Three Part Hair Closures: What You Have Missed Out

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One of the crucial criteria in choosing a lace closure wig is deciding on parting. The wig market is open for everyone, whether if you have side parts, middle part, or no part at all. However, this is nowhere near an easy decision as hair part can make or break your whole look.

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Well, if you are not sure and want to try out different options to see which one matches your face, three part hair closures are for you!

What are three part hair closures?

Lace closure wig is a section of hair ventilated in lace patch. It is attached in the “horseshoe” part of your head to imitate real hair body and give full protection to your scalp. Based on parting to classify, there are generally three types of hair closures: free part (no parting), middle part, and three part.

 Three Part Hair Closures: What You Have Missed Out

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Three-part closure, as its name suggests, have two parts on the side, and one in the middle. It gives you versatility in styling. You can either try out each part to see what fits best for you or make braid patterns with your wig.

Pros and cons of three part hair closures


Lace closure customization

Since this type of lace closure wigs has three parts, it is easier for you to decide which suits you best, because parting is a tricky situation. It’s different for everyone. Some want to do right parting to cover the left side of their forehead if they are a little too big and asymmetrical, and vice versa.

Some stick to middle parting because it makes them look younger and create the illusion of a softer, more naïve look. And if you can pull off all sorts of parting, congratulations! You have the opportunity to change up your look frequently and spice up every single day.

Or if you are willing to experiment a little more, why don’t you try out this special braiding style?

Ease in parting

Some people may wonder: if you do not stick to one type of parting, why don’t you just buy a free part (no parting) and do the parting however you want? Yes, it is an option. But according to professional hairstylists, three-part closures are pre-plucked, pre-groomed so that it’s easier to style. Switching from side to side is a piece of cake since the parts are already determined.

 Three Part Hair Closures: What You Have Missed Out

With free part hair, on the other hand, they need to determine the desired parting, then pluck around to create the natural part on the wig, and install. Finally, they use blow dryers and hair products to tame the part again, which is a lot of work. Remember the struggle when you suddenly change your parting with your natural hair. It needs time and effort to stay put.

Lace closure benefits

Lace closure is always a bonus because the lace is made to mimic the actual pores of your scalp. In that way, it’s more natural and breathable. The pressure of wearing a wig in your head is not as high also. Imagine you have to walk around all day with such a burden on your head. Lace is here to save the day


Extra care for the parts

To keep the parts as it is when you first bought it, it’s essential you keep extra attention to it. If you wash it too frequently, with the inappropriate chemicals, or dry it the wrong way, the parts will disappear. The wig is still usable, but it will become a free part hair closure.

Difficulty in installing

Installing a three-part closure is more challenging, also. Precision is the key. Try to place the parts in line with the natural parting of your hair, or else it looks fake.

How to install three part hair closures?

With just a few simple steps, you can install your hair closures like a pro.

Step 1: Place the wig on your head and make sure the middle part of the hairpiece is in line with your central part. Then, mark where the other two parts are

Step 2: part your hair accordingly and start braiding the hair into cornrows. Braid the two sides away from the middle part.

Step 3: put your hair in the hair net, or just let it be if you want the braid patterns

Step 4: Sew the wig in, or glue in by using adhesives. If you choose to glue in, apply a thin layer of adhesives only.

How to take care of three part hair closures?

Wash it the right way

You should avoid washing too frequently. Wigs don’t have to be washed after every wear. When washing, try to use lukewarm water. Too hot or too cold water doesn’t do it any good.

And if your shampoo contains harsh chemicals, such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfates, Sodium Laureth Ether Sulfates, or Paraben, you should find another shampoo for the wig and your real hair. Condition and apply argan oil on lace closure wig if you can, to make sure it looks healthy, shiny and smooth.

Dry and brush gently

The best way to dry the wig after washing is letting it air dry. If it’s not possible, turn on your blow dryer with the lowest level of heat. Again, too much heat will damage the cuticles in your hair. Do not rub the hair after a wash, just blot it gently with silk or cotton cloth. Silk is the best material for your hair as it prevents breakage.

 Three Part Hair Closures: What You Have Missed Out

Be careful not to brush the lace 

The same principle applied with a brush. Do it softly with a wide-tooth comb. Brush it from the ends first, and work your way up.

The bottom line

Three-part hair closures is a fantastic tool for you to step up your hair game if you know how to handle it correctly. We hope that this article somehow makes you feel much more confident when choosing and using three part lace closures.

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