What Burgundy Hair Is? The In-depth Explanation From Hair Gurus

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Burgundy (dark red or red wine color) is a fashionable and attractive hue. Women with brown or blonde hair sometimes resort to this hair to appear well and get a bright hair look. Redheads also try this shade to switch up their tresses. Classic, vibrant, and gorgeous, this hair hue is all you are looking for. Here’s the definition of burgundy hair and hair color ideas for all. Make your hair look shiny and more delectable.

About burgundy hair color 

What Burgundy Hair Is? The In-depth Explanation From Hair Gurus
Burgundy hair color

Burgundy hair is among the most mysterious and magical hair color of all the red family. It is also called red wine or maroon hair hue. This hair shade is a blend of dark red and purple that creates deep, fresh, and unique hair hue. Like a fine wine, the hair color hues shimmer when you stand under the light. The origin of the dark red color is from the famous Burgundy wine region of France. Hence, the name of the hair hue is a borrowing word. 

The bold red color gives beautiful framing and contrast for all skin tones. Many stylish girls sport this hair color, they look attractive anywhere. You are a shy girl, you desire a striking change one time, the burgundy color hair is just for you. This hair color is suitable for those who love attention or want to make innovation. 

What’s more, burgundy natural hair on dark skin is a classic and good look. Many sophisticated celebrities wear dark burgundy hair color shades to switch up their images. Some famous examples include Sharon Osbourne, R&B bad girl Rihanna, Game of Thrones’ witch Melisandre –  actress Carice van Houten, and so on. No matter who is your inspiration, it is indisputable that girls in dark burgundy hair are memorable.

Burgundy hair color ideas

Here is our list of variants of this fantastic hair hue you can refer to:

Dark red

This cool burgundy hair shade is suitable for girls with elegance style. As it sounds, the subtle tone is not too bright. You can easily get a full head color with this shade, and your parents will not yell at you. Also, the hair hue variant looks as beautiful when tried as lights on the hair.

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Deep plum

Dark red hair vs deep plum vs Mulberry hair color

People with olive skin tone must try this burgundy plum hair color. This beautiful maroon hair hue combines well with long wavy hair. Imagine, it is the gorgeous combination of burgundy hair. The hair shade is deep and professional, but when you see it in the lights, it really pops. 

To maintain this look, you should use purple shampoos and hair conditioners. Let’s enjoy the hair color.

Mulberry hair color

This is an amazing shade in the burgundy hair color chart. Opt for the rich burgundy hair dye to get this hair look. It is a perfect choice for those with fair or neutral skin complexions.

Chocolate brown burgundy hair

The burgundy brown hair is a part of the red color family. This excellent look is ideal for people who desire to freshen up and enrich their dark color mane. Style your hair in short or long bob is all up to you. 

Red violet burgundy hair color

Chocolate brown burgundy hair vs red violet burgundy hair

Red wine color combines with a subtle violet, looking as close to natural hair color. The shade is not incredibly noticeable until you stand in the light or sun. Only one word “Wonderful!” The subtle hair color is an unusual yet eye-catching combination. Try this shade as it is appropriate for both work and party. 

Bright burgundy

This is a cool and funky shade of dark red hair color. So, it is an excellent and fun way to lift on your dull mane. Go for a full-head color with this beautiful shade. You can try a burgundy ombre hair, the combination of red dark hair and purple give you the best effect. Or add some bright burgundy highlights on your dark base color to get a dramatic effect.

Bright burgundy hair vs burgundy hair with blonde highlights

Burgundy hair with blonde highlights

The wine hair color is today’s trendy hair hue. You can see that many fashionistas rock it. Adding some blonde highlights helps to show off your hair thickness. Remember that the hair dye and style you use are the best way to add fun changes to your red hair hue. 

Choose the perfect shade of burgundy for your skin tone

Before selecting a deep burgundy hair color, you have to determine your complexion first. Do you know what your skin undertone is, cool, neutral or warm? Bear in mind the rule of opposites. It means if you have cool undertones, warm hair colors may work best for you. Or if your skin undertone is warm, you are ready to wear cool red hair hues.

How to dye burgundy hair at home

We have good news for you. You don’t have to bleach your existing hair before dyeing hair. With other lighter hair hues, they normally require pre-bleaching to get the right shade. As we all know, red wine color is bold, dark red hair dye can work well to reach an excellent result.

What Burgundy Hair Is? The In-depth Explanation From Hair Gurus
How to dye burgundy hair

With that being said, a hair professional will give you the hair shade that works well on your skin. It may be a lighter, darker or the mix of lighter and darker to create your new hair look. If you do the process at home, be careful. Ask for the hair expert’s advice or experienced colorists first if you want to apply the hair dye. 

Step-by-step tutorial

– You should do a strand test to make sure that the result gives you the burgundy hair color as you want. You apply the small amount of hair dye on your skin to check whether you have an allergic reaction. 

– Then, prepare your tresses in good shape for hair dyeing. Clean hair to remove dirt and oil. Don’t wash too much or scrub your scalp. Let your strands dry and apply the hair mix. 

– Mix the hair dye and developer together, leave the mix to stay in a few minutes. Divide your hair into sections. Wear plastic gloves and apply the hair dye. Apply more dye to cover the length of your tresses if necessary. It would be better if you cover your hair with a shower cap or plastic bag. 

– Wait about 25-45 minutes until the hair dye processing time finishes. Cleanse the hair with only lukewarm water. Apply hair conditioner and rinse after 4 minutes to soften the strands. Let your hair air dry and enjoy your beautiful hair.

How to upkeep burgundy hair

– First, don’t shampoo your colored hair every day. Only 1-2 times a week would be great.

– Secondly, say no with shampoos containing harsh chemicals as they can severely dry out your strands and speed up the fading of hue. 

– Thirdly, apply hair conditioners or treatments to soften and nourish your strands. They can keep your hair color intense and gorgeous.

– Next, cleanse your colored tresses with warm water, no hot temperature.

– Finally, you should invest in a dry shampoo instead of shampooing your hair too much. These products absorb oils from the scalp and keep your color last longer.

Our Conclusion

To sum up, all of us want to have fantastic hair. Now it’s time to change yourself. Burgundy hair on brown skin or white skin both looks excellent. Don’t be hesitant anymore and choose the best red wine hair shade for you. 

Layla hopes that you know better burgundy hair color after scanning through this post. If you are looking for a red wine wig, we can supply it. Many years in the hair industry, we believe can offer you the very best hair systems at affordable prices. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. 

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