Post Pregnancy Hair Care Is Not That Hard If You Know How

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As you know, during the pregnancy, the hair was very beautiful, shiny, and vibrant. But since giving birth, the hair becomes duller and breaks quickly. But don’t worry about this, don’t panic: Many young mums deal with the phenomenon of hair loss. And now, this article will talk about Post pregnancy hair care, take a look at the best regime you can also adopt, so you will quickly have hair that breathes vitality.

What causes postpartum hair loss?

Women always have good hair health when having pregnancy but the question is when does postpartum hair loss begin. The answer is after giving birth. Normally 90% of the hair grows at a given point while the other 10% is using rest. After resting, the hair falls off and is replaced by new strands of hair. During pregnancy, the majority of hair is in resting and the result has thicker hair. Moreover, after pregnancy, the Estrogen levels decrease to normal. The hair cycle comes out of the resting phase and makes the hair fall. This is called Telogen Effluvium and lasts from three to six months. However, external factors like lack of sleep and stress when handling a baby can make the situation worse.

Post Pregnancy Hair Care Is Not That Hard If You Know How
post pregnancy hair loss

But don’t worry! If you have good care and persistent efforts, we can ensure that you will have beautiful locks back in a long time in Post pregnancy hair care.

Postpartum hair loss treatment

Indian home remedies for hair fall after delivery always care about hair loss. So there are all tips for women to know and try! 

Decrease washing

You should choose the best shampoo for postpartum hair loss. You can choose Hair Food’s Moisturizing shampoo & conditioner. It will be fantastic. The product has natural ingredients for caring hair. In addition, Hair Food also can purify, nourish, and smooth lines. 

Another tip you have to remember is to shampoo and condition the hair no more than 2 times a week. You remember to use a conditioner after shampooing. You have to limit times shampoo to help the hair without falling out. 

Moreover, this work can keep the hair more vibrant and healthy as possible. It is becoming incredibly important to choose good hair products. You choose the product with free paraben, sulfates, and dyes. 

Post Pregnancy Hair Care Is Not That Hard If You Know How
don’t wash your hair too frequently

Get a new cut

Another tip in postpartum hair loss after 1 year is to get a new cut. You must visit the stylist if you want to have a new hairstyle. When the new hair grows back in, shorter layers can help the funky transition. Moreover, layering hair can give more volume and fullness. You also choose cute hair accessories such as wraps, hair clips, or bandanas to conceal thinning hair strands.

Massage the hair regularly

You should pick good quality organic hair oil for the best hair oil for hair fall after delivery. And the product has main ingredients such as coconut, castor, olive oil, and almond for massaging the hair. You can follow it by wrapping a wet hot towel on the head within five minutes. After shampooing the hair, you don’t wash the hair dry with a heating device. 

The hair care routine if carried out regularly for at least three months will get great results. 

Other haircare tips:

Change the hairstyle

The best post-pregnancy hair care or Post pregnancy hair care is changing the hairstyle. Flat and straight hair makes hair loss more obvious. You don’t use a hot curling iron. You can use velcro rollers to give the hair a more full look without damaging from blow dryer to curling iron. Also when swapping out hot tools will make a big difference in keeping the hair nourished. 

Furthermore, if you part the hair in the middle, a side part can reveal thin hair surrounding the temples. If you want to have a side part, you swap the part to the opposite side. You even apply some highlights to the face-framing hair to minimize hair loss appearance surrounding the temples.

Post Pregnancy Hair Care Is Not That Hard If You Know How
massage scalp to increase hair growth

Reduce stress

Taking some steps to reduce the stress levels can add benefits to help the hair loss in Post pregnancy hair care. You can practice different relaxation ways such as mindfulness, breathing exercises, and meditation. You should spend time on regular gentle or moderate exercise because it can reduce stress. 

Moreover, you can also ask friends and relatives for taking care of the baby and household chores if you feel overwhelmed.


How to care hair after pregnancy is moisturizing. It is impossible to improve split ends. So you can certainly nourish the damaged hair appearance. Moisturizing hair from roots to bottoms will help damaged hair not coming to worsen. When you have free time, you should toss a hair mask into a=a microwave and drench the hair from root to tip. After that, you wrap up the hair with a small hair towel and keep it as long as possible. You can wear it overnight and wash it the following morning. 

Increase multivitamin

Post Pregnancy Hair Care Is Not That Hard If You Know How
take in more vitamins

Vitamins for postpartum hair loss play an important role. You should eat enough protein, iron, biotin, omegas, and minerals. It can help nourish the hair strands from the roots. When the hair is strong, it is less likely to break and damage. When using vitamins and supplements, especially collagen proteins can bring a miracle on the thin and peeling nails. And also it has a big benefit in helping postpartum hair recovery. 

Moreover, taking vitamins can help the boy is functioning at an optimum level. It can deal with hair loss. 

Final words

To sum up, this is all information about Post pregnancy hair care. We hope that through the article mentioned above, you could understand and know about more the reasons why after giving birth the women have hair loss, the solutions for them to deal with. If you still have wondered, don’t hesitate, please contact us through the address:

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