Micro Link Hair Extensions 101: An All-Inclusive Guide

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Hair extensions are a favorite item for all gals. With every new day, hair manufacturers create new hair system styles. You know there are tons of extensions now, they are clip-in, tape-in extensions, etc.  In the hair extension industry, you can use many ways to attach the hair on your head. You use clips, tape, or sew-in to hold the hair. But in this post today, Layla will give you a new idea, a unique style of extension. We will only focus on micro link hair extensions, so keep reading to the end of this post to know more about this hair. 

What Are Micro Link Hair Extensions?

Micro fusion extensions are a non-damaging way to add your hair length and volume. It is by far the smallest and undetectable hair system style. Micro-links are beads that are connected to the hair to the hair system. Put simply, each strand of extension hair has a bead on it. Then the hairstylist will put your real hair through it, and the link is clamped down to hold each hair extension. With this type of extension, you don’t have to apply adhesive or clips to attach the extension. Often, the links are called tubes made of metal, such as aluminum or copper. Sometimes, it has the silicon layer, offering wearers a better grip. 

Micro Link Hair Extensions 101: An All-Inclusive Guide
micro link hair extensions

This hair extension combines well with your existing hair. Find and read micro link hair extensions reviews, you will see that many users evaluate it is the best and the safest style by far. 

In the hair market, there are multiple types of best micro link hair extensions available. It comes with different colors, sizes that fit all users. Apply the mico-links to get thick hair, and you should use different sizes of the links. For example, on the sides and top of your head, you have to use smaller links so that they are undetectable. For the back of your head, you use normal size ones that can fit bigger strands. 

Micro Link Extensions Pros And Cons

What are the advantages of the micro link extensions? Is it safe for your natural locks? Here are micro link hair extensions pros and cons you can refer to:


– Versatility: It is the best part of the micro link hair extensions. How you treat your bio hair, you can do with it, too. This technique is better than clip-ins as you can sleep with it without feeling hurt. Also, the tiny links (about 1mm) are hard to detect, so no one can pick out it. You can use this hair on whichever part of your head. 

– Naturalness: The extension blends seamlessly with your existing hair. If you attach it properly, it looks natural. Wearing the hair extension, you still care for and maintain your real hair as well. 

Micro Link Hair Extensions 101: An All-Inclusive Guide
micro link extensions pose less damage to hair

– Security: We highly recommend you apply micro-links if you have black hair. Micro link hair extensions on black hair are super secure because it uses small beads to hold the strands. No glue, no adhesive for the attachment of the hair extension. Therefore, it does not damage hair follicles and tresses.  

– Less maintenance: The hair system is a medium maintenance hairstyle. Hence, you can go to the hair salon to get the hair to be touched up every 5-8 weeks. Hairstylists will help you adjust the links or add extra hair if you require them. If you remove the links carefully and properly, you can reuse it.


The small drawback of this technique is the long application process. It needs your patience. It takes about 2-5 hours or more than to install on the head. Remember, don’t tie the hair root too much as it causes some uncomfortable feelings.

If your hair is fine or soft, the links can slip out of your hair. It will not last as long as wearers with a thicker texture.

Are micro link hair extensions a healthy option for your hair?

You install the extension by clamping down strands of the hair system to your natural locks. You use a hair plier clamp your strands; then, the hair will lie down flat. The technique offers a mess-free finished look. 

This hair extension is by far one of the safest ways for your hair. You don’t have to use tape nor other adhesives to install it. Say no with chemicals. What’s more, this style allows your bio hair to grow naturally underneath the extension. You can wear it over a long time, and it will enable you to take care of your natural locks. Opt for micro link hair extensions and enjoy the styling versatility. 

Micro Link Hair Extensions 101: An All-Inclusive Guide
micro ring human hair extensions

Just like your real hair, you can wear this extension in a ponytail style or any other high up styles. Bear in mind that if you remove the hair carefully, you will not damage your curls. 

This technique can last up to 6 months. However, you should go to a hair salon for a checkup after 2 months. Hairstylists help you check the links and adjust them if they are loose.  

How to Attach Micro Link Extensions

Let’s jump into the materials that you need to complete the installation process. You need microbeads, I-tip hair extensions, a loop, micro extension pliers, a rattail comb, and clippers. Now, follow our guide to applying for the extension:

– Decide where you apply for this extension and tie the rest hair you neatly. Then section out the small hair section to install the micro links. Make sure that the hair part is not too thick and the same width as micro rings. 

– Place a protective shield around the stand and secure it with a clip. Then use threader and slide strands through the loop.

– Next, slide a tiny ring through the loop and place it near your scalp, but not too close. Insert the I-tip hair extension through the ring and clamp firmly. Use micro extension pliers to secure the hair in place. 

– Repeat the process until you reach the hair length and thickness you desire. A proper install micro-link strand is quite easy and no damage. 

So how long will it take to apply this technique? You are a professional stylist, it may take you between 2-5 hours. It even takes 8 hours. 

Note: You have to install the micro links properly to avoid pain. Don’t apply the ring to close your scalp as it may lead to itchiness and discomfort. 

Micro Link Hair Extensions 101: An All-Inclusive Guide
how to wear micro link extensions

How to wash micro links application

The hair does not need any adhesive to secure the hair, hence, it is vital to keep the roots clean. Wearers should learn how to wash this hair to maintain and protect the hair from dust and oil. As you know, proper shampoo is the best option. Mico links are not your real hair, they can not absorb the natural nutrients, so use products containing no sulfates, parabens, and other harsh chemicals. Similarly, you also search for and use good shampoo for your micro link hair extensions African American

Follow a conditioner after washing. Remember, only apply conditioner along the hair length, don’t apply directly on the rings. 

Which kind of hair should you use this technique?

In fact, it suits most hair, from Brazilian hair to Cambodian one. Your hair is stronger and thicker, you can use it to add hair length and volume. If you are interested in this hair extension, you can see that it is a favorite style on those who have curly hair, i.g., African American hair. Micro link extensions African American hair works best on natural hair. Some black women can straighten their natural locks first, then install the extension on your head. It makes the style easy to match the natural locks. 


Where To Buy Micro Link Extensions?

How much do micro link extensions cost?

The prices of micro link hair extension vary on many factors, like how many strands you need, the hair length, hair type, and more. You can require less or more hair in each ring to get your dream hair. For this technique, wearers should choose the hair type that resembles your natural locks, including color and texture. Many customers come with us and require these hairstyles to add more their hair volume and thickness. Often, micro link hair extensions cost from $500 to $2,000 for the whole process. You can find some places on the market where you can get the extension for a low price. 

Besides, this hair needs high maintenance. Take yourself to the salon regularly to check the links. And you have to use about $250 for each time you have a checkup.

Micro Link Hair Extensions 101: An All-Inclusive Guide
micro link extensions at Laylahair

Layla Hair – a trustworthy human hair vendor

Purchase a hair system or anything, the questions about quality and styles are referred to most. If you choose a poor-quality extension, it offers an unreal hair look and even affects your natural locks. There are also many situations that customers purchase expensive hair with low standards. Therefore, surely you have a reliable place to buy and don’t get lousy hair. Many sites are providing micro link hair extensions on the market, but not all sell good hair systems as advertised.

So, we want to share with you a fantastic place to get the best micro links – Layla Hair. This is a prestigious stop for people looking for hair extensions and wigs. The hair products, especially micro link extensions, are harvested and manufactured by skillful craftsmen. The whole process needs their carefulness and meticulousness. We commit to offers customers the most quality items.  

The Last Words

Micro link hair extensions are one of the ideal solutions for those who want to achieve thick and real hair look. However, the cost of this technique is quite high, but it is worth to invest. We hope that with the above, you can get more basic knowledge about mico links and the place to purchase hair.  

To get more information about extensions and wigs, don’t hesitate to reach our blog. We always try to update popular and new techniques to refresh our products. 

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