Where To Find Vietnamese Virgin Remy Human Hair For Sale Online?

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If you have been struggling with the question of where to find Vietnamese Virgin Remy Human Hair For Sale, this post is exclusive for you. Finding out how to determine the best Vietnamese human hair supplier online will help you buy hi-quality and durable hair products.

What’s unique about Vietnamese human hair?

Vietnamese human hair is the most popular selection for wigs. It has got a distinctive texture that other hair types can’t complete.

What are they?

The first feature hold by Vietnamese hair is straight. It can be a little wavy, but in general, this hair type appears shiny black straight. Vietnamese people in the former time love straight hair. It’s a sign of beauty, so is the color. We try natural shampoo recipe to keep the hair always in shape and shiny black.

Where To Find Vietnamese Virgin Remy Human Hair For Sale Online?
Layla Hair – Vietnamese Virgin Remy Hair

Original Vietnamese hairs usually wear healthy look. In the past, people narrated natural hair care such as locust, herbs, and so on that cause no damage. We prefer black color so using dying chemicals is limited. Therefore, Vietnamese Human hair can last ways longer than other hair.

We can find out black straight human hair in a healthy condition from other peoples. However, that’s a feature only hold by Asian. Its thickness is unique and valuable. It maintains the durability. Besides, the thick hair looks better than thin hair after being styled.

For those features, Vietnamese human hair is always the premium wigs. Their lifespan can be more than a year if users take good care. Vietnamese human hair extensions allow gorgeous look thanks to its shiny appearance.



What is virgin Remy human hair?

Virgin Remy human hair is the high-end product line because of the quality and durability, especially Vietnamese virgin Remy human hair for sale.

Virgin Remy hair is selected from the hair of only one donor. All virgin hair’s cuticles must be lined in the same direction and same length. The tips of this type of wig are healthy and solidly even finally.

Here’s the best part.

Strict qualifications in preparing virgin Remy hairs makes them the best wigs. It’s because of the hair contains following features

Remain smooth

Virgin Remy hairs are hair strains from a donor only. There are no other hairs in the set. Thus, all strains are in the same conditions and features. It causes less traction between the strands and also, less tangle.

Be easy to style

Weare in the same length and fall for the same direction. That helps a lot with styling hair extensions. You are not supposed to do cutting or trimming hair to get the length.

Where To Find Vietnamese Virgin Remy Human Hair For Sale Online?
Weare in the same length and fall for the same direction.

Curling or straightening looks excellent with virgin Remy hair. That’s why it is the most expensive type of hair extension in the market.

Are virgin and Remy hair different?

Some people mistake between Virgin and Remy hair. Meanwhile, some of the others think that they are the same.

In facts, this hair type is the higher quality hair products than Virgin hair.

Why is that?

Firstly, let’s speak about virgin hair

Virgin hair is collected from only one donor. It keeps intact with no cutting, so, they are not in the same length. However, it’s smooth and runny.

Virgin hair is not under any processing. It’s a natural and healthy version.

Now, come to Remy type

Remy human hair starts with virgin hair. While virgin leave everything about the hair in its nature, Remy hair was cut to get the even length. It’s proceeded a bit to provide with different demands. However, their quality is the best of all. That’s why it’s popular with Vietnamese hair vendors.

This hair type is supposed to have no dry or unhealthy cuticles. Thus, it slows down falling, getting tangled.

Remy hair has the most extended lifespan. If you take good care of it, Remy hair stays in good conditions for use up to a year.

It’s well-made hair extension that it fit all hair naturally.

Where to buy the best Vietnamese virgin Remy human hair for sale?

To find the best Vietnamese virgin Remy human hair for sale, you must come to big suppliers. You can try Layla Hair, the immense retailer for all types of hair extensions and wigs, especially hi-quality Vietnamese hair. We focus their products on high-quality Remy hair from Asian people.

Where To Find Vietnamese Virgin Remy Human Hair For Sale Online?
Layla Hair – the trusted hair wholesale vendor online

We have 100% human Remy hair, Cambodian or Vietnamese human hair for sale.  Regarding best Vietnamese virgin Remy human hair for sale, Layla Hair has a wide range of choices for everyone.

People can find hairs extensions from Virgin Remy hair in Layla in the best quality. We provide them in different colors such as white, brown, and black. So you will find something their fit your hair color.

Besides, we have hair in Deep curly or wavy. It’s natural and smooth even after processing.

Layla hair also gives clients multiple choices in hair extension types. You can have weave hair extensions or hair extensions in strips.

It is one of the most reliable Vietnamese hair vendors that you can find online. We offer fast shipping, too, so it’s easy to get the products delivered to-door despite the distance.

How to take care of Vietnamese virgin Remy human hair for sale

After you find out the place of Vietnamese virgin Remy human hair for sale, what to consider next is how to maintain the hair in good condition.

It’s a complication job for non-experts like us. However, it’s a daily job and easy to follow.

Here are some tips

Number one

Reduce the fraction to the lowest.

That can stop falling and tangling. You can braid the hair then cover it in silk cap while taking a night of sleep.

As broadly known, the hair gets tangled the most when we sleep. It’s out of our control. Braiding can keep the hair intact or less trapped. Silk cap will protect hair from the bed. Silk is the best material to eliminate fraction.

Number two

Appreciate time to comb

Even for natural hair, brushing after bathing cause more hair falling. Same with Remy hair.

You can comb before making it wet. That helps a lot with saving a large amount of hair from falling.

Number three

Find suitable haircare products

It’s more appreciate to use shampoo or hair care products made from natural ingredients.

Do not do washing too frequently. Once every five days is enough to keep the hair from falling too much.

What Layla Hair has to offer?

Here at Layla Hair, we offer a dazzling array of hair accessories and products, ranging from pure bulks to human hair wigs. We are proud to be the fastest growing Vietnamese virgin Remy human hair suppliers in Vietnam.

Layla Hair started as a small Vietnamese hair vendor.  After a year of hard working, we expanded our company and built up our factories. That being said, we are able to offer 100% handmade products from local women.

At Layla Hair, the favorite hair type is Remy human hair and virgin human hair. These two hair types are perfect materials to construct healthy and beautiful hair extensions and wigs.

Below are what we have in Layla Hair. Remember that we also offer virgin hair from a single donor and mix heads as well!

Remy human hair extensions

Remy human hair extensions are our best-seller items for many years. The reasons are clear. These extensions are the quick and practical solution for those who want to enhance their hair density or change the hairstyles in a moment.

What’s more, human hair extensions come with many types and uses, indeed accommodate different requirements from customers. If you want to wear extensions for a while without the hassle of taking them off daily, pre-bonded or keratin tips are perfect for you.

Where To Find Vietnamese Virgin Remy Human Hair For Sale Online?

In case you want something semi-permanent or short-term, consider Remy human hair tape in extensions. The tapes can stay up to several weeks on your hair, and you can reinstall new tapes for the second or third time uses.

Other than that, clip-in hair extensions are excellent too. You can clip in and clip out whenever you want.

Remy human hair bundles

These items are DIY girls’ best friends. For three bundles with one closure or frontal, you can create your wig with personal taste. Buying bundles to make wigs, you are likely to produce your items with a relatively lower price compared to buy wigs at hair salons.

The process to make wigs from Remy human hair weave (the other name for Remy human hair bundles) is relatively easy. You can find wig-making tutorials on Youtube and many sites. The preparation for wig making is a bit complicated since you need more than just a few bundles.

Check out Layla Hair’s detailed guide to make your full lace wig here The Ultimate Guide To Create Your Full Lace Wig DIY.

Where To Find Vietnamese Virgin Remy Human Hair For Sale Online?

If you have any questions about the wig making process and other DIY products, don’t hesitate to contact Layla Hair for more instruction.

Remy human hair topper

Through the years, Layla Hair has worked with many men and women who suffer from premature balding and male/female pattern baldness. Remy human hair toppers seem to be their only choices.

The tricky part of this baldness is it develops gradually.

That means, you may encounter hair loss and light baldness at the age of 25, but the real hair shedding and balding come at the age of 37. The process goes slowly for men but not for women.

That’s why some hesitate to invest their money in a full human hair wig.

Where To Find Vietnamese Virgin Remy Human Hair For Sale Online?
Remy human hair toppers seem to be their only choices.

Remy human hair topper comes as the answer to their prayers. These wiglets are indeed versatile since they are customized to each customer’s balding problem. The coverage of toppers is enough to hide your balding spots.

At the same time, the items can blend well with your existing hair, so there is nothing to worry about. At Layla Hair, the price of human hair toppers is determined by many factors, such as the number of hairs, the weight, and the construction.

Remy human hair wigs

Thanks to our factories, Layla Hair is able to present our customers with 100% handmade Remy human hair wigs. There are two categories we offer: full lace wigs and Remy human hair lace front wigs.

If you don’t know what the differences and similarities between these two are, take a look at our recent article Full Lace Wig vs Lace Front wig, What is better Choice?

What’s more, at Layla Hair, you can also buy 360 lace wigs. We also wrote another article about these items, click Full Lace Wig vs. 360 Frontal: Which One Wins Your Heart? for more information.

The ultimate resemblance between all types of wigs is that they are all made of Remy virgin human hair. There is no need to explain the excellence of this hair type.

We offer full services, from handmade human hair wigs to bleaching and coloring process. What you need to do is to be clear about what you want to do with your order, and entrust us to bring you the best products you can ever get.

The bottom line

Where is the best Vietnamese virgin Remy human hair for sale? Layla Hair is proud to be the most reliable hair wholesale vendor online. Shop with us today for the best deal you can ever get!

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