Should We Take Zinc For Hair Loss? Read This First!

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Being an essential mineral for our body, zinc can be found naturally in food. Zinc roles an indispensable role in promoting hair growth and repair damaged hair. It also works to moisturize your hair. Many studies indicate that zinc deficiency is the main reason causing hair loss. But too high of the dose also contribute lead to some problems. So how much zinc per day for hair loss? How much is enough? This post from Layla will focus on zinc for hair loss. 

About zinc

What is zinc? It is a trace element in the human body that is essential for health and hair growth. Some processes in the human body, including cell reproduction, production hormone levels, protein synthesis, etc. depend on zinc level.

Zinc is needed for wound healing, proper immune function, and even your senses of smell and taste. Hence, you have to supply enough needed zinc to keep you healthy. 

The essential mineral is easily found in food sources and supplements. According to a report published by the National Institutes of Health, animal proteins provide a large amount of zinc for Americans. Other plant sources such as whole grains, nuts, and legumes also contain this mineral. Hence, vegetarians are at high risk of zinc deficiency.  

Should We Take Zinc For Hair Loss? Read This First!
what is zinc

It’s cheap and works effectively, why not try zinc for your hair issues? Using zinc supplements, you could not be wasting your time and money. 

– Zinc is among the most essential minerals found naturally in different food sources, especially in animal proteins. 

– Zinc deficiency leads to hair shedding in both males and females. 

– In women, zinc levels in blood and hair are higher than in men. Hence, you may notice that men are at high risk of experiencing baldness and hair loss. 

– It is believed that zinc acts to block DHT – a hormone contributing to baldness. So it can aid to slow balding progress. 

Signs and symptoms of zinc deficiency

What do you know about zinc deficiency? Is zinc good for hair loss? Many studies show that hair loss is a common sign of zinc deficiency. If you are experiencing this sign, you have to consult your doctor or professional. In fact, a lack of zinc also causes less dramatic effects. Let’s see:

– Loss of appetite

– Night blindness

– Muscle wasting

– Poor immune health

– Skin lesions

– Delayed growth

Should We Take Zinc For Hair Loss? Read This First!
zinc deficiency

If allowed to persist and without treatment, zinc deficiency may lead to weight loss, pneumonia, and even cognitive impairment in children.  Make an appointment with the professional to find the best regimen and treatment. 

Who is at risk?

The group of people more at risk of zinc deficiency includes the elderly, premature infants, anorexics, or alcoholics. Also, others on restricted diets are at an increased risk of this problem. 

The best form of zinc

You can easily find zinc in tablets or batter. Because the batter is difficult to be absorbed, you should combine it with amino acids. Also, it is usually found in chelated forms to digest easily. 

Therefore, when purchasing zinc tablets, test and see which will work effectively for you. Try and choose which product works better for you. Take the right dosage so that it does not cause any stomach or other health problems. For example, stress tabs with zinc for hair loss are widely used. You should take this drug by mouth once daily or as directed by your doctor. Never take more than the recommended intake. 

Should We Take Zinc For Hair Loss? Read This First!
take in more zinc to prevent hair shedding

Zinc for hair loss treatment

As discussed above, zinc works to block DHT, slowing hair shedding, and baldness. How to reduce or treat hair loss due to zinc deficiency? 

Consume food sources of zinc

As discussed above, zinc helps cells in the human body absorb protein, thereby making hair stronger and thicker. You should take food sources that are rich in zinc, like red meats, oysters, egg yolks, beans, pumpkin seeds, etc. 

These are just common foods that are rich in zinc and other nutrients our body needs. Bear in mind that both zinc deficiency and high levels of the mineral cause hair shedding. Scanning some zinc for hair loss reviews and getting enough zinc for your diet. 


Take zinc supplement for hair loss

What is the best zinc supplement for hair loss? Are zinc supplements good? The scientific evidence indicates that zinc is health benefits. Besides, a 2013 study showed that zinc supplements act to slow your hair shedding and baldness. People with thinning hair participating in the study were improved when consuming zinc treatment. 

Wonder how much zinc should I take for hair loss? What is the perfect dosage for hair loss? The recommended daily intake is 8-11mg while some hair loss experts agree with an upper limit of 25mg. We think you should consult your doctor before taking supplements. Because if you take excessive intake, you may face some unwanted side effects. 

Additionally, to get the best result, zinc supplements should be paired with selenium – an antioxidant that promotes hair growth. Similarly, avoid using a zinc dose with foods with high calcium content like milk or cheese. 

Should We Take Zinc For Hair Loss? Read This First!
foods that are rich in zinc

Invest zinc shampoo for hair loss

Another good way is supplying zinc for hair by using the right shampoo. Select products that contain zinc carbonate to boost hair strength and promote hair growth. If you are suffering dandruff, zinc shampoos can treat it well. 

We recommend DHS zinc shampoo for hair loss with conditioning and healing formula. It moisturizes the scalp, preventing hair shedding. Also, this item is good for those with sensitive skin.  


There is some significant proof that zinc supplements can aid in certain types of hair loss. Try taking zinc for hair loss to improve your hair condition. Layla hopes that our sharings above could somehow support you answer the question of how much zinc a day for hair loss. 

Should have any questions and requires, don’t hesitate to reach us to get the answers. Also, take a look at our website for interesting posts and a wide variety of human hair systems to choose from.

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