Silk Flat Weft Extensions – The Brand-New Hair Volume Enhancer!

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With approximate installation and proper color matching, it is difficult to detect whether you are using wefts. What are silk flat weft extensions

Needless to say, silk flat wefts give wearers an array of advantages. The hair is beautiful and offers a natural look. Further, silk weft hair extensions are the latest items nowadays. They are super lightweight and appear like your natural locks. You also style your hair as you want to get a fashionable appearance. As a whole, silk flat weft extensions give wearers more hair boost up your confidence. 

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What Is A Flat Silk Weft?

The silk weft hair extensions are a new and thinner form of hair wefts. It is flexible and double-stitched to avoid hair shedding. The extension is about a weft sealed by a thin piece of silk. It does not return short hair at the top of the hair weft as well. Both single layer and double layers are available and useful. Depending on how much hair you need, you can choose a suitable item. 

When being applied, the hair weft appears flat to your head. It blends well with natural locks, providing a realistic appearance. As silk flat weft extensions are thinner, it is also hard to detect. Another key benefit is that hairstylists can cut the weft to fit. Besides, the fold has been eliminated and the hair reduces itching.

Silk Flat Weft Extensions - The Brand-New Hair Volume Enhancer!
what is a silk flat weft

Here are several outstanding benefits of silk flat weft you can notice:

– No shedding

– Extremely flat and flexible silk

– Long-lasting quality

– No coatings

Why choose flat weft hair extensions

Offer perfect look for all

Compared to other common wefts, this silk flat weft appears without returning short hair at the top. Often, a machine weft is about 1″ return short hair, and around 1.5″-2″ for the hand-tied weft. Silk flat weft will be more comfortable for your own scalp. 

Stay on the head for a long time

We can not ignore the fact that there is a hair shedding when you wear a hair extension. If the hair of the machine weft is not handled well, or when you cut the hand-tied weft, they will shed easily. However, silk flat weft perfectly avoids this problem. It is double-stitched and will not shed any hair or weaken the strength of the hair after applying. 

Silk Flat Weft Extensions - The Brand-New Hair Volume Enhancer!
silk flat weft extensions offer seamless volume to thin hair

Ultra-thin weft 

As we stated above, the extension is quite thinner than the machine and hand-tied wefts. Because there is no return short hair, the weft is only sealed by extremely thin weft, which makes very comfortable wear and has no bulky feeling. 

Cut freely according to your head circumference

When you buy a flat silk weft, you see that it is a long weft. But you can cut the hair in any width to match with your head. Don’t worry about the shedding, it will not have this issue. It has been specially treated by skillful craftsmen.

How To Attach Silk Weft Hair Extensions

Silk weft extensions are among the best sellers in the current market today. Hence, knowing how to install this extension is key. As we all know, silk flat weft extensions are a flexible product and have some different ways of installation. Hairstylists use clips, tapes, beads, or sewing to secure the hair in the right place. They will use the technique they are smart. Now, we guide you with a simple way to wear this hair system – using clips.

– You have to determine where you are going to place the flat weft hair extensions first. Then tie the rest of the hair to tidy them up. 

– You sew some small clips onto the selvage of the hair extension. Remember that the color of these clips is close to the color of the hair system. 

– Place the hair extension to align your natural strands. Clip the hair so that the system stays on your real hair. Adjust the extension so that it looks as natural as possible. You can remove the hair when sleeping by un-clip these small clips. The silk flat weft is super lightweight, it offers users a comfortable feeling. Using clips allows you to add more hair thickness and you apply the extension to your natural locks just in seconds. Also, you can easily take them out at any time. 

Silk Flat Weft Extensions - The Brand-New Hair Volume Enhancer!
how to wear silk flat weft hair extensions

Other techniques for application

If you are unfamiliar with this technique, you can use tape as well as silicon beads. For example, using micro silicone beads allow you to attach hair extensions strands by strands and fasten your natural locks. It blends seamlessly to your real tresses and gives your dream look. While using tape can hold your micro sealed thin flat silk weft for a month. Wearers can enjoy their beautiful hair day and night. All you need to do is to fasten the adhesive to the seam of the extension and attach it to your hair. 

Feel free to use these application methods to get your desired hair look and it will not damage your tresses. You can cut the hair extension to put on the hair. Bear in mind that don’t put too many clips or beads on the weft as it may cause tangling issues at the hair roots. 

Upkeep the flat weft hair extensions

This extension is a great alternative to waiting for your natural locks to grow, so you need to upkeep and protect it. What should you do? Remember that it is not your natural hair, you have to treat them carefully. You take yourself to a hair salon for a check after about 6-8 weeks. Your hairstylist will help you adjust and tighten the silk weft, the process only takes about 30 minutes. 

After several checks, your hair system should be reapplied. Bear in mind that reapplication is necessary. Going to a hair salon and hairstylist helps you secure the extension closer to your scalp. You can do the process at home but we recommend getting a professional. Also, clean the hair with proper shampoos. Because the hair is not real, use hair care products that contain no chemicals, such as paraben, alcohol, etc. Poor-quality shampoos may damage and dry the weft quickly. Apply conditioner to moisturize and give shine to extensions. In order to protect hair from shedding and tangling, don’t wash it too often. After finding the best shampoo for your tresses, you should be loyal to them.


Where to Buy Silk Flat Weft Extensions?

Do you have your own place to get a good hair extension? Do you know the flat silk weft cost? Keep reading to find your own answer.

How much does flat silk weft cost? 

On the hair market, silk flat weft extensions are pricey. But it is worth purchasing since it is a long term investment. As long as you maintain and care for it properly, it lasts very long and offers you tons of benefits. After applying, you should have a few periodic tightening appointments. Then the extension should be removed and reapplied. 

For hair wefts, the price depends on the hair type, hair volume, color, and so on. Kindly contact us directly for the specific price list. 

Silk Flat Weft Extensions - The Brand-New Hair Volume Enhancer!
silk flat weft human hair extension at Laylahair

Layla Hair – A fantastic place to purchase silk flat weft

After sticking to this article, most of you wonder where to buy flat weft hair extensions wholesale. Which place is reliable to get a silk flat extension? Please follow the Layla Hair website. Customers can find silk flat weft and other types of extensions varying in colors and textures here. We say no with synthetic hair, so you can count on the hair quality. You want thicker and longer hair that matches seamlessly with your own, silk weft extensions are just for you. Whether your tresses are straight or curly, you can easily find the hair system that blends your hair texture. We assure you to provide clients the best item and service as well. 

The trickiest part of getting this hair is determining how much hair you should get. How much hair you buy depends on the look you desire. Often, each pack of hair is 100 grams, so if you want to add a little length, a pack is enough.  

Layla Hair is the best source of silk flat weft extensions today. These hairs are designed to fit users perfectly and feel as though you are not wearing an extension at all. Only top quality hair is used to create the silk flat weft, ready to be cut and styled to perfection. Shop online now for the custom-designed hair system for you and your customers. Besides, the price of our products is affordable. Let’s reach us to order ideal hair at a cheap price. 

If you have any other queries or want to obtain further information, please let us know as we are always here happy to support it. You will get a professional reply immediately.

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