Micro Bead Extensions Reviews: Weigh Its Pros and Cons

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Micro bead extensions are one of a great and beautiful way to connect hair extension with your hair. There are many advantages, and the micro bead extensions get a lot of focusing on the quality and how to make it. However, many people are still worried about the “new” method, so read out micro bead extensions reviews to have the right choice.

Pros and cons of micro bead hair extensions

Microbead extensions are known as the excellent choice for stylish women because it will bring natural and smooth hair for its owner. However, when talking about micro bead extensions reviews, you should know about the pros and cons of the types of hair extensions.

Pros of micro bead hair extension

There are no glue or bond makes micro beads hair extensions safe for your hair

Micro Bead Extensions Reviews: Weigh Its Pros and Cons | Laylahair
micro bead extensions are safe for your real hair

As you know, if other hair extensions have to use glue or bond to connect your real hair with hair extensions, the method does not use them. It is considered as the unique feature of micro bead hair extension. When applying, you don’t need to use glue, bond, or any chemicals. A tiny bead locks your natural hair with a bunch of artificial hair extensions. Therefore, your real hair will protect completely.

Easily adjustable and remove friendly

It is a fantastic and beautiful advantage of the microbead hair extension. Taking care of or removing hair extensions is always an obsession for users because it makes them a lot of time and sometimes even pain. However, with this method, everything happens very gently, quickly and exceptionally simple.

Micro Bead Extensions Reviews: Weigh Its Pros and Cons | Laylahair
micro bead extensions are adjustable

Remain your hair more bouncy and natural

If you are looking for the technique which can help you keep the beauty of your real hair, micro bead hair extension is the ideal choice for you. Due to the attachment of individual strand attachment, your real hair will be virtually unaffected. It will remain between the smooth, soft, and natural immediately after the connection and even when the hair extension is removed from the hair.

More durable than most other types

This permanent hair extension can last up to 6 months if you take care of it properly. This is considered a strong point of this type of hair extensions by other kinds of cradles. You will have to remove the connection after three months.

it lasts longer than other types of extensions

Allows you are dyeing your hair without damaging the bonds attaching your hair

You can easily dye your hair using this type of extensions, which is a noticeable strength of these micro bead extensions. If other types of extensions make it difficult to dye your hair, then with this type of hair, you will not have to think at all. Your connection won’t hurt when you dye your hair.

The applying process is fast

When micro bead extensions reviews, it is impossible not to mention the speedy applying time. If you choose a reputable salon with a skilled hairdresser, the hair extension only takes 1 hour. However, with other types of hair extensions, it can last up to 6 hours.

Micro Bead Extensions Reviews: Weigh Its Pros and Cons
microbeads are easy to apply

Lower cost

When compared with other types of extensions, this beaded weft hair extension is much cheaper. You will save quite a bit when using this hair extension method.


Cons of micro bead hair extensions

Although this type of hair is known for its many great benefits, there are also advantages that you need to keep in mind when speaking of micro bead extensions reviews.

Not suitable for unhealthy hair

A significant drawback of these micro beaded weft hair extensions is that it is quite picky. If you have fragile hair, don’t choose this hair extension. As mentioned above, this type of hair extensions does not use the usual joints in the form of glue, heat, and so on, it uses the strings connected directly to the real hair. Therefore, if your hair is weak, it will not hold the extensions.

Micro Bead Extensions Reviews: Weigh Its Pros and Cons
it is not suitable for weak and unhealthy hair

Feel headache after the application

After the first few weeks of connection, you will feel headache, scalp pain, and discomfort. It is a result of the application method, which does not use the usual splice.

Not suitable with thin and beautiful hair

If you have light and thin hair, do not choose this micro bead hair extension, because it only makes your hair condition worse.

How to maintain micro bead hair extensions

Besides learning about beaded weft hair extensions pros and cons, the way to maintain micro bead hair extension is necessary things which you should know before using the application.

Micro Bead Extensions Reviews: Weigh Its Pros and Cons
you should adjust the joint every 4-6 weeks

To ensure that you always have beautiful hair, you should visit the hair salon every 4-6 weeks to have them help you adjust the joint. This is very important that you often overlook. If you do not follow the editing route, your real hair and extensions will get tangled, fluffy, and so on. 

Besides, like other hair extension methods, you should limit the impact on the joints by hard objects. This will cause the junction to fall apart. Moreover, you should not clean the joints too often because they will reduce the durability of the joint.

Where to buy the best micro bead hair extension?

This is a ubiquitous question, “where to buy this extension?”. As presented above, this micro bead hair extension will be done very quickly within 1 hour if your hairdresser is professional. Therefore, to ensure the impressive durability of hair, you should choose a reputable hairdresser.

Micro Bead Extensions Reviews: Weigh Its Pros and Cons
microbead hair extensions at Laylahair

 Also, this way of connecting hair does not use splice as other methods, so it is also vital to choose hair extensions. If you are wondering where to buy, go to Layla Hair. We have many years of experience in providing micro bead hair extension in particular, and other types of hair extensions, in general, will bring high-quality products and affordable to you.

To Sum up

Microbead hair extension is the most popular hair extension method today because of its low price and good quality. Hopefully, with the above micro bead extensions reviews, you will make yourself a smart decision.

 If you would like more useful information about this method or other types of hair extensions, please visit our website.

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