3 Big Mistakes To Avoid When Shopping For Curly Hair Extensions Near Me

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When I need a wig, I start to look for a shop of curly hair extensions near me. Buying in a nearby shop sounds more tempting than driving for a long way. I understand the reason. I know that many girls consider distance one of the top priority to decide purchase.

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My advice is looking at other aspects. There are more important criteria to make up your mind on hair extensions: the creditability of the shop, product quality, and compatibility.

You haven’t agreed with me yet?

Let’s listen to my story.

The lesson about prestige

I used to shop in stores nearby. I prefer them because they are easy to reach. However, I changed my mind now. It’s no point to shop nearby if we have online shops with perfect delivery policies. Besides, we have to focus on reviews from other users which we can find in most online shops.

That’s why I choose close shops. However, it seems not a good idea for me as my site has no big hair shops. They have wigs and hair extensions for sale. Moreover, I can choose among many hairstyles: curly hair extensions, wavy closures, deep curly hair closure.

3 Big Mistakes To Avoid When Shopping For Curly Hair Extensions Near Me

Be careful when shopping

Local shops for curly hair extensions near me have little interaction with outsiders. I do not know that the product line included synthetic and human hair.

I did buy a closure. It was a bang so it did not cost me much. But, I found out that the bang was not always in good condition. It got tangled easily. After several days, I had to give it up for its horrible messy look. My friend told me that the bang must have been from hair comb waste.

Hair comb waste is the hair falling while we groom. But they are originally tangled. It’s a waste and not durable for sure.

Lesson learned

My failure at first purchase taught me that the prestige of the store plays a big role. If they are reliable and customers keep loyalty to those stores, the products there must be qualified to some extent.

Don’t be afraid of traveling a bit further to get the best hair extensions. You can check out store’s reputation in their page. They should have a space for review and feedback from clients. Coming to big stores is a choice, too.

The lesson about price

We always shop in the hope of paying less, so do I. I care much about the price and I tend to choose cheaper hair products.

Human hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions are different, both in price and as well, the quality. Synthetic hair is artificial, of course. Makers gather hair by a silicon which appears in a nearly natural skin color.

Synthetic is not durable and limited in use. Heat treatment such as ironing or curling is not allowed, neither does dying. In somewhere between one or three months, you will see it in damage and become rubbish. Synthetic hair extensions are cheap.

3 Big Mistakes To Avoid When Shopping For Curly Hair Extensions Near Me

Money is a big problem here.

If you want a more durable hair extension with a lifespan of more than six months, come for naturally curly hair extensions. Human hair extensions permit us to dye or curl them, like exactly what we do our own hair. It cannot last as long as natural hair but you can expect them a natural look and flexible styles.  For those advantages, this type of wig cost more money.

I choose a low-quality synthetic hair extension at first and I soon regretted about my choice. The wig looked horrible in my head. It’s dry and tangled. Silicon even makes my skin irritated. I did spend a lot of time on just combing and style the hair but none of them worked.

I have to give it up in a month trying and soon buy high-street curly hair extensions near me. It’s the best buy because I look great and totally comfortable with that expensive thing.

Lesson learned

For me, the price can tell much about the quality. You cannot make a premium from rubbish. Spending a little a money can win a good hair extension.

However, it doesn’t mean that the more expensive the wig is, the better it is. You should have price references from different suppliers. Thus, you prove that you are investing in the right place.

The lesson about choosing suitable curly hair extensions near me

There’s no face which can wear any hairstyle. Your face can glow with a certain hairstyle. Inappropriate hair can ruin your look, too.

When I was 18, I do like deep curly hair to crazy. My hair was too thin to catch that look so I find help from deep curly hair extensions near me. I check my dream wig in the best curly hair extensions supplier at that time and finally get one.

3 Big Mistakes To Avoid When Shopping For Curly Hair Extensions Near Me

Curly hair extensions

I had loved it so much but it looked so disappointed on my face. My face is small and dark. Having a black deep curly hair seems to cover up my little face. It didn’t suit me, I have to say.

Now, I find my most favorite style, it’s brown wavy tape hair extensions. It fits my little face and the color tone up my skin.

Lesson learned

There are many curly hair extensions near me to choose. You have got tape hair extensions, clip hair, microbeads, weave hair extensions, .. and they come in different shapes. Each hair extension is suitable for different users. For example, hair clip is the best for weeding because it’s easy to set up and take off. Microbeads last longer but you must be careful with a stringy look,…

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When you apply it, the bonding is almost invisible. However, for straight hair, choosing Micro link or weave hair extensions can become too exposed.

In Summary

Base on my experiences, you have to look at multiple aspects in choosing curly hair extensions near me to get yourself the best buy. Three factors what help me to make a move are supplier’s reputation, price, and suitability.


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