The difference between lace closure and silk closure

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You found The hair extensions whose style and color suits you, but it isn’t a perfect hair extension without part ‘closure’. And, you may be wondering which lace is best for your hair. Try silk closure!!!

Silk closures are made with hair strands embedded into a nude, skin-like silk material that is reinforced with lace. Oh, do you know what the difference between Lace closure and silk closure is? Although lace closure gives a scalp-like appearance when placed against your skin or natural scalp and allows for a very flat and easy application that will make your install look very real, you’ll have to bleach the knots to get rid of the grid-like effect the dots create because the hair strands are directly embedded into the sheer lace, tiny black knots where the hair and lace meet are visible when placed against your skin. Silk closures tend to last longer and generally needn’t to be bleached like lace closures. Why? Because of the silk material backing on the closure, the knots are not visible and mimic the scalp without much alteration.


However, here is one thing that needs your attention. One disadvantage of using the silk closure is that the base is a little thicker, so it will not lay as flat on your head as a lace based closure. Because the color of the silk material is nude, it may not look as natural on darker scalps, so you may have to alter the closure after all. Thus, before buying a hair extension with a silk closure, you should check that if it suits the color of your skin. Though sometimes you may need to add a concealer to perfect the look.

Just like lace closure, silk closure isn’t human scalp. As a result, you should care for it carefully. Do not try to directly apply the liquid bonds on closure. Instead, spray it to your scalp, hold the silk closure in your head. Always keep your scalp clean and prepare properly before wearing silk closure, with skin shield before applying silk closure; Brush your hair gently; Don’t let your hair stay in cold temperatures, especially dry and cold weather. Temperature, chemical agent, physical agent are elements which cause losing hair, balding, tangling hair, …, especially breaking closure.

Silk closure can be not a best choice of many people, but it is a kind of durable closure. You will not waste money and time if you purchase a high quality silk closure. Let’s try a silk closure once!
Thank you so much for reading.

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