Top Surprising Facts of Lace and Silk Closure You Should Not Miss

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For any wig lover, there’s nothing like “enough” for hairstyles. In their closet, there’re no ways for the absence of lace and silk closure which are two of the most favorite types of wigs in recent days. Lace and silk closure all look better and more real than usual wigs.

However, many people have not had any idea about two fantastic hair accessories. And it seems like we have a lot to tell about lace and silk closure.

What is lace closure

Lace closure is a piece of wig where they join hair strands along the lace into tiny holes one by one. You will see the lace in beige or brown which fit different skin tones. Thanks to the way people make lace closures, this piece of the wig looks amazingly natural. People will barely tell if it’s your natural hair or not.

Top Surprising Facts of Lace and Silk Closure You Should Not Miss

Hair closures

Unlike traditional wigs, lace close comes in smaller size. One of favorite is 4×4 lace closure which helps you look hairier by in a spontaneous way. Using the lace closure allows any girl to style the hair as she wishes. By few skills, you can see this wig as your hair.

What is silk closure

Silk closures recently become one of the most wanted for wig lovers. This hair closure has its base a piece of silk which presents bare human skin. Each strand of hair is embedded into that silky part and form the closure.

Top Surprising Facts of Lace and Silk Closure You Should Not Miss

A patch of silk closure

This kind of closure gives you a natural look as well. But silk base is less breathable than other materials. In return, it seems more durable and independence from skin tone. You can wear silk closure without being noticed that your real skin color reveals.

What the difference between lace and silk closure

Both lace closure and silk closure are new to the market and girls are getting crazy about them. But what to choose the more suitable wig between two of them? Firstly, we should know their differences

Speaking of application, lace closure is more convenient. The lace is the exact combination of holes which you can separate without messing up the rest. The flexible feature helps lace closure to be applicable for different hairstyles. With silk closure, fixing can take more time.

Top Surprising Facts of Lace and Silk Closure You Should Not Miss

Lace closures offer different base color.

Besides, lace is breathable material. Thus, you save yourself from scalps. Silk won’t let head skin any air. It’s like you wearing a hat all day long. Itches and scalp after wearing silk closure are undeniable.

Lace can be seen through. That’s why people make lace closure in different shades of skin. It’s not a big deal if you choose the right tone, but if you get overdosed color, you might never wear that wig anymore. Silk closure has the artificial skin for you. That means your skin cannot be seen through even if you are wearing a different skin tone.

Bleaching is a problem with lace closure but not for silk closure. Silk closure can save you out of chores. Silk is always the more durable material.

In general, choosing lace or silk closure depends on what you need from this wig. Each of the advantages satisfies users in different ways.

How to find the best place to buy lace and silk closure?

Business prestige

A right place for anything, not only hair closure, should be reliable. Business prestige ensures the product’s quality and post-sale policies. For those who barely know about wigs, silk closure or lace frontal, finding a trustworthy shop is a must before purchase.

To identify if business prestige, you can look for reviews or feedback from clients or their years of experience

Years of experience

People can fake some comments, some likes or even lies in feedback. However, they cannot survive long after selling low-quality products. How many years they have been in the industry can tell a bit of their product. They should be good enough to keep the business survive.

Best customer service

Customer service is one of the top priorities to look for before any deal. Excellent customer service guarantees good products. No one gets scared of annoyance if they do the right thing.

Product quality

Needless to say that the quality of closure is what attract us. It’s the core of the deal. However, it could take time to find out. The fastest way should be reading reviews.

Good customer feedback

By words from thousands of mouth, we will figure something out. If a store has good feedbacks every day, their products must be good at some point.

Why Layla Hair is the best place to shop for hair products

Features of a trustworthy place for wigs

Referring to the criteria above, Layla Hair fulfills every qualification for a good place of wigs. This vendor has been into wigs supplying for many years. The time is long enough for them to have customer all around the US and the UK. Feedbacks about products is published so that anyone can have an idea of their service. Besides, they guarantee product quality by revealing the origins of those wigs

The wide range of choice

As a vendor of early generations, Layla Hair provides customers with unlimited choices for wigs. Product range does not stop at closure but also different styled wigs. Products from different countries are available from popular wigs to unique and traditional closure.

Top Surprising Facts of Lace and Silk Closure You Should Not Miss

Amazing hairpieces from Layla Hair

Good customer service

Layla hair connected with many express companies that make sure the time of delivery. Besides, they offer customers a wholesale price, so their price tag is always competitive.  There are no more difficulties with making payment overseas because Lalayhair introduces you a wide range of method: PayPal, MoneyGram or visa card.

The bottom line

Both lace and silk closure are leading at the moment. It’s a new way to style and enhance the hairstyle. Farewell to heavy and bulky full coverage wigs, hair closure at the moment give you more natural looking hair. Lace or silk depends on the qualifications of each user, the lace could be more comfortable, but the silk base will stay flawless in a longer stage.

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