Top 7+ Fusion Hair Extensions Pros And Cons (2022)

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Fusion hair extension is one of the excellent choices for anyone who wants to own natural and smooth hair. Therefore, if you are referring to the hair extension, the post will help you understand more about fusion hair extensions pros and cons. Read out the post to know more useful information.

About fusion hair extensions

Fusion hair extension is a type of hair extension that has been around for a long time in the market of hair extensions. But because of the high cost and the need for a professional hairdresser to install, many people are still quite confused about this hair extension.

 Fusion hair extension is an extension of the hair that is attached to a Keratin layer. This layer acts as a glue to attach the wig to your real hair. This glue after cooling will be very durable, so it is difficult for other people to know if you are wearing a hair extension or not.

An Insight Into Fusion Hair Extensions Pros And Cons
fusion hair extensions

 This hair extension is always highlighted with features that other hair extensions cannot get, especially in terms of durability. Usually, when you use this type of hair extensions, you can confidently use it within six months without visiting the hair salon to repair as other types of hair extensions. However, this type of extensions is quite expensive compared to different kinds of hair extensions are marketed.

Besides that, to understand more about the fusion hair extension, you should know clearly about keratin fusion hair extensions pros and cons to having the right choice.

Hair extensions fusion pros and cons

Before buying any hair extension, mastering the strengths and weaknesses of the product will help you make a better choice, and use it more perfectly. Although micro fusion hair extension has a high price, it also has good points and bad points. Therefore, you need to keep in mind before deciding whether to own it for yourself or not.

Pros of fusion hair extensions

It is easy to install

When speaking of fusion hair extensions pros and cons, easy to install always show first. It is the most attractive advantage of the hair extension. You can install the hair extension on your own. However, you have to practice some time to make sure that you had experiences with the micro fusion hair extension.

An Insight Into Fusion Hair Extensions Pros And Cons
fusion hair extensions blend seamlessly with your real hair

It makes your real hair look more natural and longer

The highlight of this type of hair extension is that it helps your hair look much natural and longer without having to show the junctions like other hair extensions. This is also the reason to explain why this line of hair extensions is often more valuable than other products.

You can use micro fusion hair extension for a long time

If the other extensions can only be used within three months and you will have to reconnect or repair, this extension you can confidently use for six months. Naturally, to keep beautiful hair extensions within six months, you must take care of them carefully.  And you have to make sure your connection technique is accurate and right quality hair extensions.

An Insight Into Fusion Hair Extensions Pros And Cons
it can be used for a long time

Fusion extensions can hold firmly to your hair

This is known as the remarkable strength of this type of hair extensions. You can confidently use it in any situation without worrying that it will fall or be misaligned during your movement. This extension will hold your hair tightly to each strand, so it may not seem like you are connecting it.

An Insight Into Fusion Hair Extensions Pros And Cons
the bonding is strong

It is an excellent solution for coarse and thick hair

If you own a rough, and thick hair, a micro fusion hair extension is a perfect solution. This hair extension will help your hair to be sticky, smooth, and ensure the strength as well as the length. You will no longer have to worry about your hair getting messy when you go out or tired of dense hair on your head.

Cons of fusion hair extensions

Besides the beautiful and attractive pros of the fusion hair extension, you should know the disadvantages of the hair extension. It can help you make sure that the hair is suitable for you or not.

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This hair might be connected with glue

This is considered a major minus point of the hot fusion extension. If you choose a skilled hairdresser, you do not need to worry too much about this minus point because there will not be any danger that can happen. But if you choose an unskilled hairdresser, a little mistake in the glue will damage your real hair or hurt you.

An Insight Into Fusion Hair Extensions Pros And Cons
the adhesive bonding might damage your bio hair and scalp

It needs a skilled hairdresser to install

Although this type of hair extension is not too difficult to attach to your real hair, if a professional hairdresser does this for you, perhaps you should be careful. Any danger to the hair or yourself can happen, so choosing an experienced hairdresser is essential. Therefore, instead of choosing any hairdresser to install your hair, you should contact a hairdresser who has a certificate.

It takes a long time for installing process

Moreover, with the first connection of the fusion hair extension, you will have to sit for a long time in the salon about 3- 6 hours. The time depends on the thickness and nature of your hair. When compared with another hair extension as a tape hair extension, you spend 1 hour for installation. Therefore, many people often get tired of sitting in such an extended place. However, to have beautiful and natural hair, you do not have another choice.

An Insight Into Fusion Hair Extensions Pros And Cons
installation requires meticulousness and skill


For those who own a thick and coarse hair, fusion hair extensions are the most perfect and accurate option. Hopefully, with the above sharing, you have more useful information about fusion hair extensions pros and cons. Probably, from this information, you will have a comprehensive view of the product from which to make the correct decision.

 If you would like more information or answers to questions about this fusion hair extension or other extensions, do not hesitate to contact us. Or visit Laylahair’s website and read interesting and useful articles about hair.

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