First Date Hairstyles With Hair Extensions: 4 Hair Inspirations For Beginners

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Don’t get overly nervous about the big day. Chill out! That’s not gonna help you at all.

The first date is significant. We all know that. This decides whether the next meet-up is on its way or not. And you want to create the best first impression ever if you want to secure your points with the other person.

Since we understand your feelings, we have compiled this list of 4 different first date hairstyles with hair extensions for you to try out. These hair inspirations are entirely beginner-friendly, meaning they are easy to complete and fuss-free.

Ready? Let’s get right in with us.

Elegant hairstyles for your day date

If your first date takes place during the day, definitely go for something simple yet girly and sophisticated. Graceful first date hairstyles with hair extensions are super flattering for a day date. Pair this with a light, natural make-up look, and you are ready to slay.

Messy waves

Since the name of this hairstyle is literally “messy waves,” it’s quite hard for you to mess this up. Indeed, this is one of the most natural first date hairstyles with hair extensions.

First Date Hairstyles With Hair Extensions: 4 Hair Inspirations For Beginners

Since the name of this hairstyle is literally “messy waves,” it’s quite hard for you to mess this up.

Here’s a simple tutorial for this hairstyles:

Step 1: Teasing

Use a suitable comb for your hair type to tease around the crown. The teasing motion will add some volume, and even root lifts to your mane. After that, part your hair however you want and use a comb to smooth out the tufts.

Step 2: Texturizing (optional)

Spray your hair with a texturizing spray of your choice. The more texture you add to your locks, the better. Also, such a spray will help the hairdo to last longer.

Step 3: Curling

Whip out your curling iron. In order to achieve these messy curls, the ideal barrel size is about 1.5”.

Start wrapping small sections of your hair around the curling iron. The two closest curls to your face should be twisting away from your face. Alternate between the inward and outward directions for the rest of your hair. Remember one this, one that.

Step 4: Brushing

Gently, brush out the curls with a round bristle brush. By doing this, you are allowing the hair to have a more natural look, plus a ton of volume.

Step 5: Defining

Once again, grab your curling iron. Take 5 to 6 smaller sections on the top of your head. Wrap them around the barrel to create more defined and structured waves in this specific part. This step will polish up the look and put everything together.

Step 6: Spraying

Coat your hair with a generous coat of hairspray. This will lock everything in place and make sure your curls won’t be straightening our any time soon.

Boho half bun

A boho half bun is the epitome of sophistication. There is something so aesthetically pleasing about them that will never cease to turn you 100% prettier.

First Date Hairstyles With Hair Extensions: 4 Hair Inspirations For Beginners

A boho half bun is the epitome of sophistication.

Here’s how you can achieve this hairstyle:

Step 1: Prepping (optional)

Give your roots a spritz of a texturizing hair spray or a dry shampoo to get rid of flat roots and limp locks. Plus, you are going to add some extra volume to your hair by doing so.

Step 2: Dividing

Section out half to one-third of your hair starting from the top of your crown using either a comb or your finger. Create a parting that runs horizontally on your scalp. Then, secure the upper part with a hair tie.

Step 3: Knotting

Curl the upper part with a curling iron. After that, divide that mini ponytail into three sections. Twirl the first one and roll it up to create a tiny bun on the back of your head. Keep it in place with some bobby pins.

Repeat the process with the other two. After that, tug lose your bun to create a softer and more natural look.

Step 4: Finishing

For the rest of the hair, you can go wild with your imagination.

Keep them straight? Work in some bouncy curls? Add some cute braids? They will all complement your hairstyle.

Don’t forget to throw in some hairspray so that your masterpiece will not come undone mid-date

Glamorous hairstyles for a night date

If your date is planned to happen in the night, you need to spice things up a little bit. Wearing some chic and glamorous first date hairstyles with hair extensions is the way to do it. Don’t be shy to add some winged liners and your favorite bold lips. The stage is entirely yours.

Sleek straight

Sleek straight hair is super trending on social media. And that is a fact to all those beauty lovers out there who are a big fan of this potentially edgy hairstyle. Many people have donned this amazing hairdo to countless events of all kinds.

First Date Hairstyles With Hair Extensions: 4 Hair Inspirations For Beginners

Sleek Straight

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to achieve first date hairstyles with extensions:

Step 1: Straightening (optional)

If you have naturally curly hair, bust out your trusty flat iron. Divide your hair into small sections and straighten them out. Work your way through the rest of the curls until your hair is entirely wave-free.

Step 2: Untangling

Use a pad brush to work out knots in your hair. Gently get rid of them to avoid doing any damage to your hair.

Step 3: Sleeking

If you have natural waves, use a hair spray of your choice to prevent any unwanted frizz from coming at you.

However, if you have naturally straight hair, feel free to use a hair moisturizer or hair oil. This final touch will add that shiny, healthy glow to your beautiful locks.

Voluminous curls

Different from the messy curls up above, this type of curls are much spicier and more defined. This hairstyle is, without a doubt, a big attention grabber. So, be ready to turn some heads, including your date’s, with this hairdo.

First Date Hairstyles With Hair Extensions: 4 Hair Inspirations For Beginners

This type of curls are much spicier and more defined.

Here is how to do it!

Step 1: Brushing

Use a comb of your choice to work out the tangles in your hair gently. Start dealing with those from the end all the way to the roots.

Step 2: Curling

Bring out your curling iron and wrap small sections of your hair around the barrel. Remember always to curl away from the face.

After done with each section, do not let them fall down just yet. Release it from the curling wand onto the palm of your hand. And then, roll it back up and pin them in place.

Step 3: Finishing

After done curling and pinning all the locks, let them sit for an extra 5 minutes. Then unpin them.

Play around with them however you want. You can change the parting or even loosen the curls a bit. Lastly, don’t forget to coat them with a layer of hair spray to keep your work-of-art staying flawless throughout the day.

The bottom line

We hope that these inspirations on first date hairstyles with hair extensions have helped you to get ready for your big day.

Stay tuned for more articles coming out soon from us. Don’t forget to check out Layla Hair if you want to shop for some of the best hair accessories on the market.

Thank you a lot for your time and good luck with your first date.

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