Tape In Hair Extensions Pros And Cons – An Unbiased Review!

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If you are finding a method of increasing your hair’s volume and length, using tape in extensions is one of the best choices. However, everything has two sides. The article below will show tape in hair extensions pros and cons which enables you to have a clear look about this method.

What Is Tape in Extensions?

Tape extensions are one of the most popular extensions techniques currently. This method uses Remy or human hair extensions which are attached by double-sided tape from the root. The way they apply is to get your own hair taped between two wefts of hair extensions. This method can bring to you thick hair but also some disadvantages. Let’s find out what exactly the pros and cons of tape in hair extensions are!

Tape in Hair Extension Pros

Tape In Hair Extensions Pros And Cons - An Unbiased Review!
They are comfortable to use

Tape in Hair Extensions Bring You Comfort

You will not need to worry about discomfort when using hair extensions. In contrast, sometimes you even forget that you are wearing them as they are so lightweight with couple millimeters thin. Moreover, most of the current hair extension products are made from the glue. Thus, you are able to enjoy your sound sleep when using them.

You Can Reuse Your Tape

Tape In Hair Extensions Pros And Cons - An Unbiased Review!
Tape-ins are reusable

One of the best tape extensions pros is its reusability. Just find for yourself a professional hairdresser and ask him or her for help when you want to remove your hair extensions. Thanks to this advantage, you can both save money and change your hairstyle flexibly.

It Is Hard To Detect Them

This method uses transparent tape which is extremely hard to be seen by the naked eyes. The hair extensions will blend with your hair naturally. Therefore, people will never notice them.

Tape In Hair Extensions Pros And Cons - An Unbiased Review!
It’s hard to detect tape-in hair extensions

Tape in Is Safe For Thin Hair

Some people worry that the tape will have a negative impact on thin hair. Low-density hair locks are able to be damaged and turn thinner. However, this is a misconception. This is such an amazing method that can increase the volume of your super thin hair. Those tape in hair extensions does not put any strain on your hair as they are designed to look not only natural but also be absolutely safe for hair.

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You Can Install Tape in Extensions At Home

There is no doubt that using tape in hair extensions is the most easy-to-use method in comparison to others. Take sew-in extensions as an example. Even hairdressers try to avoid this method as it requires high-level expertise to install them correctly. Nevertheless, applying tape in your hair is a simple process that can be done at home. Specifically, the whole process only takes about 20 minutes, isn’t it convenient?

Tape In Hair Extensions Pros And Cons - An Unbiased Review!
You can install tape-in hair extensions yourself at home

There Are A Myriad Of Shades And Texture

Another surprising tape in hair extension pros is about hairstyle. They will offer dozens of shades for you to choose such as brown, black, blonde, teal, rose, blue, etc. In particular, ombre hair extensions will make you look extremely fashionable without having to use bleach and color your hair. Apart from that, there are a variety of texture choices for you, from straight to many types of curls. So let’s find out your best extensions to show off your unique style!

Tape in Hair Extension Cons

They Are Not Low-costed

Tape In Hair Extensions Pros And Cons - An Unbiased Review!
Human hair tape extensions are not cheap

Due to the high-qualified of hair extension, tape in extensions is not a low-priced method compared to others. However, it is certainly a worthy choice for a gorgeous hairstyle because it can be used for a long time, up to a year. In addition, the user can use tape in hair extensions again after removing it by re-taping.

Your Tape Need Adjusting

Depending on the speed of hair growth, you have to adjust your tape extension. If it grows fast, your tape hair extensions have to be changed more often than others. The more your hair grows, the more visible the tape extension will become since your hair grows longer, the tape will move downward farther. Nonetheless, this problem will happen to every type of hair extension method, so don’t worry about it.

Tape In Hair Extensions Pros And Cons - An Unbiased Review!
Apply tape-ins requires a careful hand

Tape in Extensions Offer Some Restrict Rules

Firstly, hair washing is not allowed after 48-hour installation, since the tape in extensions has been not well-bonded to your natural hair previously. Secondly, hair products containing oil or alcohol will negatively affect the tapes, make them slip off easily, therefore, you need to use products that have been instructed by your hairdresser.

Removing The Tape in Extensions Is Not Straight Forward

To remove the tapes, the particular adhesive remover is required. You have to buy this remover separately because it is not included in the tape in hair extensions’ price. When you remove the tape in extensions directly, it will ruin both the extensions and your hair locks. Therefore, with the use of the remover liquid, while pulling out the tape, it’s easier to remove the tapes without any harm. If you wonder about the price, don’t worry as it doesn’t cost much.

Best Tape in Hair Extensions: Remy Human Hair

Besides knowing more about tape in hair extensions pros and cons, choose the best tape-ins is very essential. There is no doubt that for the best tape in hair extensions, Remy human hair should be the main source.  Indeed, what type of hair was made for the tape is so important because it will affect your extensions positively or negatively. Tape in hair extension can be used up to a year, which means you cannot remove them daily like clips. Hence, if you do not apply the high-quality tape in extensions, your hair is probably damaged.

Tape In Hair Extensions Pros And Cons - An Unbiased Review!
Remy human hair is the best to choose

However, the point is that not all Remy human hair is quality. Some sellers may tell you that tapes are made of Remy’s hair but no one ensures that it is best Remy human hair. Therefore, if you are looking for the number-1 tape in hair extensions, it is a great honor for Layla to introduce to you the best tape hair extensions ever.

Our products are 100% human Remy hair with no harsh chemicals, no henna and no synthetic included in the manufacturing process. Laylahair’s tape hair extensions do never get tangle or slipped off. Once style them, you will gain the most natural and realistic dense look for your hair.

The Bottom Line

It’s obvious that tape in hair extension certainly is the most effective and latest method to add volume to fine hair or change hairstyle flexibly. If you wonder to style them for your hair or not, let’s take the tape in hair extensions pros and cons we mentioned above into account to make the best choice.

If you concern more about hair extensions or hairstyles, do not hesitate to visit the Layla Hair website. We are willing to be of service!

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