roll and strip or piece. 

Tape roll

This tape is known as the normal type and used commonly. Often, people use double-sided tape to install the hair. One side is stick into the scalp and the other is applied to the base of the wig. This type can last for weeks. What about the price? It is cheap and can be found at any hair stores, online and offline. 

Tape strip

This wig tape suits your scalp well and does not cause any discomfort. Like the roll tape, it is durable and keeps your hair system in the right place. Don’t have to cut the tape. You take the strip, remove the protective paper and apply it. Simple and easy to wear. 

Lace Front Wig Glue or Tape

Wig Tape - One Thing Everyone Must Understand About
wig glue vs tape

Which works best for you and your hair, wig glue or tape? Both of them are adhesives. They work on a similar principle but wig glue is in liquid form. Each type has its own benefits and drawbacks. Before buying, you should consider the base type of the hair is as it can help you choose the right product. 

Have a small test with your skin before applying adhesive on your scalp is necessary. With tape, you cut a small piece and attach it to your hand. Waiting for 15 minutes to check whether it irritates your skin. You can do the same with glue. Nevertheless, lace front tape is more gentle than the counterpart.


A Detailed Guide On How To Use Wig Tape

– Which type of tape do you use? If you use a tape roll, cut it into small pieces. Using tape strips is more convenient as they are individual pieces. The color of the accessory may decide the length time of the attachment. For example, the white-colored tape is suitable for your daily wearing, and the red one for extended wearing. 

Wig Tape - One Thing Everyone Must Understand About
how to wear a hairpiece with tape

– Peel the protective paper and gently place the tape on the base of your hair. Remember, you pace it under the perimeter of the hairline. 

– Continue removing the rest of the protective paper and place it onto your scalp. Press down so that the adhesive sticks firmly on the scalp. Once the hair is bonded with tape, wearers can style the hair as they desire. 

Note: Clean your scalp where you plan to place the adhesive tape for the lace wig. And the removal process is also effortless if you invest in a good remove.

Where To Buy Wig Tape

Wig Tape - One Thing Everyone Must Understand About
adhesive tape at Laylahair

Go down on the Internet to find the right wig tape and add it to the cart. But the problem is that where is a trustworthy place to buy. You find a little overwhelmed because there are too many sellers. Who sells good products at friendly prices? 

Come to Layla Hair, we provide a variety of wig accessories you need. Whether you need a tape roll or pieces, we can give you. Depending on your head size and base of your hair, you can select the best item. Besides offering accessories, Layla is a trusted human hair vendor in Vietnam. We have a big collection of wigs and hair extensions that are only made from real human hair. Also, we commit to giving customers the best services. 

By now, you have learned basics about wig tape, including types and wig tape how to use. You can distinguish lace wig tape vs glue, which is better for your hair system? Should you have anything you would like to discuss? Don’t hesitate to drop us via our hotline to get advice. We will provide you with high-quality products and give in-depth consultations. We hope this post is helpful to everyone.

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