5 Awesome Indian Home Remedies For Hair Growth You Can Apply

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Frustrated with hair loss and thinning hair. You stress out when finding a solution to deal with your hair problem. But you will be happier to know that Indian women have secrets to maintain their healthy hair as well as grow hair faster. Dive into our words to find out some amazing Indian home remedies for hair growth to possess beautiful and lustrous tresses. 

Ayurvedic treatments and hair loss

Have you ever heard about the Ayurvedic treatments? Ayurvedic contains different Indian remedies for hair growth that help women achieve their desired hair look. It is among the most popular solution for people with hair loss, especially women in India. 

Ayurvedic treatments only use natural ingredients that are hair-friendly to encourage hair growth. In India, these treatments were widely used since ancient times. Ingredients used in these treatments are packed with essential minerals and vitamins that can address hair fall and promote hair follicle health. Not only good for hair, Ayurvedic treatments also help prevent diseases, improving mental and physical health. 

5 Awesome Indian Home Remedies For Hair Growth You Can Apply
Ayurvedic treatments for hair loss

Followings are popular Indian hair growth secrets, we get into and look at how they help treat hair problems and boost hair growth. 

Powerful Indian home remedies for hair growth


Bhringraj is called the king of herbs due to its outstanding benefits. When it comes to home remedies for hair loss treatment, Indian people recommend it as the first herb. It is available in powder and oil forms that are easy to use and apply. 

The herb works to encourage hair growth, treat dandruff, as well as prevent premature hair graying. Also, Bhringraj has other health benefits, such as fighting skin illnesses, reduce insomniacs, and prevent the risk of Alzheimer’s.  

How to achieve an Indian girl hair with Bhringraj:

You take 5-6 tablespoons of Bhringraj powder and mix it with some water. Blend them until you have a smooth and thick paste. You use Bhringraj leaves instead of the powder. 

Then, apply the paste onto the scalp and natural locks. Let it stay for about 20 minutes before you wash it off with shampoo and cool water. Repeat the process three times weekly and you may see a clear improvement in your head. 

You can apply and massage your hair and scalp with Bhringraj oil to keep them healthy and luster. It also helps promote hair growth. 

5 Awesome Indian Home Remedies For Hair Growth You Can Apply
Bhringraj vs Indian henna for hair

Indian henna for hair

Henna or hinna is widely used as a hair treatment in India. It works as a cooling agent that promotes hair growth and is good for the skin, as well. It improves scalp and hair follicle health by treating dandruff and itchiness. Therefore, your natural hair may grow faster. Sometimes, this herb is utilized to treat indigestion. 

You want to copy the look of raw Indian hair from India, you should follow this traditional and simple remedy. 

– Mix henna powder with honey, conditioner, water, and some drops of essential oil. You can use rosemary, peppermint, or any scent you like.

– Make sure you create a perfect blend. 

– Apply the paste to your hair so that it softens hair strands and retains moisture effectively. It also prevents the scalp from producing excessive oil, avoiding greasy hair. 

– Wash your hair as usual. 

This treatment is useful for those with thick and tight curls but unmanageable. It acts to soften hair strands, removing hair tangles and knots. You can allow the paste of henna to sit overnight, add some drops of rosemary and peppermint oil if you like. If you have colored hair, you can apply the method to protect your hair from dryness and damage, and it does not fade your hair color. 


5 Awesome Indian Home Remedies For Hair Growth You Can Apply
Ashwagandha for hair growth

You have not heard about this herb, it is a completely normal thing. Because Ashwagandha, called the Indian winter cherry, is an ancient herb. It has been used for thousands of years for relieving stress, increasing energy levels, treating hair fall, and encouraging hair growth. 

When applying the Ashwagandha paste to the head, it will control the level of the hormone cortisol that slows down hair growth. It increases the antioxidant activity, improving blood circulation to your scalp. Plus, it stimulates the scalp to produce melanin that is necessary for hair growth. 

How to create the Ayurvedic Ashwagandha paste? You mix Ashwagandha powder, amla powder, and water according to the ratio 1:1:2 in respectively. Blend these ingredients until you get a thick consistent paste. Then apply the mix to your hair and scalp and leave it for about 30 minutes. Rinse the hair with shampoo.

In addition, Ashwagandha may be consumed orally. You can find hair supplements containing pure Ashwagandha to increase your hair health and growth. We recommend you take the dose of capsules between 500 to 1000 mg once or twice per day.


Hemp – effective Indian home remedies for hair growth

For years, hemp has been utilized by women as a natural hair cure. When you use it regularly, it acts to improve more hair texture and volume. Because the herb is pure and mild, you can use it to cleanse your scalp every day without drying the hair and scalp out. 

With Indian hemp for hair growth, you are able to get long, fluffy, and glossy hair. It is suitable for all people who want to boost the speed of hair growth and address hair damage as it moistens the hair constantly. 

5 Awesome Indian Home Remedies For Hair Growth You Can Apply
Indian hemp

Besides these listed-above Indian remedies for hair growth, you can use egg masks, coconut oil, aloe vera, etc. to fight anything related to hair. These ingredients and recipes are the best ways to protect your hair from hair falling and promote hair growth faster. 

What is your favorite treatment among those Indian home remedies for hair growth listed above? Hopefully, this blog post has helped you to find an efficient method to deal with your hair issues and promote hair growth. All of them have been used for thousands of years and proved to be friendly and good for curls. We bet that you will have beautiful and floppy hair just like Indian hair girls.

Want to learn more about hair care tips or human hair products, don’t forget to browse our well-built website. Have any questions, leave your comments below, and we will try to help you out. 

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