4×4 Lace Closures Secret: How To Make Your Hairpieces Look Great

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4×4 Lace closures have been a prominent name in the world of hair accessories. These products are extremely versatile, which also explains their popularity among women.

Since these items are durable, you can re-apply them within a certain period. This is when many ask themselves whether it is possible to style their hairpieces. If yes, how to do it?

4x4 Lace Closures Secret: How To Make Your Hairpieces Look Great

Let’s find out the answers right below!

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Should I style my 4×4 lace closures

Synthetic vs. Remy hair

Synthetic and Remny hair are the two most common materials for hair weaves and wigs. Synthetic is famous for being affordable. It comes with various color, styles, and types.

The significant shortcoming is synthetic fibers aren’t compatible with heat and chemical treatments.

Remy human hair, on the other hand, is from human donors. As a result, the hair looks more natural and smooth. What’s more, users can style, bleach, color, and apply different kinds of processing.

When buying 4×4 lace closures, you should select products made of Remy hair rather than a synthetic one.


Typically, you can contact your hair vendor to style hairpieces for you. Depending on your desired hairstyles, you have to pay a bit more for the products. The thing is sometimes hair vendors fail to understand your requirements.

Unless you want to receive a package of unwanted 4×4 lace closures, make sure that you give your hair vendor adequate guideline. Otherwise, you can style the hair yourself. Make sure that you have enough tools and hair products for that.


When it comes to DIY your hairstyles, it is essential to know that you can do it yourself. If you have never styled your hair at home, and if you have no idea how to turn your straight hair into curly wavy, it’s time to seek for professional help.

You can ask either the hair vendor where you get the hairpieces or a hair salon. Keep in mind that you should check the price in both places and make sure that you will get the best bang in the buck.

How to style your 4×4 lace closures

Heat styling

Heat processing is probably the most popular treatment for those want to have body wavy or curly hair. The advantage of this method is the durability. The more you maintain it, the more durable it becomes.

4x4 Lace Closures Secret: How To Make Your Hairpieces Look Great

Heat styling is a popular processing.

Heat styling requires tools such as flatirons or curling wands. Modern tools often come with heat control dials, which allow you to determine the best temperature for your hair styling.

You need to use a heat protectant to make sure that your hair strands are safe from the heat.

Heatless styling

Heatless styling is less long-lasting than that of heat one. However, this method enables you to explore infinite hairstyles.

For example, beach waves, a favorite hairstyle of Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid, and Blake Lively, can be easily made with just braids.

The process is simple.

First, you apply light leave-in hair moisturizer or some water on your hair. Then, carefully detangle your hair with a brush. Now it’s time to braid.

When your hair is dry, merely unravel the braids. The beach weaves can stay for 24 hours.

Customized Curly and wavy

The good news is you can easily make curly and wavy lace closure from straight hair. This way, your hairpieces are less prone to damage. Depending on your hair preferences, you should you choose a suitable tool for each hairstyle.

For instance, if you want to to make tighter curls, it is best to choose small barrel iron. As for curls with significant volume, large barrel iron is the most suitable choice.

Straight hair

It is advised not to straighten your curly or wavey lace closures completely. This you have to use high temperature to be able to flatten your hairpieces, the hair strands will be damaged.

However, you can certainly change the volume of curls. To open the kinks and make them bigger, use a wide-tooth comb and carefully go over your hair, part by part. This method helps release the curls.

4x4 Lace Closures Secret: How To Make Your Hairpieces Look Great

Beautiful straight hair

Another way is to use two-strand twists.  You should use a leave-in conditioner before this application. Select at least six different parts and twist each section from top to bottom.

For loose curly 4×4 lace closures, it is easy to get them straightened with a flatiron. Whenever you use heat styling, make sure that you spray heat protectant before.


Who doesn’t love to change their hair color once in a while? If you are a frequent user of lace closure hairpieces, chances are you want to dye them as well. You can certainly do it.

However, keep in my that chemicals in hair color products will be harmful to Remy hair. Therefore, you shouldn’t dye closures too often. What’s more, use natural, hair-friendly products will make the maintaining process less daunting.

For non-Remy hair weaves, it is a big no-no for any attempt to color them. This hair type has been chemically treated, incompatible with any harsh treatments.

The bottom line

4×4 Lace closures are quite versatile when it comes to hair styling. From straight to body wavy, you can certainly change the style accordingly. Make sure that you have chosen a reliable hair vendor to high-quality weaves.

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