3 Cut-Throat Human Hair Wiglet Topper Tactics That Never Fails

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Hair topper for short hair has been around with various choices available to conceal your thinning hair condition. Different toppers (closure wiglet, frontal lace, etc.) come with different attachment methods to blend in with your bio hair and cover the hair loss areas. Some are more outstanding than others. That is why in this post, we provide an all-you-need guide for your purchase of human hair wiglet topper. 

Specifically, we will be discussing the hair quality, different types of base, and the amount of customer services offered by the suppliers. 

Hair quality of human hair wiglet topper

When choosing best hair wig toppers which are right for you, there should be some considerations on whether it is human or synthetic, Remy or non-Remy type.

Human or synthetic topper?

Human hair wiglet topper is completely different from synthetic ones. Though the latter has fibers made by humans, it is not from nature. 

The human type has styling versatility, longevity, a variety of textures, and gives a natural look. Still, it needs high maintenance and has a higher price than a synthetic topper.

3 Cut-Throat Human Hair Wiglet Topper Tactics That Never Fails
human hair vs synthetic hair

Synthetic ones are easier to care. You can try out various colors. They are quite inexpensive. That said, their shine is unnatural. They do not last as long as the human type. Also, they are less versatile. You will not be able to curl or straighten them with thermal styling tools unless they are heat friendly. Unfortunately, you cannot change the color. 

Generally, your choice has to do with your needs, preference, and budget. For the best, go for a topper from human hair.

Remy or non-Remy human hair wiglet topper?

Non-Remy toppers are simple to color and have various shades. Their price is lower than other choices. They are good for those who want to experiment with different looks. However, they are not long-lasting. Their shine is unretainable, unlike other toppers. Besides, their look is not as natural.

3 Cut-Throat Human Hair Wiglet Topper Tactics That Never Fails
Remy hair is of better quality

Remy hair type lasts longer (as many as 01 year). It is able to hold up for styling. Its shine is great. Additionally, these toppers are heat resistant. You can style them like your natural hair. On the other hand, they can be harder to color than their non-Remy counterparts. They do not have as many shades. Their price is usually higher.

Optimally, you should rely on Remy toppers if your budget allows.

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Types of human hair wiglet topper

If this is the first time you buy a human hair wiglet topper for thinning hair, importantly, you get familiar with different types of base construction of the toppers. By doing so, you can make a wise decision. There are three main base types. Each of them has its perks and drawbacks.

Monofilament base

This type of base type allows your individual hairs to tie to a mesh material. Air and light both go through well thanks to this material. With the base, you can change the part to your liking for amazing versatility of styling. Your overall look will be fantastically natural.

3 Cut-Throat Human Hair Wiglet Topper Tactics That Never Fails
monofilament hair topper


– Comfort: This base is comfortable, soft, and not irritating to put on. It is perfect for those whose scalp is sensitive. 

– Naturalness: It can give a realistic appearance of hair growth. Also, it offers hair parting. Then you can style your hair whatever you want. 


– Breathability: As comfortable as it is, the base is not easy to breathe as the lace type. That is because its material has a tighter weave.

Lace human hair wiglet topper

Its lace material with single hairs will tie the base. The weight is light, which is great for hot summer days!


– Naturalness: This human hair wiglet topper with lace makes the hairline look realistic. 

3 Cut-Throat Human Hair Wiglet Topper Tactics That Never Fails
french lace human hair wiglet topper

– Breathability: It’s well-known for being the most breathable out of the three major types. It is the result of the material’s big pores.


– Detectable knots: Individual hair strands are tied to a lace base with a knot. It may be noticeable around your parting hair line.

Silk base

There is a layer of lace. The silk fabric is on the cap’s top front. It is the most natural scalp these days. The base can conceal the knots. So, you won’t have to worry about using other methods to hide them.


– Naturalness: It will give you the look of a realistic scalp.

– Versatility for styling: This base let you style your hair versatilely because it is possible to part the topper in various directions.

3 Cut-Throat Human Hair Wiglet Topper Tactics That Never Fails
silk hair topper


– Challenges to lay flat: Some layers of the base make the topper not really simple to lay flat on your head. It may become heavy on the crown. 

– Breathability: As a result of the original construction of layers, the base has less breathability than the other two types.

Further things to notice when choosing human hair wiglet topper supplier

Price of human hair wiglet topper

Hair toppers come with a short pricing range. Still, their lowest cost is pretty higher than cheap wigs. The human hair type is more expensive because it is not easy to find and produce. The synthetic type is rather available and simple to produce.

3 Cut-Throat Human Hair Wiglet Topper Tactics That Never Fails
consider the price carefully

For the best, look for providers with a reasonable price and trusted hair quality. Become a loyal customer to enjoy other sale benefits.


Before shipping, the supplier’s sales team should send the photos, and videos of your order. By so doing, they can make sure that you are satisfied with the order when you get it.

In case you wish to change anything – for example, the color of the hair, length, to name a few, the ideal supplier will be willing to return your order to the factory immediately. 

3 Cut-Throat Human Hair Wiglet Topper Tactics That Never Fails
delivery methods

Not all, their return policy should be transparent for customers that discover errors and faults in their purchases.

They should rely on reputed delivery partners like DHL and UPS for quick shipping.

Urgent support

In addition, if anything occurs during the time of use, the provider with user-friendly services should give 24/7 support. It is truly helpful for anyone with questions and concerns. 

In short

Above is our ultimate guide to your buy of human hair wiglet topper. A great wiglet could elevate your look into a totally new level, while a bad one could easily damage your appearance. Hence, take everything into serious consideration before buying. 

For further consultancy on human hair wiglet, kindly contact us via our website our hotline: (+84) 98 96 33 424 (Mobile/WhatsApp/Viber). Laylahair is always happy to support!

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