The Sick Truth of Pre Bonding Hair Extensions You Never Heard Before

You’re looking to get some matched hair extensions, but it is overwhelming to decide which one you should go for. There are numerous forms of hair systems and each of them had its own benefits and drawbacks. In this post, we are going to look at one of the most salon-preferred kinds of extensions – pre bonding hair extensions. We will explain pre bonded hair extensions pros and cons, how to apply. Hope that our words help you make your decision on whether pre-bonded extensions are are pre bonding hair extensions?

The term “pre bonding extensions” derives from the appearance of the keratin bond of the system. There are several names for this method, such as pre-bonded, keratin bond, etc. The hair is applied to your own hair by using a heat gun. This tool will melt the pre keratin bond at the top of each strand, then you can attach it to your mane. This makes your hair appear thicker while protecting your natural hair.

Pre bonding extensions are suitable for those who are looking for a semi-permanent hair type without high maintenance. The hair will stay on your head for months. Differ from clip-ins, this hair cannot be taken off at the end of the day. It will be reapplied when your extensions turn too loose.

Many worried that the bond will damage their natural locks. But in fact, keratin is a natural bonding agent, and it does not damage your locks. It tends to be gentler on your curls than other silicone-based glues.  

To get the best keratin bond hair extensions, make sure that you buy them from a trustworthy reliable. There are more and more sellers in this space, but not all of them supply you with good products. Do the research, read reviews, and find the best hair vendor. 

How long do pre-bonded hair extensions last?

Depending on how well you take care of these hairs, pre-bonded extensions can last an average of 3-4 months. The hair is installed near to your hair roots, so you have to be more careful when brushing or washing your hair. Don’t pull the hair since you are indirectly shortening its lifespan. 

The Sick Truth of Pre Bonding Hair Extensions You Never Heard Before
pre-bonded hair extensions

Pre-bonded hair extensions pros and cons

Things you may like

– The hair replacement system works to add more hair length and volume to your own hair. 

– The bond after being attached to your hair looks so natural. It’s hard to detect whether it is a hair extension or your natural locks. 

– Compared to other kinds of hair extensions, pre-bonded extensions are more secure. They are attached to your hair by keratin bonds, so they are difficult to slip off. If you have a busy active life, this hair is a perfect option. 

– These hairs are available in different colors and textures. If you want to add highlights to your mane, opt for this hair system.

– The hair is durable as it can last for 4 months. It’s worth to invest. You can wear the hair for up to months without reapplying. 

Pre bonding hair extensions are good for new hair and hair growth. We are sure that they don’t affect the speed of hair growth. Also, these hairs give wearers a comfortable feeling as they are lightweight. You can easily blend them with your existing hair. 

The Sick Truth of Pre Bonding Hair Extensions You Never Heard Before

Are there any downsides of pre bonding extensions?

– The installing process is quite complex, so it should be done by a specialist. It needs special equipment – a heat gun to attach the hair to your locks. He/she knows how to apply the hair to add more hair volume to your mane while protecting your natural locks. 

– What about pre bonded hair extensions removal? Don’t pull your hair, otherwise, it will damage your locks. You need a specialist removal to get rid of these hairs safely. 

– The bonding may slip off if you use oil products. 


How can I install pre bonding extensions?

Before starting the application, you should wear gloves to protect your skin from burning. Remember that the bonding should be 0.3 inches away from your scalp. Don’t let the bonding knot each other as they may get tangled and matted. Make sure that your natural hair is clean enough when installing the extensions. 

The Sick Truth of Pre Bonding Hair Extensions You Never Heard Before
how to apply pre-bonded keratin extensions

Here’re detailed steps to applying these hair extensions:

– Divide your hair into sections so that it is easily managed. 

– Start with the hair section at the bottom. You take some hair strands as thick as the extension and separate hair using a separator and clip. Place the separator at the hair roots to protect your scalp against the heat and bond.

– Trim the keratin pre-tipped bond, then place it underneath your hair section and about 0.3 inches (1 cm) from the scalp. 

– Hold the heat gun in another hand, place the extension into the heat tool and close it for 3 seconds. 

– Release the heat gun and close the bond around your hair section by using your fingers. 

– You remove the separator and clip to reveal the finished hair. 

– Repeat until you get the desired hair length and volume. Don’t shampoo your hair within 24 hours after installing. 

How to maintain pre bonded hair extensions

Working as a hair supplier for years, we always recommend wearers follow regular maintenance with hair systems. With keratin bonds, you should check the hair every 4-6 weeks after wearing the hair. You should make an appointment with hairdressers so that they will check the extension. They will remove all loose hair extensions and reapply the new ones for a perfect look. 

The Sick Truth of Pre Bonding Hair Extensions You Never Heard Before
pre-bonded extensions real hair at Laylahair

Besides visiting a hair salon, you should be as gentle as possible when brushing your hair. As we stated, these hair extensions are applied near your hair roots. Hence, detangle the hair ends then move upwards. Brush the hair gently to avoid loosening the bond. 

Apply conditioner to the hair, avoid the bond. This keeps your hair looking so shiny, healthy, and gorgeous. If you skip this step, your hair will look dry and matted after a few weeks.

In a nutshell

We do hope that this post helps you have a deep insight into pre bonding hair extensions. Hope that our explanation about pre bonded hair extensions what are they, benefits, help you decide whether these hairs are the right one for you. 

What do you think about this type of hair replacement system? You want to buy pre bonded hair extensions wholesale, don’t hesitate to leave your comments below on your favorite hair. At Layla, we supply an array of hair extensions that are made of 100% human hair. Besides, we customize the hair according to every demand of customers. We’re looking forward to supporting you to achieve your desired look.

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