Human Hair Wigs And Toppers: How To Choose The Most Practical Item

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When selecting a wig, it is often pretty hard to define where, to begin with. With heaps of designs, colors, labels and wig types, choosing out an extension for the first time can appear, say the least, confusing. Indeed seeing the differences between human hair wigs and toppers is an ideal beginning point for taking the most suitable wig. Choosing between human hair wigs and toppers is one of the most critical points you will make when selecting a wiglet.

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Toppers or top pieces are helpful methods for beginning to mid-progressive stages of hair damage or for those girls who need to become fullness to the crown/top place of their head’s skin. In the majority of shops, toppers are available in short, medium and longan. You can usually see the one you wish.

Typical features of human hair wigs

Natural hair wigs are made from cut original human hair, so they have the appearance along with characteristics merely like your hair.

Human Hair Wigs And Toppers: How To Choose The Most Practical Item

Human hair wigs have the appearance along with characteristics merely like your hair.

A significant feature of human hair wigs in contrast with human hair toppers is that they can entirely cover your head and nearly replace your natural hair. It can change your hairstyle, hair quality, the application as well as color into another different hairstyle from the root to the top of the hair. This will be an excellent way to change your look by a human hair wig.

The Strengths

Styling Flexibility: Many human hair extensions might be colored, permed and designed just like your hair. Bear in your mind that this is essential to take your wiglet to a professional hairdresser who is skillful in giving a solution with human hair wigs if you wish to make the style change

Texture: Human hair wigs have a wide range of tastes, so you will be able to fit your hair texture very easily.

Tenacity: With proper care, human hair wigs can remain one year or more when used daily.

Natural Appearance: Virgin hair wigs look great and can look natural.

Human Hair Wigs And Toppers: How To Choose The Most Practical Item

Virgin hair wigs look great and can look natural.

 The Drawbacks

Long Preservation: Just like your natural hair, human hair wigs also need washing, deep-conditioned and re-styled weekly.

Price: Because they are from human hair, they are significantly more costly.

Color Transformation: It is hard to duplicate a specific color when you change a human hair wig or purchase a back up of a similar design. Virgin hair wigs of the same color will differ slightly from extension to extension because each of them comprises hair gathered from different people.

Reacts to Atmosphere: Be similar to your virgin hair would, human hair wigs respond to the weather and can get dirty and wet relying on climate changes.

Color Damage: Their colors will disappear because of the exposure to sunlight.

Maintenance: The hair will get fragile if expose to harsh brushing, back-combing or overuse of heating machines. Thus, you need to pay attention to care for it, especially when you have a tendency to style every day.

What is a human hair topper?

Hair toppers immediately change your style by adding volume and body to fine, thin hair. Hair shops often offer the most natural hair toppers in gorgeous colors and different base sizes for each stage of hair loss.

Dealing with thinning hair or hair loss, topper wiglet hair pieces will give you the natural fullness and volume you are used to. This hairstyle features the best synthetic fibers and human hair wiglet hairpieces.

Human Hair Wigs And Toppers: How To Choose The Most Practical Item

Hair toppers immediately change your style by adding volume and body to fine, thin hair.

If you want to make your hair full and thick or wish to have a new and more beautiful look for your appearance without getting too heavy or something like that, this hairstyle is suitable for you to dress up.

Correctly, Human hair toppers can add body to your hair along with concealing patches of hair loss. This hair topper is an ideal option for those people. When seeking a topper,  you should concentrate on picking a smaller base size or one with an internal base.

For women who come to advanced stage hair loss, differently, they will need the largest of base sizes which will work to completely conceal hair loss because hair loss at this time is remarkable and bald places of the scalp are visible.

Strengths and drawbacks of hair topper

Human hair topper now is widely used by women because of their outstanding advantages. Reading our human hair topper reviews to learn more about this useful hair item.

Things you like hair topper

– Naturalness: In many instances, human hairpieces are more useful than wigs. The hair topper is natural-looking and easily blended with your natural locks. It provides an amazing look, so others cannot detect whether you are wearing a hairpiece. 

– Breathability: Because toppers are specially designed to cover an exact area on the scalp skin. It is smaller than a normal wig. So you may find a comfortable feeling and relaxation when wearing it. Also, its construction allows the airflow through the hair. Hence, a hair topper allows your hair and head to breathe. It helps wearers feel cooler during hot summer days. 

Human Hair Wigs And Toppers: How To Choose The Most Practical Item
hair topper offers beauty volume to your thinning crown

– Ease of styling: Most women like human toppers as they are lightweight. Thus, users can style the hair as they want, such as wear a hair topper in a high ponytail, create a bun or braids. You can style your hair in a variety of hairstyles. Besides, it’s necessary to learn how to maintain the hair so that you can keep it last as long as possible. 

– Safety: Do hair toppers damage hair? Investing in human hairpiece is a smart choice as it is entirely safe for your bio hair and scalp. The hair only covers your thinning hair area, not the whole head. As we stated, it is breathable, so it will not cause any irritations. Opt for the best women’s hair toppers instead of using low-quality hairpieces. 

– Reasonable price: Along with these advantages, this hair is inexpensive compared to the price of a wig. It means that you will pay less money for this hair. Instead of wearing boring hair, you can buy some pieces of hair to switch up hairstyle when needed. 

Things you don’t like hair topper

– High maintenance: Toppers do have downsides. Wearers have to spend time to take care of the hair if you want to wear it many times. It would better if you know how to apply hair topper, how to wash, and other hair care tips. Try to make it appear natural.

– You may find a little bit challenging when wearing a hairpiece for the first time. Women often choose hair topper with clips to secure the hair in place. But don’t buy poor-quality clips because it may pull your hair strands and hurt the scalp. For those with severe baldness, they have to shave the thinning hair area and use clipless hair topper by using tape or glue adhesive. If you attach the hair unproperly, your hair loss may become worse.

The differences between human hair wigs vs. human hair toppers

Like human hair wigs, human hair toppers give extension wearers a chance to have a replacement with virgin hair.

Human Hair Wigs And Toppers: How To Choose The Most Practical Item

Can you spot the difference between human hair wigs and toppers?

The most common difference between them is in that human hair toppers just for women who need to thicken more their usual hair a bit with some hair covered above all. On the contrary, human hair wigs can nearly make a unique style for women putting them on. They will have their entirely different hairstyle which is full, thick and fixed style and do not need their natural hair to make better.

Human hair toppers have less hair than ordinary human hair wigs.

While there are varied options for coverage areas with toppers, such as Part means the area where your hair is divided to either side of your head; Top for the area in the very center of the skull at the uppermost point and extends outward circularly and Crown is the area at the top and back of the head.

Topper vs wig, which is better?

Human Hair Wigs And Toppers: How To Choose The Most Practical Item
hair topper vs wig

These hair systems are used to conceal hair baldness and available in different styles as well as colors. Purchase a human hair wig or topper, we are sure that it will work in the best way. You will not regret when buying this hair system. If you are suffering from baldness, we highly recommend using human hair topper. It offers partial coverage and tends to look realistic. Most people will not guess you are using one. 

Your hair is thin and fine, you should wear a wig as it adds more hair volume and length to your tresses. Or you want to switch up your hairstyle or hair hue instantly, a hair wig is your best choice. You can choose a highline wig or curly hair to reach a modern hair look. Hence, buying a hair topper or wig is depending on your need. All of them are worth to invest. 

In A Nutshell

Hopefully, you will have a deep insight into human hair wigs and toppers after reading this post. Which hair item you prefer? Come to Layla Hair vendor to choose the best one. We’re proud of being one of the leading hair suppliers in Vietnam. Visit our large collection of human hair toppers and wigs and buy to buy one. Our staff will help you choose the best one at a friendly price. 

We are reachable via WhatsApp link or email, don’t hesitate to contact us to get more information about human hair extensions. We are always willing to support you at any time!

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