Lace Closure For Thinning Hair: A Well-Rounded Solution For All

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Hair loss has become a universal concern today for men, women, and even children. This is scary for most people as it’s hard to know the exact trigger. Also, the rate of growing hair back is not as fast as that of falling. So while waiting for your hair to rejuvenate, why not trying lace closure for thinning hair and keeping that confidence in you?

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How to choose the right lace closure for thinning hair?

There are numerous elements to consider when picking the perfect lace closure for thin hair. You want something that looks “like your hair” but still gives you the volume you don’t have with your natural hair. So the smallest details, from materials, size, to style need to be well-packed. It’s a tricky situation.

Wigs or extensions?

The concept of wigs refers to fake hair that covers your whole hair body. You hide all your real hair neatly in a hair cap and put the wig on top. On the other hand, extensions, or weaves are fake hair strips that are either taped in, glued in, or sewed in underneath your real hair.

Talking about wigs

If you often lose hair along their hairlines, in the middle and the sides, a wig is a better option because it covers the whole scalp area with the fake scalp. Wigs are made to mimic the entire hair body, from a quarter of your forehead to whatever length you desire.


Lace Closure For Thinning Hair: A Well-Rounded Solution For All

There are different kinds of wigs

The only downside of wigs is that you need a few practices to master the art. When these items are put on incorrectly, people will notice immediately. The goal is to make wigs look like your real hair, growing out of your scalp.

…and extensions

If you have no problem with baldness along the hairline, extensions or weaves may be something you would want to consider. Extensions offer a more natural vibe as they are placed underneath your real hair. What they do is push the whole hair body up a little, giving it fuller volume.

Besides, extensions are covered with your real hair, so it’s much harder to notice. Those girls out there with thin, fine, straight hair that keeps sticking to their face, or those with short hair that wants to add length will love this. The extensions can blend in easily with your hair, as long as you choose the right texture and color.

Lace Closure For Thinning Hair: A Well-Rounded Solution For All

Black and blonde straight wefts

With extensions, make sure to search for something that is close to your real hair. Also, think about whether you would want to go for the clipped in, glued in, or sewed in type. The most popular type to date is clipped-in because it’s manageable. Glued-in can be tacky, and sewed-in can be challenging to do on your own.

All in all, depending on where you want to add volume, you can decide on wigs or extensions.

Lace Closure For Thinning Hair: A Well-Rounded Solution For All

Auburn Weavy Clip-in 

Lace closure or lace frontal?

The former is usually a 4×4 hair-patch made of lace. Lace is commonly used for its natural look and scalp-friendly properties. Its size is small so that you can attach the piece into the “horseshoe” part of your forehead.

A lace frontal is also made of lace, but the critical discrepancy is its size. The attachment patch of lace frontal is usually 13×4, spreading from ear to ear. In such manner, lace frontal acts as a half wig, whereas lace closure finished the installation.

Lace Closure For Thinning Hair: A Well-Rounded Solution For All

Black Weavy Lace Closure

Again, the process of pick-and-choose depends on individual needs and styles. If you have severe hair loss along the side parts, definitely go with lace frontal because it covers your temples. It creates the illusion of hair growing out of your head, which is excellent for those with thin edges.

Despite all advantages, some people are just not fans of lace frontal. Their main complaints are lace frontal is hard to put on, conceal and maintain. Because the attachment is more significant, it takes more effort to get it on the exact area and bleach it, so the lace matches your complexion.

Lace Closure For Thinning Hair: A Well-Rounded Solution For All

Lace frontal

If you have less concern with falling hair in the edges, you might want to check out lace closure. Unlike its frontal counterpart, lace closure is more comfortable to wear and more natural to mesh with your skin. The best way to wear lace closure is with a bang since it can cover the patch.

You don’t want to put it up in a ponytail though, because the tracks sewed in underneath can be revealed. All in all, we would recommend lace closure for thinning hair problems.

Material: Organic or synthetic hair?

When you finally settle down with the technical part, it’s time to consider the hair source. There are two types of hair for wigs: organic and synthetic hair. While this element doesn’t involve with thinning hair much, it’s still essential to the final look and the maintenance.

Organic hair

Organic hair comes from actual human hair, so it feels natural to the touch. Put it on, and it looks like your hair. Another benefit is that you can do any kind of styling with this, just as what you do with your hair. However, organic hair is more pricey. Imagine a real fur coat and a faux fur coat, which one is more expensive?

Synthetic hair

Synthetic hair is made of materials that look like hair, mainly plastic fibers. Thanks to R&D, synthetic hair looks more and more like real hair nowadays. But still, the quality hasn’t reached the level of real hair. One plus point to it is its affordability.

So organic or synthetic hair, it’s your own choice, based solely on preference and budget. If you ask us, we recommend at least one natural lace closure for thinning hair. It should match the color and style that you usually go with.

For special events, you can buy synthetic lace closure with some fun colors and styling to spice up your image a little. It’s cheap and suitable for occasional wear.

Style: Straight, curl, or braid patterns?

Unlike the above elements, this category is entirely up to you. Just choose whatever style you want. If you are confused, how about going with curl or braid to add more volume? The choice is yours

The bottom line

We hope this article saves you the frustration from finding the right lace closure for thinning hair. Whatever you do, remember that keeping your body healthy is the best way combatting hair loss.

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