Will Pixie Hair Cut Suit Your Face? How To Style Pixie Hair?

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Have you ever thought about change yourself by sporting a pixie hair cut? Is there any flexible pixie hair that suits any mood, occasion, ad image? This short hairstyle is one of the biggest trends at the moment. There is no doubt about this hair, it is chic as well as feminine. Pixie hair cuts usually seem to be in style, so you can choose the right hair from dozens of cute and personal styles. If you are bored and tired of your long existing hair, want to cut hair short, a pixie bob hair is your best option. Whether you are young or over 50, wear it. The hair is both stylish and versatile. 

What is a pixie cut?

A pixie hair cut, whatever it is, can change your hair and appearance. Often, the modern crop appears short on the sides and back of the head that varies in length from an inch to three inches. Still, the hair on top is slightly longer and very short bangs. The hair look has become popular nowadays as it has been inspired by lots of celebrities for decades. 

Will Pixie Hair Cut Suit Your Face? How To Style Pixie Hair?
a pixie haircut

Do you know British actress Audrey Hepburn? She is considered the first person who made pixie hair popularized. Many women wore this hair in the 1950s and became a fashionable hairstyle in the late 1970s and 1980s. The short crop is easy to maintain and requires low-maintenance. You can wear it daily or dress it up for any occasion.

What does a pixie hair cut look like? Today, hairstylists take this haircut up a notch. The structure of the cut is not uniform that means you can customize it to suit your preference. You can add some bright colors, subtle balayage, or neon highlights on it. Many choose bold new hairdos to switch up their images. The hair look is famous among all women of all ages and images. Pixie haircuts for fine thin hair over 50 or pixie cut for curly hair, all are available to change your style for the better. 

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Why wear a pixie hair cut?

As we all know, the hair offers a fascinating appearance. Besides, cutting a pixie gives you more advantages than you think. 

– Low-maintenance hairstyle: It only takes a few minutes to get it styled. Many gals say that this comfy styling is a budget-friendly option as it does not need a lot of styling products. After all, it is only a well-structured short hairstyle. 

– Flexible style: No matter how your hair is thin or thick, opt for this cut. Pixie cuts for thin hair, pixie cuts for thick hair or curly hair, choose the right hair depending on your hair type.

Will Pixie Hair Cut Suit Your Face? How To Style Pixie Hair?
pixie hair is a low maintenance hairstyle

– Beautifying power: It cannot be denied that this hair makes you beautiful. We recommend talking to your hairstylist before getting this cut. Based on your facial shape and features of your face, he/she can create a pixie that frames your face perfectly. Also, it works to hide your flaws. 

– Carefree dyeing: The short hair you are, the less risk for damage there is. You can play around with colors to get the best hair look. Or opt for pixie cut on natural black hair if you want to keep your natural hair color. 

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How to cut your own hair short pixie

These are definitely the easy techniques to follow to get the pixie hair at home. 

Step 1

Cutting the hair at the back: Clean your hair by washing normally. You should cut your hair when it is damp. Cut the hair to your shoulder length as somewhat shorter is easier to cut than the long. Likewise, you have to cut all layers of your tresses to get this short hairdo. 

Initially, you may get an uneven look, but don’t bother about it.  It is easier to cut and get the desired hair if you wear a ponytail. 

Step 2

To create pixie cut on natural black hair, adjust the hairline along your nape: Pull the strands by using a comb and make the V-shape with your fingers. Next, you have to close them against hair strands at your nape. Remember, you cut the hair ends below the V-shape. 

Step 3 

Use a rat-tail comb to detach the hair in the front and back of your head, secure these hairs with clips. Now you have to cut the vertical section of the back part and the center portion of your head. 

Will Pixie Hair Cut Suit Your Face? How To Style Pixie Hair?
how to cut your hair into a pixie

Step 4

In the next step, continue doing the horizontal hair section cutting across the vertical one. Cut the hair in both the horizontal and vertical sections for all layers of your tresses. Cut carefully as this step is important to get a perfect pixie cut. Then, blend your hair. Comb it in an upward direction. 

Step 5

You cut sides and top parts of the hair similar to the back. Consider your face shape and cut the hair on both sides to get an even look. On the top, you use the same technique. Cut the strands slightly longer than other parts. Finally, blend it into the back and sides parts of your hair. 

On how to style pixie hair, you can add the bangs or paint colors. Use a good hair dye and wait to enjoy your new look. 


Some common pixie hair cuts 

Shaggy pixie haircut

It is a typical pixie cut for thin hair. The actress Jennifer Lawrence impressed audiences with this hair look. It creates an illusion that makes your hair look thicker. 

Will Pixie Hair Cut Suit Your Face? How To Style Pixie Hair?
shaggy pixie vs short, sleek & side-parted pixie vs short layered pixie

Short, sleek & side-parted pixie

Who can impress us with this hair look? American singer Jennifer Hudson used to change her dramatic natural looks with a pixie. Many say that this pixie haircut for thinning hair is a practical, minimalist haircut. It is easy and comfortable, yet, it offers a refined and elegant look. 

Short layered pixie

My hair is fine, can I get a pixie hair? Of course. Hair layers with pixie haircuts for fine hair is your right decision. The layers give you more freedom for framing as well as styling flexibility. 

In addition, you can opt for a pixie with a long bang, punky pixie with an undercut, etc. 

To Sum Up

Now that you have learned about pixie hair cut. It’s time to make up your tresses. Depending on your hair types, experiment and wear pixie cuts for fine hair or thick coarse hair. Give it a try and make it a part of your style. 

In case you don’t want to cut your hair to style pixie, come to Layla Hair and get a wig or extension. Because the hair is made of real human hair, you can style it as you normally do with your bio hair. Cut, dye, or even bleach it to reach the mót beautiful hair. Our staff is always willing to support you to have the right hair.

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