How Much Does Human Hair Toppers Cost?

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Are you struggling with premature baldness? Is your hair falling out excessively? Hair loss can attack you when you are less prepared. But don’t worry, you are not alone!

Human hair toppers could be an excellent option to hide the unwanted balding patches. However, how much does human hair toppers cost? Let’s find out the answer in this article!

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What are human hair toppers

Hair toppers are also known as wiglets. This is because a topper is similar to a wig but smaller. When it comes to application, there are many methods. Some can be clipped onto your hair. Others need to be placed upon the crown.

How Much Does Human Hair Toppers Cost?


A piece of human hair topper

Hair toppers work best with hair loss. They help conceal balding patches and hair thinning problems. If you choose hi-quality human hair toppers, you don’t have to worry about the match.

Hair toppers can match seamlessly with your natural hair. You only need to determine their hair length, style and color to make it perfect.

Hair toppers’ Coverage

How to buy hi-quality hair toppers

Before getting to know “how much does human hair toppers cost?” we think it is more important to find out how to buy hi-quality products.

You should note down these factors on your shopping list.

Synthetic hair or human hair

The use of hair type can significantly affect the overall quality. Synthetic hair is generally more affordable than its human counterpart. It offers style memory, which means regardless of weather condition, the style stays durable.

The color of synthetic fibers never goes away no matter how many times you wash the hairpiece. Last but not least, synthetic hairpieces require minimum maintenance.

The drawbacks of this hair type are quite significant. Though it is affordable, the total durability is disappointing. Synthetic hair is not heat-resistant, so it can be damaged if you want to change the hairstyle.

What’s more, synthetic fibers are more robust and human strands; therefore, it doesn’t give a natural look.

Human hair, on the other hand, creates a perfect match between hairpieces and existing hair. You can use any chemical and heat processing, without worrying that your hairpiece will be damaged after that.

Hi-quality comes at a high price. You can’t expect to pay cheap for a human hair topper. This could be a big concern for many people.

Which coverage is for me?

Part, crown, or top toppers – which one is for me? Let’s just forget about how much does human hair toppers cost and dive into this question.

To find a hi-quality product, you need to know why you buy it. Part toppers are compatible with women with side hair loss. Top toppers are used to cover the top of the head, while crown toppers are more for the back of the head.

How Much Does Human Hair Toppers Cost?

Top hair toppers

What’s more? Part toppers can be very versatile when it comes to coverage. It is perfect to hide your thinning hair patches around the head.

It is the same with top toppers. While crown toppers are only suitable for the rear head, it helps to add ideal density to your hair.

Once you have determined where you need the toppers the most, it’s the right time to ask about the price.

How much does human hair toppers cost?

The price of human hair toppers is various depending on different hair vendors and wholesale distributors. Though we can tell you a fixed price for one item, it is difficult to say that the price will stay the same with every hair toppers.

Why is that? We think it is clear that each person has his or her preference and need for hairpieces. No wiglet is the same, because it is made based on the customer’s hair condition.

People with hair thinning on top will probably go for top toppers while side hair loss can only go with part toppers. The price for both items is different.

So, how can you determine the price of hair toppers?

Here are the deals

Types of hair toppers

Yes, the rule of thumb is different types will require a different price. For example, top toppers will be likely more expensive compared to other classes because they need more hair strands and dedicate handling

Shipping fee

If you buy wiglets online, chances are you have to pay for the shipping fee as well. The shipping fee can be determined by the item’s weight.

A topper can weigh over 1 lb. You can check the shipping fee from any shipping services and companies. The next thing is your distance.

The shipping fee can be varied from countries to countries. That could add up the total cost of a topper.

Hair quality

We are talking about human hair here, but there is a board category to define human hair. You will find terms such as “virgin hair,” “Remy human hair,” or “non-Remy hair.”

These hair types come with a different price as well. So when you place an order, you need to ask your hair vendor about the hair type.

How Much Does Human Hair Toppers Cost?

Hi-quality hair toppers

Of course, if you want to have the hi-quality wiglet, don’t hesitate to go for virgin human hair. However, if you only want to have something covers your head, Remy human hair is the best option.

We do not recommend non-Remy hair for our customers. We refuse to use this hair type with our products because it tends to tangle and mat.

The bottom line

How much does human hair toppers cost? The question is hard to answer because there are many contributing factors to it. You can find hairpieces that cost $45 (we mean human hair extensions here) and products that prices over $250.

Our suggestion would be to talk with your hair vendor, find out your options and preference. Then, you can know the price for your desired product.

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