The Explicit Answer To What Does Super Double Drawn Hair Mean

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It cannot be denied that the role of hair extensions these days is important. Many people tend to wear this item for different purposes. You are looking for a hair extension to get a fuller and thicker hair look. You spend time to find a friendly human hair system to get a natural look. Have you found it yet? If not, try wearing super double drawn hair is not a bad idea. 

What does super double drawn hair mean? Is it always called super thick double drawn extension? To learn more about it, keep reading!

Super double drawn hair meaning

If you first encounter the hair extension world, you may feel a little bit challenging to differentiate the name of the hair system. Single drawn, double drawn, or super drawn hair, what do they mean? In fact, the name of the hair describes the characteristics of it. If you spend time to find out about the hair, you will find it is not difficult to understand.  

What is super double drawn hair? It is a normal type of hair extension that is made of human hair or artificial fibers. But in Layla Hair company, we use only real human hair to create hair products. Often, human hair extensions are durable and versatile than the synthetic one. Hence, people tend to love and use super double drawn human hair. 

Compared to other types such as single or double drawn, the super drawn extension is the thickest type. Particularly, there are 85-90% amount of hair strands that have the same length. It adds more hair volume from the roots to end. The hair is made by hand only, no machine. You want to possess a thick hair that looks as natural as possible, select this hair. At Layla, we have all types of hair extensions in different textures and length. Both curly hair and straight hair are available in our stock. 

The Explicit Answer To What Does Super Double Drawn Hair Mean
super double drawn hair

Price of super double drawn extension

The price of hair reflects its quality and how it is processed. Of course, this hair extension is more expensive because of its thickness, hair type, and the complex making process. It is made by hand only and by skilled craftsmen. Also, it contains more hair strands in the same length. Single drawn hair offers a natural look, double drawn hair extension is thicker, and the super one is the thickest. 

As I stated, hair types also decide the price of the hair. You want to wear a good hair system, please buy super double drawn Vietnamese hair. Why? Vietnamese hair is famous for its smoothness and softness. Wearing this hair, it will never let you down. You can contact Layla to get the best pick at affordable prices.

Best things of super thick double drawn weaves

It is one of the easiest and fastest to achieve beautiful hair instantly. You no need to wait for months to have long hair, just buy an attach the hair extension to your existing hair. Ta-da! You have gorgeous hair now. Here are some reasons you should wear super double drawn weaves.

Add hair thickness

With 85-90% amount of hair in the same length, this hair gives an illusion that you have thick tresses. The shorter strands make your mane look more realistic, as well. For women like thick hair, this is the best option.  

Offer realistic look

Super double drawn human hair looks like our natural locks. You can redye or restyle your hair when you want to switch up your appearance. It mimics your natural strands perfectly and no one can detect it. 

The Explicit Answer To What Does Super Double Drawn Hair Mean
super double drawn  extensions add significant volume to thin tresses

You need only one bunch to get your desired hair look

It is thick, so you don’t need to buy many hair bundles to reach fuller hair. Instead of buying 2-3 bundles of single drawn hair, only one super thick double drawn hair is enough. 

Can be used to form a wig or other hairpieces

Many wearers buy this hair extension to make hair wigs, toppers, etc. by themselves. Go down on the Internet to find out how to make hair wig from drawn hair extensions or bundles, there are tons of ways to follow. 

In general, super double drawn extension helps wearers deal with various problems. It brings beautiful hair appearance and protects your natural locks. 


Super thick double drawn hair extensions at Layla

There is a variety of hair type on the market, but we only use hair originated from Vietnam and Cambodia. It is real human hair and unprocessed. We harvested hair strands from healthy donors as they are qualified enough to make hair systems. If Vietnamese hair is natural straight, silky, Cambodian hair is wavy and quite coarse. Depending on the customers’ requirements, we will consult a suitable hair product. 

The Explicit Answer To What Does Super Double Drawn Hair Mean
super double drawn extensions at Laylahair

In the market today, super double drawn Vietnamese hair is very precious. You can ask the hair vendor to maintain natural hair hue or color it into light brown, blonde, and any tones you want. The human hair system is heat friendly since you can use heat styling tools on it to create curls or waves. Hair cuticles and protein of real hair strands stay intact. It minimizes hair shedding and tangling problems. 

Layla Hair company commit to supplying all super drawn human hair. If you want to style the hair, tell us what style you want and we will adjust accordingly. We create hair with our love and enthusiasm, so we hope that wearers also protect the hair system as they would do with their natural curls. 

To conclude

In this post, Layla supplies all basic information you should know about super double drawn extension. Hope that you know what does super double drawn hair mean after scanning through our words. Also, we hope you have the right decision about buying hair extension for the finished look. 

Don’t hesitate to try wearing this hair and you will fall in love with it. Give you and the extension a chance to switch up your hair look. With friendly prices, everyone can get super double drawn human hair. 

Hope you have all good hair day!

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