How To Apply Lace Frontal With Bangs? Follow Our Super Easy Guideline

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As the most favorite product at present, lace closure manufacturers continuously release variant designs. Choices for lace closures now do not stop at color and length but also the shape.

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One of the wanted design recently is lace frontal with bangs. The new model can cause difficulties in application due to the unique appearance.

Let’s see how to apply lace frontal with bangs.

What is lace frontal?

Lace frontal

A lace frontal is not a full wig but ear-to-ear closure. The hair is stitched into little holes on lace base that is dense and well-made.

A plus point about lace frontal is perfect volume. In the past, people rushed for a full wig with great extension regarding volume and length. Full wigs can change the hair color because you would not even see natural hair.

How to apply lace frontal with bangs? Follow Our Super Easy Guideline

Lace frontals

But, wasn’t it too much for daily use?

Then, lace frontal comes up as a solution. The half wig extends hair volume nicely while keeping natural hair seen. It’s a so-called natural look.

Plus, silk closures or ordinary wig usual come with an uncomfortable cover. Silk base preserves heat and causes scalps.

Meanwhile, lace base is breathable and unseen.

Lace frontal with bangs

A lace frontal is new to the market. It is modern style and convenience for anyone who wants to go for the trend without a haircut.

So what does lace frontal with bangs?

How to apply lace frontal with bangs? Follow Our Super Easy Guideline

Taylor is a big fan of lace frontal with bangs

If you went through a frontal lace application, you might understand how hard it could be to hide the edge.

This design still stops at the ear level so that wearer has no problems with running behind the ear. However, instead of ending the lace base on the forehead, the hair ends up with a bang.

With a little bang in front, we can easily conceal the edge of lace base.

To get pretty look, it’s worth investing more time in the application.



Lace frontal application

Without Bangs

People must use glue to apply lace frontal if they need the hair hold on tightly. The procedure is not so complicated but sophisticated.

Step 1: wearing a cap.

It must happen after your hair get washed carefully.

Lace closures include a base at the bottom that cannot be sealed with natural hair. Therefore, the wearer must wear a lace cap to install a surface to glue wig on.

You can glue the cap on the skin to enhance durability. However, that means your hair cannot get washed on several days.

Step two: wearing the frontal.

After wearing a fake bald head, you can wear the frontal now.

Putting the lace frontal on is as easy as wear a wig. But the hard part is how to fit your angle.

Lace to lace can be so slippery. Thus, we must glue them together.

Step three: Gluing lace closure.

Before starting to spread glue all over the lace, you have to remove extra edges.

Lace base is always made with inches of edge. After you calculate how much you want to keep, remove the rest.

You should remove the edge nearby the ears. It’s the best when lace frontal can end its journey above the ear. We advise it because people are used to tucking their hair behind the ear. Don’t leave anything artificial in that noticeable area.

Start to coat the area under the new edge by glue. The layer must be even and thick enough to keep the hair on.

After sticking the hair on, let it sit some minutes. Using dryer can help put remember to press on the edge.

Step four: grooming

When everything is all set, you need to finish the look with slight grooming.

You should notice the edge once again and remove the little extra lace which pops out from the glue.

Lace base can have the same color as your skin tone or close to. To cover up the difference in color, use the concealer or cream.

Comb the hair in the way you want. Try to use wax to keep the hair down covering the line around the ear or on the forehead.

With Bangs

When applying lace frontal with bangs, we need more time to finish the last step.

Firstly, the bang enables us to approach the edge. Removing the edge or glue is difficult. Therefore, you can pin the bang up. However, do not leave it to trouble you in scaling.

After finish installation perfectly, it’s time to cope with bangs.

The bang is made in average length. That means it either suits you perfectly or not. However, it’s easy to solve the long bang.

Let’s cut it.


Only cut the bang when you get the closure fixed in place. Or the new haircut looks terrible with inappropriate length.

Lace frontal braids

Another form of lace frontal is a braid.

This hair looks unique and stylish. However, we consider frontal lace braids a hard form to apply.

Basically, all steps are quite the same with frontal lace application. However, the braids can show off the hairline.

How to apply lace frontal with bangs? Follow Our Super Easy Guideline

Some tips for frontal lace braids are as below

Do the edges in detail. There are no hairs left to cover up your messy cut at last so making a sweet look at first row is the top concern.

The extra edge can be seen easily, so can the hairline. Pay attention to choosing the lace color at first. Choose the color which seems close the most to your skin and put on concealer at last if necessary.

Bottom line

No matter which types of lace closure you choose to wear, the time must be invested. People who wear lace closures can end up looking natural. The hair volume is added up just right. Lace closures put an end on the out-of-date hairy wig.

Lace frontal with bangs seems the most challenging type to wear, but we believe it’s worth.

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