A Startling Fact About William Shatner Toupee

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Baldness is a normal phenomenon happening when we are age. This hair problem often occurs in middle-aged men. There are many celebrities who are suffering from baldness and hair loss. This is their big problem as appearance is very crucial with famous people. To improve their hair condition, some ask their hairstylist help while others use a magical item — hair toupee. Wearing hairpiece, you can reach a nice and perfect hair look. It does not harm your hair and hurt your scalp. In our blog post, we help you get covered a TV figure’s hair — William Shatner toupee.   

About William Shatner 

Who is William Shatner? He is a Canadian actor. Also, he works as a producer, director as well as a singer. «Star Trek» was the project that marked the first step of his success. He starred Captain James on the series and his character stolen many gals’ hearts at that time. Now he is 88 years old and he also has devoted over 70 years for the entertainment industry. 

William’s talent is highly appreciated by professionals and TV viewers. Appearing on TV, his films and performances attract a large number of audiences of different ages. During his career, William won and was nominated for an array of awards. He once won Emmy Award, Golden Globe Award, the Saturn Award, and more. Star Trek is considered as his lucky charm. We have heard that 2005 is the most successful year of the actor. He won the second Emmy Award and other honorable awards, such as Governor General’s Awards, Streamy Awards, etc. 

A Startling Fact About William Shatner Toupee
William Shatner

Besides successful acting career, William is a writer. He published a total of 9 Star Trek novels that recount the period of time he was a part of the Star Trek series. He is also the author of some science fiction novels. Some of his novels were adapted for films as well.

William Shatner is a millionaire

Over 7 years in the entertainment industry, the «Captain James» William Shatner is rich now. His net worth is estimated at about 150 million dollars. He also invested in commercial projects. 

An exciting story about the artist. In 1997, he once worked as a spokesman for an Internet travel site — Priceline. However, he did not receive his salary, instead, he used this money to buy the company’s stock. And his investment helped him earn a large sum of money, 600 million dollars in 2010. 

Do You Think William Shatner Actually Wear A Toupee For Years?

A Startling Fact About William Shatner Toupee
William Shatner toupee

Did William Shatner wear a toupee in the Star Trek TV shows? This is a common person of many people around the world. There are tons of rumors around William’s hair. It is said that the actor wears wiglets when he was very young. He also wore wigs when he starred Captain James in the Star Trek. In the past, his mane is thin and in auburn hue. Audiences comment that the old star looked best with this haircut and it fits his facial shape. They thought that the actor had to spend a lot of time and money to get this hair look.

Years after, he appears with thicker and more beautiful hair. The change of his hair raised other rumors. A mysterious source revealed that William Shatner has to pay 25,000 thousand dollars to possess a good toupee hair extension. 


When Did William Shatner Start Wearing A Toupee?

In fact, the actor was balding when he was a child, at 9 years old. Too small to face this hair problem. In the past, his mother let him wear fake hair from Pierre LaTour’s. It is a handmade hair system company in Canada. Also, this hair vendor only sells hairpieces for children. 

So now, we think you can count how long he has William Shatner worn a toupee. About 80 years, it is a very long time. Especially, there was an exciting story happening in his 80-year-old birthday party. Humorous netizens congratulated his 80th birthday and 70th his hair. 

According to his hairstylists, William’s hair systems have been changed over the years. He always refreshes himself when appearing in front of cameras. He chooses to wear top-notch hair quality so that no one can detect he gets support from fake hair. William Shatner wore normal hair systems when he was a child, then he changed his hair when becoming a well-known actor. He tends to care for his appearance, especially his mane, whenever going out.

Pics of William Shatner Without Toupee

A Startling Fact About William Shatner Toupee
William Shatner without toupee

Has anyone seen William Shatner without toupee? Who can? He is a careful and meticulous person. The evidence is that he always appears with a cool and perfect look. He used wiglets every time, for his work and in daily life. Has William Shatner caught without toupee? It is difficult to see. We think that maybe only his relatives and his hairstylists see the actor without his toupee. 

There are many publications around the actor’s hair. The male celebrity used to say that he has a thinning hair area on the top of his head. However, many believe that he has severe baldness, and always wears wigs to reach his desired look. 

In A Nutshell

Above is all basics about William Shatner toupee we share with you. Wear a toupee and not hairpiece, he is always a talented artist. Why does he choose to wear toupees for nearly 80 years? Because the 88-year-old actor still wants to devote. He wants to keep his best images for the audience. 

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