Losing Hair Gaining Weight- You May Have A Thyroid Problem!

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You are losing more hair. At the same time, your weight changes?

You might be in trouble with Thyroid.

Symptoms like losing hair gaining weight are not noticeable. Many people see them as a signal of stress or too much eating. Even for a long time, people won’t know the reason why they keep losing hair while gaining weight.

Both seem unrelated?

We understand how people react to these changes in the body. People ignore, mostly.

But, losing hair gaining weight are just two of symptoms in Thyroid.

What is Thyroid?

What are other symptoms besides changes in weight and hair fall?

You’re at the right topic. And don’t miss our suggestions on the solution on the last page.

What is Thyroid?

The thyroid is known as the ductless gland placed in a human’s neck.

Losing Hair Gaining Weight- You May Have A Thyroid Problem!


This organism supplies a type of hormone that manages metabolism. Metabolism, in case you don’t know, is a system leading energy distribution in the human’s body.

You might wonder what hormones are for?

These hormones are essential to the human being’s development. For example, hair growth is one of event that needs hormones from Thyroid.

Thyroid disorders, thus, come from the malfunction in hormones producing. Either too many hormones or low hormones can cause your body in troubles.

One of the clearest signals is degradation in hair and weight.

And we’re sure that readers will make a question on other symptoms. We’re giving you pictures on what’s going on when you catch Thyroid disorder.

Signals of Thyroid disorders

Losing hair gaining weight

Changes in hormones supply will cause significant modification about your size. Weight is one of the clear channels to see human’s development.

If hyperthyroidism happens, weight gains and you are getting the extra promotion.

If Hypothyroidism occurs, you are facing to weight loss.

Losing Hair Gaining Weight- You May Have A Thyroid Problem!

But you will always lose hair when Thyroid gets disordered. Most of disease cause loss in hair and weight at the same time. Then, we can see abnormality better.

Therefore, when you have losing hair and gaining weight as symptoms, it’s a problem with Thyroid.

However, losing hair can result from overusing hair treatments. So, we’ll move to others.

Mood changing

Because Thyroid works as a source of hormones, you’ll feel the disorder.


Lacking hormones means the lower supply of energy. Hence, you’re supposed to be down in mood. Worse, you might feel stressed and tired.

Losing Hair Gaining Weight- You May Have A Thyroid Problem!

Hyperthyroidism, on the other hand, can make you want more sleep and resting.

If people around start claiming on your behavior recently, it’s supposed effects of Thyroid disorder.

Other reasons of losing hair

Losing hair gaining weight is such a nightmare to all girls. Thyroid disorder happens in women over 60, and it’s rarely found in young ladies.

Hence, if you are just 20 and you find these symptoms, there could be other reasons.

Hair treatment

Hair fall is a significant consequence of using too many chemicals on hair. Young people like styling hair regularly. And in salons, their hair is made shiny and healthy again and again by so-called haircare products.

However, curling, straightening, and dying mean so many harms on hair that cannot be saved by another chemical.

Young people fall in the circle of haircare in salons. Then they soon find out the hair is no longer as thick as it should be.


Stress will cause hair loss. It sounds strange but, it’s true.

Let’s see how it happens.

Hair loss caused by stress is called Telogen effluvium. The pressure in a long time will disrupt resting. Therefore, 20% of the scalp which is under resting time will fall when people feel stressed.

Losing Hair Gaining Weight- You May Have A Thyroid Problem!

This hair fall happens in growing hair, so you will see the hair strands quite thin.

Typically, stress also causes losing weight. Gaining weight is quite a rare situation while pressure leads people to overeat.

Stress might be one of hair grey causes. Staying late and working under pressure will affect blood circulation, then the color of hair.

Overall, we think that losing hair or gaining weight is more potent when people lost hormones balance.

Hair problems and solutions

No girls like having a thin fin hair. Hence, hair loss is a real problem that all girls want to discuss.

Having thin hair will stop you from voluminous hairstyles like deep curly or French Bauex.

Besides, under inappropriate caring, the situation can become worse even we use no harmful products.

To solve this problem, we have some ideas

Use wigs

While you are still waiting for thickening hair, using alternatives such as full lace wigs, closure or hair extensions.

Using these wigs will cause no harms to hair at all, provided you take good care.

Losing Hair Gaining Weight- You May Have A Thyroid Problem!

Using herbs

If the hair becomes weaker by chemicals, you should stop going to salons. There are several herbs to take care of hair such as rosemary, aloe vera, burdock and so on.

Regularize daily habit

Losing hair gaining weight is one in results of bad practice. We work late, so we stay late, then eat more at middle night.

These habits will cause irregular blood flow then also malfunction digestion. Besides, overeating will help you gain weight, especially belly fat.

Medical treatment

One of the reasons for losing hair and gaining weight is Thyroid disorder. You should have a blood test to make sure if you have hyperthyroidism or not.

If you have disorders, follow description by a doctor. Hairfall will disappear when you eliminate hormones imbalance.

Final sayings,

We understand how you feel when losing hair gaining weight happen at the same time. Speak for all girls on earth; we share some of our knowledge about cause, problems, and solutions.

We hope that each girl could pay more attention to hair care. Every chemical treatment is harmful. The thyroid is a threat not for hair and weight only but also the whole body.

But, if you read this article, you know what to do. Finding the causes then go for treatment, hair will grow back, and the body soon is in shape.

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