Deep Curly And Deep Wavy: What Are Their Differences?

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What makes women crazy about the thought of a new hairstyle is the hair texture. Should I curl my hair? How deep should I go? Those are general questions!


When it comes to dark curly hair, there is a typical mistake. Many people think deep curly and deep wavy hair is one. Unfortunately, ladies, these two are different.

Before turning your hair into something, you will regret, read on and make up your mind later.

What are deep curly?

Before we get into the distinction between deep curly and deep wavy hair, let’s take a moment to see what precisely deep curly hair is. Curly hair is categorized into three types: Curly 3A, Curly 3B and Curly 3C.

Looking at the picture, you will see the curls get more and more intense and tight. Curly 3C offers tight curls, and this is also known as deep curls. Unlike other types, which have noticeable well-rounded S shape, rooted curly hair is more of a lower case S or even Z shape.

Deep Curly And Deep Wavy: What Are Their Differences?

Deep curly hair is often full-bodied. Its condition is dependent on the weather. When it is too humid, deep curly hair tends to be frizz. This hairstyle also requires lots of care and attention. If you don’t want to have dull curls, you need to care for your hair properly.

What is deep wavy?

For ladies who think deep curly and deep wavy are the same, this is wrong. If straight is the first-born child, curly is the last one; the wavy hair is in the middle.

Yes, it is somewhere between straight and curly. Of course, rough texture can be varied depending on how you want your hair to look. For example, wavy type 2A offers gentle waves, very close to straight hair.

Deep Curly And Deep Wavy: What Are Their Differences?

Wavy 2B and 2C are much more intense, closer to curly hair. Deep wavy hair is type 2C. Wavy hair doesn’t require the same amount of attention as deep curly do. However, you certainly need to take care of it well because this hairstyle is very prone to frizz.



What are the differences between deep curly and deep wavy?

The curls

As we mentioned above, the hair pattern between deep curly and deep wavy is different. That being said, curly hair offers lower S or Z shape. Deep wavy hair, on the other hand, is more relaxing. When you want to do your hair, it is essential to know the curls.


Deep Curly And Deep Wavy: What Are Their Differences?

Deep Wavy 

When you want to make wavy hair but accidentally go too deep, it will immediately turn into deep curly hair.


Alright, it is safe to say that both deep wavy and deep curly are curls. At the end of the day, if you want your hairstyle looks fresh, you need to take care of it. However, the maintenance process between these two styles can be utterly unlike.

In the last section of this article, we will write more detailed about this.

Making process

Since booth deep curly and wavy need to be treated with heat and chemical, your natural hair will likely to be damaged. To achieve the strict curls, you sometimes have to heighten the temperature up and leave it on longer.

Deep Curly And Deep Wavy: What Are Their Differences?

Deep Curly

As a result, your hair will look dull, fizzy and tangling afterward. As for deep wavy, things aren’t that bad. Since the curls are more or less relaxing, your hair stands a lower chance to get damaged.


Deep wavy hair has a lot of feminine feeling. It is gentle and soft. Therefore, this hairstyle is more suitable for women who are after a feminine look with elegance and style.

Deep curly is, on the other hand, is tough and vibrant. It is a perfect hairstyle for strong and confident women. Of course, you want to change your style due to the environment. In the working place, women should be more forefronts.

However, when you are on a date, you may want to look more friendly and relaxing.

How to change hairstyle depending on the situation? The answer is simple. The abundance of wigs and hair extensions is the reply to your prayer, ladies! If you want to confident at work, wear a full lace wig deep curly.

If you want to look gentle, how about deep curly hair extensions?

How to maintain deep curly and deep wavy?

Deep conditioner

Wavy and curly are both prone to frizz and tangle. Especially for unnatural deep curly, after a while, you will lose the tightness of the curls. So, how to prevent this?

What you need to do is to invest into an intense deep conditioner. A deep hair conditioner can prevent hair breakage and tangle. It could add shine to your hair.

Deep conditioners and hair masks can be used simultaneously. However, you should look carefully at the product before purchasing. It should explicitly say that it is a deep conditioner. You should leave the conditioner for 30 minutes and then wash your hair thoroughly.

No more heat styling

And we mean it. Once you notice your deep curly or rooted wavy hair is damaged, shedding excessively, it is time to make a stop. You need to restore the balance of your hair until it can go through the heat processing one more time.
To get to that, you need to be patient.

And yes, less combing

If the deep wavy and deep curly are achieved by heat processing, it is advised to stay away from hair combs. This is because combing hair will eventually loosen the curls.

Your comb can also stimulate your hair to shed, so no is no.

The bottom line

We hope you now understand the differences between deep curly and deep wavy hair. This knowledge will prevent you from unwanted hairstyle and allow you to choose the style that suits you better.

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