Do you know how long lace closure wigs last?

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Lace closure wigs have long been a stranger to many women. In fact, those who love to have something for and by themselves would choose to buy closures rather than a full wig.

The thing is mass produced wigs, and those of lace closure is made differently; thus their lifespan varies. Do you know how long does this item last?


The answer is right below.

Do you know how long lace closure wigs last?

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Are lace closure wigs worth my investment?

100% yes. For both DIY freaks and those who want to have a nice sewn-in.

There are several contributing factors for the worthiness of lace closure wigs.


Undoubtedly closures are much more affordable than a full wig. When you come to think of it, a wig requires more than just raw materials. The laboring work to make an item adds up to the price.

If you want to make a wig or sewn-in yourself, you save extra few bucks for the manual task.

The joy of wig making

Not anybody finds joy in wig making, but some people do. When you finish a product of your own, you appreciate it more. The journey of craft making is either relaxing and surprising.

Lace closures are one of the primary materials of wig construction. When you carefully sew pieces by pieces in, you will feel a satisfying sensation that buying a wig can never give you.

Ease of parting

What makes lace closure wigs so popular among young users is the versatility. When it comes to parting, these items are known to be easy.

Do You Know How long Lace Closure Last?


The ease of parting is a highlight of closure wigs.

You can choose where to part, in the middle, on the right or left. The ease of parting allows these items to be compatible with different hairstyles.

How long do lace closure wigs last?

So how long do closure wigs last? Can I expect it to stay as long as other hair products?

If you want to know the lifespan of your closures, you need to consider these following elements:

Type of lace

The type of lace of quite important when considering a closure’s durability. Typically, there are two kinds of lace: Swiss and French. While Swiss lace is more flimsy and transparent, french lace offers different colors.

The difference between these two materials is their durability. French lace is believed to stay longer than swiss one. Therefore, closures with the former tend to be more hard-wearing.

Hair type

Hair used for closures is essential too. You can’t expect synthetic closures to be as durable as Remy hair ones. Comb wastes, or non-Remy hair, are also very fragile and prone to damages.

This is because non-Remy hair is chemical-treated in order to straighten. The cuticles are broken beyond repair. Closures with non-Remy hair can’t stay up to 6 months.


Body wavy lace closure or blond straight lace closure require chemical and steam-heat treatments. While most manufacturers will try to lessen the side effects of these kinds of processing, they still have permanent adverse effects on the hair quality.

Do You Know How long Lace Closure Last?


Users who wear hair closures can style their hair differently.

As a result, closures with different hairstyles tend to be less enduring than those made of virgin human hair. However, as long as you keep an excellent eye on them, they will stay gorgeous for a long time.

Hair vendors

Don’t fall trap for cheap online deals. These deals are often from unnamed, unreliable brands. While some new hair vendors want to enter the market with good products, others want to scam.

Find yourself a trustworthy place to buy lace closure wigs. You need to check their prestige, the length of their business, their experience, and customers’ feedback. A right hair vendor should be able to give you full information about their business.


Maintenance is undoubtedly the most crucial factor in determining a product’s durability. How long closures can last is entirely up to the time you spend on caring for them. Neglect and inattention will result in shortening lifespan.

How to care for a lace closure

Closures are made of human hair; therefore, you need to take care of them as you care for your natural hair.

How to care for lace closure? Take a look below:

Be careful with lace

Lace is a sheer layer where hair is attached.  The lace is quite flimsy and fragile. You need to handle them with care.

When sewing your wig, make sure that you don’t pull the lace. What’s more, you should confine the urge to scratch. This material is not your scalp after all. Last but not least, you need to comb your hair gently.

 Say not to hardcore heat treatments

Heat treatments dry out your natural hair. They have the same effect on lace closures. If you don’t want your hard-earned money goes away with the closures in one use, please say no to these kinds of processing.

Hair care products

Get yourself a proper hair care products. Shampoo with fewer chemicals would be the best choice for closures. The rule of thumb is to go for shampoo for dry hair. After washing your hair, you should apply conditioner as well.

Once a week, using hair masks on your closures will help them look shiny and beautiful.

The bottom line

Ladies, the durability of lace closure wigs is entirely up to your hands. The more attention you pay to this item, the longer it stays with you. Therefore, don’t be neglected!

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