How To Use Hair Rollers? – Back To Basics

Hair rollers are the beauty item associated with both celebs, beauty bloggers, and housewives. There are various types and models of hair rollers out there and women can easily get it from a local store. The item creates different styles whether you have long or medium hair. But each of them has its own usage. 

Below, we present the definitive guide on how to use hair rollers and common types of this beauty product.  

Common types of hair rollers

As mentioned, there are different types of hair rollers that include normal and heated rollers. All of them work to create beautiful curly patterns. Here are popular ones you can consider using:  

Foam roller

This beauty product works for all hair types, and it is a safe option if you want to set your hairstyle overnight. The roller has a soft and spongy body part that can protect your head during the styling process. It does not hurt your head when you turn or sleep. When you use this unit, you should keep it looser to prevent pulling, resulting in hair loss. It is the best option for those with straight hair who want to achieve fluffy curls. 

When you use the roller, just apply it to dry hair. You can roll them up in different directions to create a not-so-uniform and natural look. In the morning, you gently brush your hair and get beautiful curly hair.

How To Use Hair Rollers? - Back To Basics

Want to learn how to use foam hair rollers overnight, keep reading to the next part of this blog post. 

Velcro rollers

This roller easily creates both loose curls and tight ringlets, depending on the size of the item you use. It suits most hair types, especially for those with thin hair. It will give a more voluminous and body to your locks, offering a fuller hair look. 

When using velcro rollers, you should prepare a hairspray so that it helps hold the curls effectively. After rolling the hair, you have to keep it for around 30-60 minutes to form the style.

Bendy rollers

If your hair goal is ringlets or kinky curly patterns, bendy rollers will get you there. They are soft; hence, users can bend them into any shape they like. Plus, it can stay in the right place without using clips or pins. The rod comes in different sizes and lengths to suit different hairs. If your hair is short, you can use it easily. 

How to use bendy hair rollers? Wash your hair and let it dry about 90%. Depending on the size of rollers and the density of your bio hair, you can divide your hair into small sections and start rolling from hair ends to roots. If you need, you can apply a cream or gel before rolling the hair. Leave your hair to stay for hours and then break the curls apart with your fingers. 

How To Use Hair Rollers? - Back To Basics
Bendy rollers vs Hot rollers

Hot rollers

You want something creating curls quicker than the above options, consider using hot rollers, e.g steam hair rollers. They work and give instant heat and instant hairstyle. Furthermore, these units are gentle and safe styling hair products. With an array of sizes, hot rollers create a curly, bouncy, glamorous, and soft hair look.  

How to use hot rollers on short or long hair? Wrap the hair around the hot rollers and secure them with clips. Roll your hair under from the hair tips up. However, you should not leave this tool on your hair too long as it causes hair damages. And after rolling, you have to condition or deep condition to keep it stay healthy.  

How to use hair rollers

With foam rollers

You have no idea how to use foam hair rollers? Here’s our guide to using hair rollers overnight you should try:

– Step 1: Firstly, you have to wash your mane with gentle shampoo and conditioner. Clean and fresh hair helps you style hair strands much easier. 

– Step 2: You squeeze excess water and then let your hair air dry about 90%. During this process, you can add a hair serum if necessary. Once your hair is dry, you detangle the hair. 

– Step 3: Divide your mane. Depending on the size of the rollers and the density of your mane, you can divide it into small sections.

How To Use Hair Rollers? - Back To Basics
how to use foam roller

– Step 4: Take hair rollers. You open the item, hold a hair section, and wrap it around the roller. How to use foam rollers hair? You have to start from the ends and roll it up toward hair roots. Once you get close to the scalp, secure the roller with a clip. Repeat this step on other sections until you have curled all over your head. 

– Step 5: Wait! You wait for about 8 hours or leave it overnight. Foam hair rollers are soft, so it does not damage hair strands or hurt the scalp. Cover the head with a clean and silk scarf before sleeping. Imagine, you have straight hair today and curly hair the next morning. 

– Step 6: Take off the rollers and tousle your curls. Spray hair styling products in order to keep curly patterns longer.

In addition, you can use plastic and rubber rollers the same way to achieve a bouncy and gorgeous hairstyle. 


With hot rollers

Want to get instant results and instant style? Hot rollers are the best option for you. How to use hot rollers on medium length hair or long hair? Let’s see:

– Step 1: Clean your hair first. Make sure that you have a fresh hair look before styling. Air-dry the hair completely, not damp. Detangle and apply a thin layer of heat protectant to hair strands to avoid hair damage.

– Step 2: Plugin and heat the rollers. Section your mane when waiting for rollers to get hot.

How To Use Hair Rollers? - Back To Basics
how to use hot rollers

– Step 3: Check the rollers. Hold a hair section and place the end on the roller. Start wrapping the hair around the item until you get close to your scalp. Secure the roller with a pin. Keep doing on the rest hair parts.

– Step 4: You leave rollers on your head for about 15-20 minutes so that they form your curls. Or you can wait until the products have cooled to take them off.  

Step 5: Finally, style the hair to get the best look.

There are other popular options for getting curly hair, for example, you can try using velcro rollers or curling irons.

Our conclusion

How to use hair curler rollers?

Hair rollers are an effective way to achieve curly tresses. But you have to use it properly to avoid future damage. Be careful!

Layla hopes that after this article, all readers can grab some knowledge about how to use hair rollers in the right and perfect way. Have any queries or questions, don’t hesitate to reach us via the WhatsApp link in the corner of the screen. Or you can leave your comments below, we’re always more than happy to assort.

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