Lace Closure Sizes: The Make-Or-Break Factor To Consider

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So far, in the wigs, weaves, and hair extensions market, it’s safe to say that nothing can beat lace closure due to its versatility. Everyone can find their perfect lace closure no matter how their hair is like, long or short, thick or thin. You just need to know how. And in this article, we show you how to pick the right lace closure sizes for you.

Lace Closure Sizes: The Make-Or-Break Factor To Consider

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Why do lace closure sizes matter? Let’s read on!

What is lace closure?

Before answering this question, it’s important to understand the concept of lace closure. By definition, lace closure is hair sewn strand by strand into a lace hair patch. While the hair is used to replace your real hair, the lace patch acts as something to attach the hair into your head.

When you wear lace closure, you attach the patch into the “horseshoe” of your head or the middle part in your forehead. The patch is made of lace due to its flawlessness and breathable property. The lace material has tiny little holes in it so that it mimics your natural pores.

Lace Closure Sizes: The Make-Or-Break Factor To Consider

Lace closure is hair sewn strand by strand into a lace hair patch.

The lace closure is then sewn around the head to finish the installation. That’s why it’s called “closure”. The only drawback of lace closure is that you need to bleach or conceal it for a more realistic look.

Why do lace closure sizes matter?

The lace closure size is often 4×4 inch (small closure) or 5×5 inch (large closure). And to answer why the size is different and essential for your whole look, it’s simple: because each’s head is different. Those who possess small and slim foreheads suit small closures.

On the contrary, those with big and wide foreheads go with large closure. It’s all about the proportion.

It also matters for your preferences. Even if you are someone with a small forehead but want to cover and create a new hairline, you can still go with a more substantial closure and vice versa. More specially, if you have thinning hair on the sides of your head and want to make up for that, you can even try lace frontal.

With the size of a 13×4 inch, lace frontal spreads from ear to ear and gives you a whole new hairline to your wish. What about the most demanding and harsh clients that are still not happy with all the available options? Don’t worry! The size can always be customized to whatever measurement you desire.

How to pick the right lace closure sizes for you?

Now that you know why lace closure sizes are essential to your look let’s talk about how to pick the right one for you. Remember! What looks good on others may not suit you well. So the best scenario is you understanding your body and needs.

Determine your preferences

It’s a piece of cake. Just grab a tape measure and record the length of your forehead first, from ear to ear. Divide the measurement by three, and you have the size in length. The closure’s measure should be one-third of your forehead size or a bit less.

For the width, still, use the same tape and measure your forehead’s width. This time, divide the number by half. This should be your lace closure’s width.

Lace Closure Sizes: The Make-Or-Break Factor To Consider

Determine the width of hair closures before buying

For now, we hope that you know what works for you, either it’s the 4×4 or 5×5 lace closures. And as we already mentioned, even if your numbers don’t work with any of the standardized sizes, it’s totally fine. Just send the details to us, and we ensure to customize the size to your preference.

Ok, I got the lace closure sizes, what do I do with it then?

Lace closure bleaching

For lace closure, it needs an extra step that you have to handle after the purchase. You can either do it yourself or have a professional do it for you. It’s not difficult at all. It just takes some time and effort to get done. That’s lace closure bleaching or concealing.

It depends on your budget and convenience to decide whether to bleach or conceal the lace closure. The purpose of this extra step is to minimize the visibility of lace closure holes and make it blend well with your scalp.

If you choose to conceal lace closures, the tools needed are convenient: an old face concealer that you no longer use, a broad flat brush, a bond protective shield that you can easily buy on Amazon or at a local drugstore, and a hairdryer, which is optional.

  • Flip the lace closure inside out and use the brush to apply a thin layer of concealer all over that. It may look weird and uneven at first, but don’t worry, we do not stop here.
  • Spill a little bond protective shield on top and use another clean brush to spread that evenly. Try not to use too much. What we want is a nice thin layer.
  • Let the closure rest until dry, or if you don’t have time, use your hairdryer on the lowest heat to blow till dry.
  • Repeat the process 3 to 4 times until you are happy with the result

Final check – flip the lace closure around and do some quick check. If you still notice some significant holes, use a small tip brush and apply a tiny bit of concealer to pop into these stubborn holes. Do not use the same way you did with the other side because you may risk destroying the hair. Be extra careful and just tap very lightly to cover the holes.

7 Secrets For Optimizing Bleaching Knots On Lace Closure Experience!
bleach the knots to make it look natural

Does closure length matter?

Along with the size of lace closure, the length of hair is also important. You should decide the length of the hair that you suit best. Or the hair length you buy depends on the hair look you want it to be. How to choose a closure length? You want to choose the right hair length, please take a look at how long your natural locks are. If you have long tresses, go for a long lace closure and vice versa. If your hair extension is much shorter than your natural hair strands, it will look unnaturally. 

Should I get all my bundles the same length? Of course. Have all hair bundles in the same length if you want to reach a fuller hair look. They are very realistic and bring excellent results. If you choose a hair extension made from transparent lace material, no one can detect that you are wearing a hair extension. 

Closure length chart

Be sure to consider the length of the lace closure. As you know, the common sizes of this hair are 4×4″ (small closure) or 5×5″ (large closure). But at Layla Hair, we will customize the hair extension according to customers’ requirements. It means that tell us the size and length of you hair you want, then we will create your own hair. 

The length of the hair varies from 8 inches to 30 inches, your hair will be full and glamorous. If your hair extension is from 8-18 inches, you only need 2-3 hair bundles. But 20-30 inches hair extensions require 4 hair bundles. 

The hair texture also affects the hair length. It is understandable because straight hair tends to appear longer than the curly and wavy hair. 

Lace Closure Sizes: The Make-Or-Break Factor To Consider
different lace closure lengths

How to determine what length closure to get

We have a detailed closure length guide to give you an idea when buying a hair closure. As we said, which length to buy depends on the hair look you want to get and what length of your natural locks are. You most likely want to buy a lace closure that is shorter than the length of your hair strands. If you have long tresses, you can choose a hair closure that has the same length. You could even choose longer length closure because it melts into your hair perfectly. 

Additionally, what do you need for a closure sew in? The most necessary thing you have to prepare is the hair bundle. Remember that the longer your hair bundles are, the longer your hair extension will be. If you want to make a lace closure with a fuller look, it requires more hair. 

In the bottom line

Choosing lace closure sizes that fit you is a crucial yet easy task to do in the quest to find the perfect closure. We are sure that you can pick the size with confidence after reading this article. If not, you can always reach for our help at Layla Hair

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