How A Lace Closure Braid Wig Can Transform Your Life

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Braid hairstyle is often associated with the image of a sassy, full-of-swag rapper in the 2000s. But think twice, because of its versatile nature, the braid is here to stay. With only a few twists and turns, you can rock that braid confidently in 2018 and many years to come, whether it’s a half-up-half-down, to the side or ombre braids.

And if your concern that full braids are so high maintenance worry no more, because a lace closure braid wig is here to save the day.

What is a lace closure braid wig?

A lace closure braid wig, as its name suggests, is a braided wig with lace closure to install into your head. The variety of braid styles to choose from is huge. Whether you like more natural and soft braids or edgy cornrow braids that give you the 2000s vibe for that special event, we have everything in store for you.

For the braided look, lace closure is used, instead of its lace frontal counterpart, due to its natural look and scalp-friendly property. Lace closure wig can be glued in or sewed in effortlessly and invisibly in the “horseshoe” part of your head, as long as you choose the closure colour that matches your skin tone perfectly.

How A Lace Closure Braid Wig Can Transform Your Life

A braided lace wig

The size of closure is normally 4×4 inches, which can be adjusted by trimming it however you want. The patch of closure is not too big so that you find it easy to cover it properly.

Besides, closures made from lace are inevitably the most popular choices towards wig these days because the lace gives your scalp room to breathe. Unlike silicone or silk closure, lace mimics the actual pores of your head, with tiny even holes with natural density.

These holes not only look like your skin but also help your head pores interact with the environment and prevent them from skin diseases.

For more information on lace closure wig, check out our article: Lace Closure and Lace Frontal: Are They Different?

Pros and cons of a lace closure braid wig


Time/Money Saving

If you love the complicated braid styles but do not have money to go to the salon once a week, or sick of doing it yourself or asking your mom’s favour, a lace braid wig is an ideal option for you. It literally takes you less than 30 minutes to put up a wig and walk out of the door with confidence.

Easy to apply and maintain

All you need is a few tutorials and practice to master the wig application. Especially with lace closure, it is easier than ever to stick to your head by adhesives and cover with concealer. The wig looks like your real hair with no trace.

How A Lace Closure Braid Wig Can Transform Your Life

Treat the wig well and it will make your money worth! Wigs are no trouble to maintain and reuse as long as you keep it clean and untangled. You can now rock braids anytime you want with only a one-time purchase.


Practice needed

If you never put on a wig before, it definitely takes you a bit of practice to get there. To wear wigs perfectly without being detected, try to be cautious with your application. But don’t worry, practice makes perfect. With little effort and fails on the first go, it will be well worth it!

How a lace closure braid wig can transform your life?

Little to no effort

Imagine you have to spend 4 hours at the hair salon to do full cornrow braids. Even worse, after the hairdo, if you like to keep the style for a few more days, it is impossible to lie down and sleep comfortably with all the thick, tiny braids and hairspray on your head. Imagine a careless moment while you are sleeping can ruin all that time, money, and even pain you have to bear to get the desired hairstyle at the salon.

Meanwhile, for a lace closure braid pattern, all you need is 15 minutes prep time before going out. You can easily wear the wig at home, all by yourself with just a little guidance from us. Money is only spent one time, and the wig can be worn multiple times, as long as you take good care of it.

What option would you choose then?

Natural look

At Layla Hair, we use natural Vietnamese and Cambodian hair, so it gives the feel of real hair. The hair strands are in no way bristle or rigid. The last thing you want when wearing a wig is for somebody to notice, so the use of natural hair will save you from embarrassment, even to the touch.

How A Lace Closure Braid Wig Can Transform Your Life

Braided lace wigs offer a natural look.

Lace closure, as mentioned, is the most natural form of hair patch available, due to its decent size (resizing is available) and matching colours. With a few practice sessions, closure braid wig will fit you like a dream.

Less damage to your actual hair

If you tight braid your hair frequently, your scalp is under a lot of pressure. It causes hair to be pulled out and leads to hair loss eventually. Even with the most high-end hair salon and the most extensive hair care routine, you should not braid your hair usually. Therefore, the braided wig is the perfect alternative if you want an easy and safe option.

Versatility in styling

No matter which braids style you want, the wig can be customized. You can change the length, the style, or the colour until the wig comes down to your preference. We understand that each and every customer has a different taste, so we are up for it.

How to take care of a lace closure braid wig

At Layla Hair, we use natural Vietnamese and Cambodian hair to make braid wigs. Since it is real hair, to take care of your wig, always bear this principle in mind: Treat it like your own hair! If you are unsure of real hair treatment, we have some tips for you:

Comb gently

For your wig not to get tangled and look messy, combing is necessary. However, use a soft comb and do it gently. In no way should you pull the wig hair, or else they will fall out. It is best to start with the end of the wig, all the way up to the root.

Use a wig stand if you have one

Whenever you don’t use your wig, try putting it to a wig stand if possible. The stand keeps the form of the wig well, and also prevents it from getting tangled.

Invest in special shampoo and conditioner for your wig

Your normal shampoo and conditioner may not be appropriate with your wig, because normal shampoos often contain sulfates. Sulfates are a harsh chemical that may keep the wig from lasting as long as you want.

How A Lace Closure Braid Wig Can Transform Your Life

Invest your money on the right shampoo

Do not wash daily

If you wash the wig too frequently, it can lead to your wig falling apart and looking less strong or realistic.

Moisturize your wig properly

Oil is recommended if you want your wig to look soft, healthy, and shiny.

The bottom line

All in all, lace closure braid wig is not the option for everybody. But for my edgy girls out there, who are willing to glam up and try every style, it is a must in your wardrobe. Say goodbye to hours of pain at the hair salon, you can you rock the braid hairstyle effortlessly anytime, anywhere.

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