4 Illnesses That Cause Hair Loss You Should Be Aware Of

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You are experiencing thinning hair and baldness, it may be caused by various factors, from lack of nutrition to heredity to stress to illness. In this post today, we’ve listed some illnesses that cause hair loss so that you can get the root of the problems and figure out the most useful treatment. 

Actually, many girls are googling the reasons for hair loss. And we claim that there is a wide range of illnesses that cause severe hair loss, such as psoriasis, lose weight fast, etc. Scrolling down to find out more about these reasons and determine the best treatment. 

Serious illnesses that cause hair loss in women

Baldness, thinning hair, or hair loss can be caused by different reasons. Sometimes hair problems are an unwanted effect of a health problem that requires proper treatment. Still, if you don’t tackle it timely, it may lead to permanent hair loss. Be careful!

Down below we’ve listed some illnesses that cause hair loss and severe dry scaly scalp. Let’s see the relation between these factors with hair issues. 

Chemotherapy and cancer treatments

4 Illnesses That Cause Hair Loss You Should Be Aware Of
cancer treatments cause hair loss

Many people don’t think about how vital the hair is until they face losing hair and baldness. Especially the mane is very important for women. If you have cancer and are undergoing chemotherapy, you have to face some unwanted problems, including hair shedding. And patients diagnosed with illnesses that can cause hair loss always feel shy and bashful about their appearance. 

Why does this happen? We all know that cancer and chemotherapy drugs are powerful medications used to attack cancer cells. However, they also affect other growing cells in the body, consisting of those in the root of your hair. Thinning hair and hair loss is the common adverse effect of cancer treatment, but it is temporary. We mean that your natural locks will regrow when you stop the treatment. 

Cancer medications with the high risk of causing the hair to fall out:

– Altretamine (Hexalen)

– Carboplatin (Paraplatin)

– Cosmegen

– Doxil (doxorubicin)

– Gemcitabine (Gemzar)

– Ifosfamide (Ifex)

– Vincristine

– Vinorelbine

– And more

Malnutrition and hair loss

The body needs essential vitamins and nutrients to grow and work, and hair does. Malnutrition and eating disorders are factors leading to hair loss. Of course, an unbalanced and poor diet cannot ensure good health all throughout the body, resulting in brittle hair, even excessive hair loss in the future. 

Our natural hair strands are made of a protein called keratin. Hence, we need to supply enough protein, iron, zinc, etc. to encourage hair to grow and stay healthy from the root. 

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Are there any illnesses that cause excessive sleep, hair loss, and weight gain? Yes, the popular symptoms of hypothyroidism have three of them. Also, it may cause dry skin, body aches, lethargy, and depression. 

This illness is commonly caused by thyroid hormones that play an important role in our bodies. Thyroid hormones help your body energetic and stay warm as well as contribute to determining metabolic activities in the body. They work to keep the heart, brain, and other organs activate properly. Plus, the thyroid hormone does metabolize protein and other essential minerals for hair growth. Thus, if the thyroid gland is inflamed or the body produces inadequate thyroid hormone, it might result in hair loss. 

However, this disease grows slowly and does not show any clear symptoms in the early stage. It is found in both men and women at any age, but is most common in middle-aged women. If you have illnesses that cause hair loss in females, it is necessary to visit a doctor or medical professional to have the right treatment. 

Thyroiditis and weight loss might lead to hair loss

Rapid weight loss

As we stated, lack of nutrients, unhealthy diets, or weight loss can cause hair loss. Why does it happen? For instance, when you lose weight too rapidly and suddenly, your body will face nutrient deficiencies. This will link to telogen effluvium (TE) which is a reason for temporary hair loss. Typically, TE occurs 3-6 months after the rapid weight loss. 

In addition, weight loss surgeries, a poorly planned diet, or low protein ones also affect natural hair growth. When your hair follicles don’t receive enough nutrients that they need, unwanted effects like thinning hair or baldness may occur. 

Is hair loss dangerous?

It is not dangerous itself, but it will be a problem if you don’t treat it timely. Your hair tends to be brittle, dry, and losing hair in clumps. And we are sure that no one wants to wear thinning hair on the head. 

There are other medical conditions and illnesses that can cause hair loss in women, such as autoimmune conditions, high blood pressure, and heart problems. 

Accordingly, it would be better if you talk to your medical professional if you are suffering from hair issues. 

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How to prevent hair loss?

Once you understand more about illnesses that cause female hair loss, the next step is finding ways to encourage natural hair growth and maintain its strength. 

As mentioned, hair loss caused by cancer or chemotherapy is temporary; hence, your hair will regrow when stopping the treatment. But it may get thinner. You should take care of your mane carefully after treating cancer. Ask your doctor whether you can consume hair supplements to stimulate hair to grow faster and thicker.

4 Illnesses That Cause Hair Loss You Should Be Aware Of
wear a hair topper or extensions to hide your thinning hair

What’s more, follow a balanced diet to provide the body and hair with the essential vitamins and nutrients they need. Rapid weight loss is not good for physical health as well as increases the risk of hair loss. There is a wide range of diets that help you stay healthy while supplying enough nutrients, like protein, iron, and zinc for hair strands. Also, ensure you consume vitamin B12 to support the health of your hair. 

Besides, keep your mind healthy is important to prevent hair problems. Try to sleep enough, limit stress, or taking part in yoga courses to get your hair growing again.

Also, you can use a hair topper or extensions (clip-in, tape-in, or so) to hide your thinning hair.

The bottom line

Hopefully, this post can help those learning more about illnesses that cause hair loss. Get enough nutrients and minerals after treating illnesses or adjust your diet, and you can enjoy a happy life with your healthy natural locks. 

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