How To Install A Lace Frontal Closure Without Glue?

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One of the biggest concerns when wearing a lace frontal closure is how to install it correctly. You want to wear the hair extension to achieve a fuller and thicker hair look. You think that glue and adhesives are messy, not good for those with sensitive skin, and you would like to find a simple instruction to attach the hair system. So how to install a lace frontal closure without glue? Or are there any ways to wear a lace frontal with no adhesive? This article is a definitive guide on how to wear hair safely. Read on to see our suggestion and say goodbye to bad hair days. 

What is a lace frontal closure?

Before learning to install lace frontal closure no glue, we think you should cover yourself with the definition of lace frontal closure. So what it is? A lace frontal closure, also called lace frontal, is a type of common hair extension. Sometimes, wearers consider it as a half wig because it covers from ear to ear. 

This hair is a top pick for users who want to make a finished hair wig. Craftsmen have to combine it with hair wefts to create a hair replacement system. It works perfectly to hide your thinning hair areas or baldness while adding more hair length and volume as your desire look. 

How To Install A Lace Frontal Closure Without Glue? | Laylahair
frontal closure

You can easily find lace frontals in different lengths and widths. For example, the standard hair frontal is 13×4 inches, which means that the lace size is 13 inches in length and 4 inches in width. The hair has a natural hairline, offering a realistic and protective style. Thanks to its flexibility, users can utilize it in different and trendy styles. It is completely safe for your bio hair as you just style the extension. 

There are multiple types to attach lace front closure, such as using glue, tape, sew-in with no glue. The most common and fastest way to attach the hair extension is that people use glue to hold the hair in the right location. However, some beginners find this method difficult and messy. Are there any ways to install lace closure without glue? Keep reading to find out more.

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How to apply lace front closure without glue

Sew-in is a common method that does not require glue or tape but still holds the lace frontal in place. Plus, it lasts longer and offers a realistic look. How-to-do it?

Step 1: Prepare your hair

You have to prepare your natural locks before attaching the frontal. Getting your hair ready by braiding or twisting it depending on your hair length, texture, and thickness. Make sure that your natural locks lay flat on your head, this will help you apply the lace frontal easier and quicker. 

How To Install A Lace Frontal Closure Without Glue? | Laylahair
braid your hair before wearing the lace

If you want to mimic the look of a real scalp, you should wear a lace wig cap. Additionally, you use invisible threads so that no one can detect that you are using hair extensions. Now, start sewing the extension into your hair.  

Step 2: Start sewing in

Put the lace frontal along your hairline and measure it from ear to ear. Align it to ensure that it goes exactly and lay in the right place. Once you determine where its location, use hairpins to secure the hair in place. 

Next, you start sewing the hair from one side to another side, then around to the back. To make the hair look more natural, you try to sew the lace lay flatter on your head. 

Step 3: Finish the look

Once you’ve done, it’s time to cut the excess lace. You pull all of the hair from the frontal back into a ponytail and then cut the lace.

This is a completely glueless and tapeless method you can do when wearing a lace front closure. You can do the same when installing lace closure without glue. 

How To Install A Lace Frontal Closure Without Glue? | Laylahair
sew in lace frontal closure onto your hair

As we said, users always combine a lace frontal with hair wefts to conceal their hair defects. They use these hair extensions to make a completed lace frontal wig. 

Hence, after sewing in the lace front closure, you continue sewing in some more hair wefts at the back to cover all over the scalp. For an amazing look, you can use an edge control product to manage baby hair along your forehead. 

Pros and cons of lace frontal closure install without glue  

The pros of lace closure install no glue is that it is safe for skin. No adhesives or chemicals, it does not cause any irritation. Next, it provides a shield that protects your existing hair from harmful factors, such as dirt, UV rays, and more. 

In addition, it is breathable, giving your scalp room to breathe. The lace allows air, heat, and moisture to escape, leaving you to feel pleasant when wearing. As a lace frontal is sewn tightly into your hair, you can style and part the hair in any direction however you want. 

The small cons of this hair system is that it costs higher than other hairpieces. But we think that the hair will give you more benefits than it costs. Also, it requires more maintenance since it is made of real human hair. You should invest in some hair care products to maintain your hair extensions last as long as possible. 

How To Install A Lace Frontal Closure Without Glue? | Laylahair
wearing lace frontal closure without glue

Can you sleep with a lace front closure no glue?

You can but we recommend you wrap it before heading to the bed. If you don’t, the hair can be twisted or slipped during sleep.  

When you wear a sew in closure no glue, cover the hair with a silk scarf to prevent it from tangling and knotting. Also, this helps protect your natural locks and scalp. 

Why not take another easier option? See our pre-made hairpieces:

To sum up

Lace frontal closures would be the best choice if you are looking for a realistic look and feel. Don’t hesitate to learn how to install a lace frontal closure without glue so that you can achieve beautiful and thicker hair. 

Browse our website and follow the product line in order to choose the best hair replacement system. Laylahair also customize the hair to fit your desire and preferences. We harvest human hair strands from healthy donors to provide customers the best items. We hope to serve you soon. 

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