Lace Closure Wig Install: A Stepwise Guide From Layla Hair

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Speaking of wearing sew-in hair extensions, the primary purpose is to achieve the most natural look. Nobody wants their wefts or weaves to be easily seen. Many hair extensions require parts of the hair left out to cover the sewing joints. But this causes a lot of troubles to blend the texture the real hair with virgin hair extensions.

Lace Closure Wig Install: A Stepwise Guide From Layla Hair

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Many times, to succeed in this blending process, wig wearers apply heat to the hair, leading to the natural hair’s damages. But thanks to lace closure wig install, women can conceal the front of the hair and obtain a natural hairline. Let’s dive into the world of lace closure and the methods of installing them.

What is a lace closure?

A lace closure is often a 4X4 piece with 4 inches long and 4 inches wide like a square. The size can vary slightly based on wearers’ need like 4X3, but 4X4 size is the standard. There are three types of lace closures – one part (Middle part), three-part and no part. Wearers can put a lace closure in the middle or one side of the hair to give the sew-in a natural look.

This allows wearers not to leave all their real hair out when wearing a full weave (especially for those who have natural). To have a full head sew-in with a closure, women should buy 2 to 3 bundles to complete a style.

Lace Closure Wig Install: A Stepwise Guide From Layla Hair

Regarding materials, we have two kinds of lace closures, lace closure (which is all lace) and silk based closure (made from silk). Which type to use depends on wearers’ interests. For example, if we are into curly hair, lace closure will be a better choice because it creates a floating and bouncing effect to the hair.

Lace closures are one of the most innovative techniques in the hair extension industry. Let’s discover the detailed steps of lace closure wig install right after this.



How to perform a lace closure wig install?

Part 1 – Installing the cap

Step 1: Wash the hair

Women are going to wear hair wefts and lace closure for quite a long time, so make sure the hair and the scalp are washed clean. It is best to use clarifying shampoos and conditioners to keep the hair moisture. Next, remember to let the hair dry before installing the cap.

Step 2: Cornrow the hair

Part the hair where we want our style to be parted. Cornrow the hair with our favorite technique and make sure each braid comes out of that part. Keep the braids small and ensure having a braid running along the hairline.

Lace Closure Wig Install: A Stepwise Guide From Layla Hair

The braids need to be small to assure a flat foundation. This gives a more natural look to the overall view of sew-in and closure.

Step 3: Put a square of weaving net on top of the head

This type of net looks similar to tulle material but a little bit thicker. Try to match the hair’s color with the net. The black color is suitable for almost everyone, but a dark brown can work with bright-colored hair.

Moreover, the square needs to be big enough to cover all of the hair from top to bottom. The exact size of the square relies on the head’s size. Using hair net is optional, and it works best for thinning hair because the more wefts we sew in, the fuller look we get.

Step 4: Sew the netting to the edge cornrow

Weave a curved needle with thick and stable threads. Start to sew from the back-center and end at the front-center of the head. Put the netting in front of the needle and follows its path. Keep the stitches small and consistent.

The edge cornrow is the one runs along the hairline

Direct the needle through the netting and out of the cornrow. Repeat the process

Step 5: Tie and cut the thread and the remaining netting

When we get back to the starting point, sew through the mesh for a few times, then knot and cut the thread. Remember to cut off the remaining netting as close as possible to the edge cornrow. If we have any unwanted visible gaps from the task of cutting the thread, all we need to do is closing the gaps by sewing.

Part 2 – Sewing in the lace top

Step 1: Place a lace closure on the part

Depending on the place of the cornrow, a lace closure can lie on the top-centre of the head or one side. Besides, the lace closure needs to be flat and leave no gaps between them with the natural hair.

Step 2: Sew the left side of the closure to the cornrow along the hairline

Put the needle through the lace, netting and cornrow and pull it out again through the cornrow and netting, right under the lace closure. Repeat this process once again to secure the lace closure.

Lace closure wig install can become a tough challenge for some people, especially the beginners. Remember to ask for help from those who have experience in installing lace closures to make sure everything go smooth.

Step 3: Sew the right side of the closure with a second needle. Then create a straight part lying behind the front edge of the closure

Step 4: Sew down the front of the lace

Start sewing from the left side of the closure until we get to the straight part and repeat this step on the right side.

Step 5: Stitch along each side of the closure toward the back of the head

Start sewing from the left side of the lace closure and end at the back-center of the head. Repeat this process on the right side. Knot the threads together and cut off the remaining parts.

Step 6: Clip the hair on the lace closure

Gently turn the hair on the lace closure into a small bun and secure it with a clip. The aim is to get the hair out of the way for the next process.

Part 3 – Sewing in the wefts

The last step in lace closure wig install is to sew in the wefts.

  • Use a curved needle to pin a weft to the edge cornrow

Hold the weft’s end on the left side of the nape. Pull the needle through the weft and cornrow. Next push the needle down through the weft and up the cornrow.

  • Keep sewing until we reach the top of the right ear
  •  Gather the weft towards the left and continue stitching
  • Sewing the weft to the braids across the head
  • Stitch the final weft over the lace closure’s edge

The bottom line

With a complete guide to lace closure wig install from Layla Hair, we hope the ladies find it useful and realize that installing wig can be a fun and exciting process. Make sure to follow our steps carefully so that a beautiful, natural and perfect lace closure wig will no longer be out of reach.

For more tips on lace closure wig install, please share and visit our website to get updated.

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