How To Wear A Toupee – 2 Easy Ways To Get There!

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Today’s hair toupees are available in different styles, lengths, sizes, and textures. Therefore, you can find the right hair item effortlessly. The wiglet is also particularly created to look entirely healthy and provide a natural look. We commit that wearing a toupee is your smart and wise choice.

Who is ready to learn how to wear a toupee appropriately? Will this hairpiece is suitable for you? Is it easy to put on? Too many questions appear in your mind. Let’s Layla Hair company show you some ways of wearing a toupee for beginners. 

How To Attach A Toupee

Hair toupee for men is awesome and it is not hard to apply. You don’t know how to apply a toupee appropriately. Our tutorials will somehow help you deal with this. You may find a little bit hard at the first time wearing, but you will be smarter after practice a few times. If you can’t do it yourself, bring the piece of hair to a hair salon and ask for hairstylists’ help. Now, dig into our words below to learn about how to attach a toupee with adhesive.

Wear a toupee with glue

Use a liquid adhesive is among the most common method to apply a hairpiece. Go down on the Internet or visit a hair store near you to get a glue. There are many brands providing glues on the market, so you have to check which one can give you the best item. If you buy a toupee glue offline, have a skin test before purchasing it. Apply it on your hand first and check if it causes any irritation. The liquid adhesive can keep the hair for the day or up to weeks.

How To Wear A Toupee - 2 Easy Ways To Get There!
wear a toupee with glue

How to put on a toupee with glue:

– If you want to get a nice look when wearing a toupee, shave your natural hair before applying the hair. Then use alcohol or acetone to clean your scalp, making oily-free scalp. If your skin is allergic, apply a thin layer of scalp protector before using the chemicals.   

– Leave a thin layer of glue on your scalp where you want to put the toupee. You should use your fingers to add and expand the liquid adhesive. The quality of glue decides the layer of adhesive you apply. You can add more layers to secure the wiglet.

– Once you have done, take the toupee and applying it on your head. Adjust the piece so it suits your head. Gently press the hair into the glue so that the hair sticks firmly to your scalp.

– Style your wiglet. Brush and cut the hair as your desired look. Finished. 

Wear a toupee with tape

This is another method to wear a toupee. It is so famous as a bonding adhesive for your toupee to stay secure for a long time. Before wearing a toupee with tape, you should prepare your as scalp as you would do with the liquid adhesive. 

– Use an alcohol-soaked swab, clean the scalp to remove all oil and dust. Wipe it around your forehead and other areas to get a clean scalp. Continue applying a layer of scalp protector on your scalp to avoid an allergic reaction. Also, you can use a waterproof sealant to prevent your hair from falling out. 

– Take your hair system and brush it gently. Make sure that it has no knots and tangles. Then turn the hair inside out, lay it on the flat surface to keep the toupee’s service. 

How To Wear A Toupee - 2 Easy Ways To Get There!
wear a toupee with tape

– Now, it’s time to apply the adhesive. You should get double-sized toupee tape that lets one side stick to the hairpiece and another stick directly to your skin. Put the double-sided tape close to the outer edge of the human hair toupee. Don’t let these adhesives touch the hair since it may cause a mess. Continue doing until you have a full toupee of tape. 

– At the last step on how to use a hair toupee, you remove the protective paper and put the hairpiece onto your head. Press it down and rub the hair in the tape so that it is stuck firmly. 


Remove A Toupee Properly

Wearers use adhesive to secure the hairpiece in the right place. Both tape and glue offer long-lasting bonding, so you should use remover products to take the piece off. Also, using a remover can protect your scalp from damage. 

Apply the remover to the areas where adhesives are. Let it stay for about 1-2 minutes and allow the bond to loosen. Then use your fingers to take the hairpiece and tape out off your skin. 

How to Care A Toupee

– Brush your hairpiece as you would do with your natural locks. Choose a suitable comb and you can brush the hair every day to keep its shape. Remember, gently comb hair. Often, toupee has short hair, you brush it easily. Use your fingers to detangle is acceptable. Don’t pull the piece hard as it causes hair shedding and may tear the base. 

How To Wear A Toupee - 2 Easy Ways To Get There!
how to care a toupee

– Invest in good hair care products (including shampoos, conditioners, masks, etc.) Most cheap shampoos contain harsh chemicals, be careful when using it. If you use poor-quality shampoo for the long term, it makes the strands dry and coarse. Opt for products that are particularly designed for hair toupees. They protect your toupee’s hue and lengthen its lifespan. Also, follow with a hair conditioner after shampooing. Use a product that contains natural oil, such as coconut oil, avocado extract, and so on.

– Let the hair air dry after washing. Put the hairpiece on a stand or place it out of the direct sunlight. If you are in a hurry, you can use a hairdryer in the lowest setting. This way helps you protect your hairpiece. 

To Sum Up

Learn how to wear a toupee never waste your time. Layla hopes that the tutorial we show above will be useful and give you the best result. In addition, you want to get a nice wiglet, don’t hesitate to browse our well-built website and get the best item. 

For further requirements, reach us via hotline. Our staff is online 24/7 to support you at any time.

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