Wondering How Much Is A Toupee? You Need To Read This!

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Applying hair toupee is an excellent option for men nowadays. The number of people wearing men’s hairpieces has increased significantly. Toupee is more and more popular because of its outstanding features. Cut and color it to get trending hairstyles. But how much is a toupee? It depends on hair types, materials, and so on. Check out the price reviews from Layla to decide which to buy. 

Best Human Hair Toupee

Before knowing how much does a toupee cost, you’d better know what is the wiglet first. Follow our blog, you can find out about more about this piece. Hair toupee is used to conceal the bald spots. In busy lives, most of us live in different pressures, and more and more people suffer from baldness and hair loss. Especially, middle-aged guys often experience this problem. Unfortunately, the circumstance is also appearing in the young. 

Many sellers catch the huge market and help people who are under the embarrassment of baldness. This hairpiece is a nonsurgical hair replacement, so it does not hurt your scalp. 

Hair toupee has both benefits and drawbacks. On one hand, you have many choices about the wiglet in different styles and materials. On the other hand, it is hard to tell apart good hair systems with the best quality. Then, how can you get a hairpiece? There is a useful tip, that is the price of the piece. 

Wondering How Much Is A Toupee? You Need To Read This!
human hair toupee

How Much Does A Good Toupee Cost?

You should follow these criteria below to determine the price of the hair toupee extensions.

Hair material

How much do toupees cost? The hair type can decide the price of the hairpiece. Human hair and synthetic fibers are used to make toupees. Human hair toupee brings wearers natural looks. The piece blends naturally with your bio hair as well. Also, the human hair toupee has a longer life expectancy than the synthetic counterpart. That’s why the human one is more expensive than others. 

With a human hairpiece, you dye and style it as your desired look. It protects your hair from damage. It stays firmly on your scalp. How much is a good toupee? In the hair market, the human hairpiece costs from $100 to $2.000. It is crafted by skilled workers and labor-intensive maintenance. 

The density of toupee

You should opt for the hair that has medium density. The density comes with different levels, from 50 to 200%, from extra light density to extra heavy density. You can pay more to add density. For example, the popular hair density levels in Layla Hair are 130, 150, and 180%. Our hair offers you the perfect thickness without waiting for hair growth. We also customize the hairpiece to fit you. 

Wondering How Much Is A Toupee? You Need To Read This!
hair density

Synthetic hair toupee cost

How much does a men’s toupee cost? A synthetic hairpiece is less expensive and no requires more care. It holds the textures and style well despite being affected by environmental factors and washing. However, synthetic rug is not durable and flexible.

Should you spend money to get a toupee?

It will not be a waste to spend money on a hairpiece. It gives you an array of benefits. Wearing a hair system, you feel more confident in the crowd. It hides your hair defects and offers beautiful hair. But when you spend such a high fee on a wiglet, you should learn how to maintain the hair. Buy a good adhesive (tape, glue) so that it secures the hair firmly. Care and maintain the hair yourself for the toupee to look realistic. You can browse Layla’s blog to get some tips about hair care. 


100% Real Hair Toupee From Layla Hair Company

Laylahair is a wholesale human hair supplier in Vietnam. We commit to providing hair items for all. You are in America, the UK, we will ship to every around the world. If you don’t know where to buy 100% real human hairpiece, we think you will have your own answer. 

You wonder where we gather hair to create a men’s hairpiece. In our factory, we harvest hair material from Vietnam and Cambodian. These materials are well-known for their strength and silky. We use untreated hair, no mixing synthetic fibers, and animal hairs. 

We design suitable hairpieces that offer users comfortable and safe feelings. Human hair toupee gives a more realistic appearance. The hair is available in different types like short hair hairpiece, straight hair toupee, etc. 

How much does hair toupee cost? In Layla, we guarantee to supply you with a hair item at a friendly price. Come with us and place an order. Our hair meets most clients’ demands, including quality, and styles, sizes, etc. Made from standard materials, such as lace, skin, silk base, they are good for users. Therefore, you can wear the hair all day long. Our hair toupees look undetectable on your existing hair, giving the most realistic and fashionable hair finish. 

Wondering How Much Is A Toupee? You Need To Read This!
toupees are sold at wholesale price at Laylahair

Where to buy cheap hair toupee near me?

Layla is ready to serve customers at any time. Our professional staff will help you choose the best item and solve your problems. You like curly hair, we can create it. Also, we customize the hair according to your demands. The price of synthetic hairpiece is variable and we are sure that it will not break the bank. It helps you save money and time as well.  

In A Nutshell

It might be true that hair toupee is a must-have item for guys suffering from baldness. It is a quick solution to conceal your blemishes on your head. We hope that after this article, you can determine how much is a toupee. 

Finding this post interesting, don’t forget to share it with others. You want to get a men’s hairpiece at cheap price, come to Layla right away. Or browse our well-built website to see top-notch human hairpieces and extensions available to shop!

Interested in hair toupee or have any further requirements, leave your comments below. Or don’t hesitate to contact us via WhatsApp link in the corner of the screen. 

We look forward to hearing from you! 

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