Should You Choose Beaded Weft Hair Extensions Vs Tape In?

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Hair extensions now are available in most retail hair vendors and luxurious hair salons. Choosing the best extension method for your own hair type is quite the task if you don’t know where to start. You have to consider the hair type, price, and how it looks. Many customers choose to wear beaded weft hair extensions and tape-in extensions as they suit their natural locks, lifestyles, and budget. So beaded weft hair extensions vs tape, which is worth investing in? As one of our most FAQs, we would share the features of these hair extensions so that you can make an informative decision. 

What are tape-in extensions?

Tape-ins are about 1 inch wide pre-taped hair weft that is made of real 100% human hair. This hair is one of the best extension methods in the market now. It requires tapes to apply the hair and can last up to 8 weeks. If your natural locks are medium or thick, tape-ins are the best option for you. 

At Layla Hair, we commit to provide real human hair so that it easily blends your natural locks. The thin wefts lie flat on your scalp, so it gives a comfortable feeling and realistic look. 

Should You Choose Beaded Weft Hair Extensions Vs Tape In?
tape-in hair extensions

What are beaded hair extensions?

Basically, beaded weft hair extensions are invisible and work best for all hair types. They are dense, durable, and have full coverage like a normal sew-in hair weave. Just like hand-tied weft, there are no chemicals, glue, tape, or heat involved. 

If you want to add volume to fine hair but are a little nervous about the installation, invisible bead extensions are the perfect solutions. Beaded wefts allow wearers to leave all their hair out while adding some needed volume. The hair extension is placed in the hair with micro ring beads sewn on to the weft. These beads are lined with silicone that helps protect your bio hair as well as prevent the hair from slipping out. 

Should You Choose Beaded Weft Hair Extensions Vs Tape In?
beaded weft hair extensions

How to install beaded weft extensions

Here’s how your hairstylist applies the beaded weft into your own hair. let’s check. 

– Firstly, we determine where the beaded weft is applied, it would be better if doing a horseshoe parting on the head. Then pull the top half up and secure it in place with long clips. Taking time to clean up the hair section and make sure that everything is nice and clean. There is no little hair sticking up or in your way. 

– After we have done placing the hair out of the way, move on to the installation of the beaded weft. Because beaded hair extensions always come on a long piece, we can cut a small section off the track for where we want to place on the hair. For this installation, we need two tools: micro loop wand and lock pliers.  

– Take the micro loop wand and make a thin and V-shape hair section. Then place the loop wand through the first bead of the weft. Continue taking your natural hair section and pull it through the loop wand, go ahead and pull the natural hair through the bead. Grab the pliers and clamp the bead down. If you feel any resistance when you are trying to pull the hair through the bead that means it’s too much natural hair, remove some of it. 

Should You Choose Beaded Weft Hair Extensions Vs Tape In?
how to wear beaded weft extensions

– Keep doing until you finish the row. Take pictures to compare your hair with weft hair extensions before and after

Still not sure if the beaded extension method is right for you? Go to a hair salon and consult your hairstylist to determine the best solution for your mane. 


Beaded weft hair extensions pros and cons

Why should you choose beaded weft extensions? We believe that you had to do a ton of research and consult others before making the last decision. Reading beaded weft hair extensions review on Google, you will see that customers opt for this hair for a few reasons:  

– It requires no glue, tape, and heat that protects your hair follicle from damaging. 

– The micro ring beads are made of silicone, so they are lightweight and durable. They help minimize the weight on your natural locks. 

– Beaded weft extensions are available in various lengths, colors, and textures for customers to choose from. 

– The installation process is an easy task. Also, the hair is easy to upkeep. 

– If your extension is made of 100% human hair, it is durable and flexible. It means that you will not end up with some artificial fibers mess.  

Should You Choose Beaded Weft Hair Extensions Vs Tape In?
beaded weft extensions pose little damage to your real hair

– Often, the beaded extensions are triple-stitched, so they can last a long time. 

How long do these hair systems last? The longevity of the hair system depends on how you take care of them. Please treat them carefully to expand their life. You need to go to a hair salon to reinstall the hair every 6-8 weeks because of your own hair growth. Your hairstylist will remove it and put it back to help you get your dreamed hair thickness. As long as you care for it, you don’t have to purchase the new hair every time. 

How much does it cost?

This totally depends on your preference and goals for how you want the hair look. You have to figure out how many wefts you get and the length of hair. Also, human hair extensions are more expensive than synthetic ones since they are more durable and variable. You will pay for your stylist when they put them in your own hair, as well. Beaded weft hair extensions vs tape, which is cheaper? That being said, both of them are affordable to purchase. 

In a nutshell

That’s all about beaded weft hair extensions vs tape. Remember that different types of hair systems will work in different ways but aim for adding some needed volume and length for the wearer’s look. 

Want to learn more about hand tied extensions vs tape in or related things, don’t hesitate to raise your voice. We would be more than happy to serve and answer your burning questions at any time! And give us a call at (+84) 989 633 424 (WhatsApp) if you would like to buy human hair extensions. We believe that our products will never get you disappointed.

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