Top 7 best Taylor Swift short haircut looks

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Coming back with a simple yet chic short hairstyle, we cannot help but become a big fan of Taylor Swift short haircut. Here are 7 best moment of her hair looks.

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Taylor Swift’s achievements

The most well-known singer-songwriter and music producer in America, Taylor Swift, earned and set numerous domestic and world records throughout her active years from 2006 to present. At the age of 28, Taylor sold over 27 million albums and over 95 million singles in the United States alone. With over 180 million records sold around the world, she is one of the most booming recording singers of the last 20 years.

Top 7 best Taylor Swift short haircut looks

Taylor is a young and ambitious singer.

Taylor Swift has been a success since her debut with the very first album “Taylor Swift” released in 2006. Since then, the singer has become one of the biggest influential names in the music industry. Her newest “Reputation” has made this year is another year for Taylor Swift. This album increased her popularity to even higher levels.

No doubt that this album of her has lately become the best-selling album of the year! Even more overwhelming is that this happens after the album being released just one week before! Taylor has absolutely surpassed herself this time!

Recently Forbes has named Taylor Swift as one of the highest paid women in the world music industry. To be specific, she was the third on the list, earning a remarkable $44 million in 2017 alone!

Taylor Swift and hairstyles

Her reason for getting popular not only stop at her music but partly because of her effortless country girl charismas. Admit it, we all adore and try our best to imitate the latest Taylor Swift hairstyles. All the efforts we put in ourselves just to look so elegant exactly like her. She may be the center of drama and all the constant gossip, but girl, Taylor certainly sure how to spice up her hairstyles and glam up her looks.

It works all the time! Unlike other pop stars, our queen Taytay has never taken the tacky path or dyed her hair in hot pink like almost all the pop stars recently. She embraced her Southern-belle features and curly tresses with contagious appeal and beauty.

As she grew mature, we saw her letting go of the long curls and choosing the edgier and shorter hair looks.

She may appear shy and introvert girl in the music videos but Taylor Swift isn’t hesitated about expressing herself freely through hairstyles and makeup. Her latest, Taylor Swift shorthair cut is making everyone obsessed with it and of course become a big trend worldwide. Yes, you read it correctly. Worldwide!

Taylor has new short hair look and we are living for it. So, here are top 7 best moments of Taylor Swift short hairstyles that we have collected.

Best moments of Taylor Swift short haircut

At the American music award 2014

We cannot leave this legendary moment out of the list! Taylor Swift alone has started the beginning of lob addict with a shoulder-length angled cut. From that moment, Taylor swift short haircut has quickly become the number 1 requested hairstyle at every salon around the country.

Top 7 best Taylor Swift short haircut looks

In that same year, she released her album called “1989”, which is a goodbye letter from her country roots – just like her fresh haircut.

At the 2015 Billboard Music Awards

Taylor Swift went for wild volume on the Billboard Music Awards’ red carpet that day. And you know what they say: with high risk comes great reward as she was received eight awards that event. With her brand new sense of rock-chick haircut and addictive pop tracks in 1989, Taylor Swift was having her best year ever in the career.

Top 7 best Taylor Swift short haircut looks

At the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards

This was the year when Tayler Swift brought put every stop, appearing on the red carpet with a sleek short hairstyle and dramatic look, ready to gather her award as known as Video of the Year 2016 for her record “Bad Blood”. This is her and also Taylor’s #girlsquad era. That explains why Taylor’s look was all about powerful and cool.

Top 7 best Taylor Swift short haircut looks

At Grammy 2016

If you aren’t already informed, we’re here to tell you that Taylor Swift has brought a next-level night at the Grammy in 2016. Our beauty queen chose the music’s most important night to debut a refined, chin-touching chop and more-blunt-than-usual fringes. A brave move but then, as usual, she has never failed at rock her beauty game.

Top 7 best Taylor Swift short haircut looks

At the MET gala 2016

Taylor Swift brought the edgy blonde short hairstyle to the red carpet of MET is always is our all-time favorite moment of Taylor swift short haircut. She was totally able to rock it. For Taylor, this is a bold move and even out of her comfort zone, but it was worth it!

Top 7 best Taylor Swift short haircut looks

This is the proof of Taylor Swift is trying to become more adventurous with her styles over the years. With that year’s event theme “Manus X Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology”, it is a great chance for her to show off the new Taylor swift short haircut.

Shag Haircut in 2017

Who says you cannot spice up your short hair? Certainly, that is not the case for Taylor Swift. In Autumn of 2017, to celebrate the new season, she had changed her short hair cut into a new hairstyle: the shag. She decided to give up her signature glossy and short hair for something a much wilder.

Top 7 best Taylor Swift short haircut looks

In New York City in 2018

Returning to her warm-toned roots with longer layers and a glossier texture, this short haircut suit Taylor perfectly. It even suits with Taylor Swift no makeup look. This hairstyle is slightly similar to Emma Watson hairstyles.

Top 7 best Taylor Swift short haircut looks

The bottom line

We all have to admit that Taylor Swift is the queen of reinvention, whether it’s through her records or her look and style. Let us know which of these Taylor Swift short haircut you think is to die for!

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