What Are Flat Silk Weft Hair Extensions? – An In-Depth Guide

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When coming in a hair design store or factory, you can quickly pay attention to new trendy hair systems – flat silk weft hair extensions. They are now a popular hair product for every girl. These hair items are instant, lightweight, and comfortable to attach. 

Further to our discussion today, Layla Hair will show you with a more in-depth look at these flat silk wefts. Some wearers comment that this hair is an extraordinary genre in the hair wear industry. Let’s see how well do you actually know about this new type of hair extension. 

What are flat silk weft extensions?

In 2018, flat silk weft was first appeared and quickly become a favored item of women. It is a thinning form of human hair wefts. To avoid hair shedding problem, manufacturers add double-stitched to make it firmer. In other words, this hair is a weft sealed by a super-thin piece of silk base. Often, these flat silk weft hair extensions are thin flat, about 1mm in thickness and 10mm in width. The hair extensions are utterly safe to attach to your head as they have no silicone and made of pure human hair. All cuticles are kept intact, mimicking the look of your natural locks.

What Are Flat Silk Weft Hair Extensions? - An In-Depth Guide
flat silk weft hair extensions

The most outstanding feature of the hair is that it has no short hair, no return hair. If you buy a normal hair weft, you can see that there are many short hair strands on the top of the weft. But it does not appear with this flat silk weft. In the making process, craftsmen will remove short strands, from 6-8″. It offers a perfect look like your existing hair. It’s the reason why many customers love and choose this hair to wear. 

What’s more, the hair lays flat on your head when you apply it properly.  It blends with your bio hair and looks realistic. Because flat silk weft hair extensions are thin, it’s hard to detect. Another key advantage is that you can style and cut the weft according to your desired look. 

The hair is available in both single flat silk vs double flat silk. Which one is better? Both of them are useful and work well for all. Depending on how much hair you want, you can select a suitable hair product.

How to distinguish flat silk weft vs normal weft

Scanning through some signs below, you can differentiate these types of hair weft. 

– Return short hair: Normal wefts, such as machine weft or hand-tied weft, appear with short hair on the top. For example, machine hair weft is around 0.8 – 1″  return short hair. But flat silk wefts are the late version as well as the innovation on the basis of common wefts. Hence, this hair appears without return short hair. 

What Are Flat Silk Weft Hair Extensions? - An In-Depth Guide
flat silk weft vs normal weft

– The thickness of the hair weft: Flat silk weft hair extensions are ultra-thin which is 30% thinner than the common wefts. They are extremely flat and flexible silk. Machine weft is the thickest one.  

– For flat silk weft, there is a piece of silk attached to the top of the weft. While other common wefts look a bit bulky. 

Why choose flat silk wefts


The weft appears without return short hair

This hair is a great option for those looking for a perfect hair look. There is the super micro trach sewing in the weft, so it will no shed any strands or lose its strength. no short hair on the top of the weft makes the wearers feel comfortable and no itching.

Flat silk weft extensions can stay long on your head

It is undeniable that there is a hair shedding when you use a hair system. For the hand-tied weft, for i.g, will shed when you cut it. But a silk flat can deal with this problem. It is stitched and will not shed any strands or weaken the strength of the hair after attaching. In addition, this hair weft is waterproof. Thus, you can swim without taking the hair out. 

What Are Flat Silk Weft Hair Extensions? - An In-Depth Guide
there is no return hair on flat silk weft

It offers a natural look

The seamless hair weft is thinner than other common wefts, about 1mm thickness. It is sealed in super-thin and strong silk holding. The lighter weight brings comfortable wearing. 

You can cut the weft according to your wish

When you buy a silk flat weft, you receive a long weft. Then, you can cut it according to your head circumference. Feel free to cut it as the hair will not fall out. The hair has been specially made by skilled craftsmen.

Silk flat wefts at Laylahair

What Are Flat Silk Weft Hair Extensions? - An In-Depth Guide
flat silk weft human hair extensions at Laylahair

After sticking to the post, most of you wonder where sells silk flat weft extensions. Please browse and follow Layla’s site. You can find this hair in different textures and colors here. The hair has been treated carefully, so you can count on us. You want to add more hair to your thinning hair, flat silk weft is just for you. Whether your natural locks are straight or light wavy, you can get the best hair system that fits your hair at Layla.

This type of hair weft is pricey out there, but it is worth investing because it lasts very long. As long as you wear it properly and store it carefully. After applying, you should have a few periodic tightening appointments so that the hair stays for a long time. We highly recommend this hair extension. If you are interested in this hair, don’t hesitate to share the hair length and color you wish. We will make and customize the hair extension according to your order. The price of hair weft depends on hair type, volume, and other factors. To get more information, contact us directly via our hotline. 

Bottom line

Flat silk weft hair extensions have become among the most popular type of hair systems. Its cost is quite high compared to normal wefts, but it is a long term investment. Also, it gives a natural look. You can find this hair in most hair stores or salons. Change your hair with perfect length and volume as you desired.

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